El Hierro – The Hidden Natural Beauty of Spain

El Hierro is the smallest island present on the archipelago and is located towards the extreme left side of Canary Islands. El Hierro has the designation of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and amazingly, it is home to the best natural swimming pools that have crystal clear waters and are ideal for scuba diving and swimming. El Hierro also has protected woodlands in the inland area.

A number of people make it to El Hierro as it is a great place to relax and come in direct contact with nature that is at its best. Rocky Shores of El Hierro is quite dissimilar than the wide beaches that dominate in Canary Islands, although a 14 km length the beach with white sand can also be found in El Hierro at Golfo.

El Hierro is known for its volcanic craters and forests with the highest mountainous peak to be Malpaso with a height of 1.501 m. From here you can have a great natural panorama. Though the island is quite small, it’s quite overwhelming and is blessed with a vegetation variety. Because of the great natural beauty El Hierro offers, the place becomes one of the most preferred tourist spot.

El Golfo, a volcano in El Hierro drops its lava into the sea from an amazing height of 700 m. The view is spectacular and can be viewed from very near. There are different points in the sea where the lava drops and attracts a number of viewers. The island is quite rich in cliffs. Some of these huge cliffs have also been declared as a national treasure.

This is because; scientists find these clips to have a lot of geo-morphological importance. A lot of scientific studies are being done on these clicks. Timiijiraque happens to be the most important of all these cliffs and is surrounded by thick natural vegetation.

Another beautiful mountain known as Ventejis is situated in the middle of the island. This mountain have a spellbound beauty with a history of storm that knocked the holy tree Garoe in 17th century.

Frontera Rural national park is also a place of great interest and one can cite a number of rare species of plants here. The pace is ideal for spending quite day while relaxing and walking. Some great natural carvings of rocks can be seen by visiting El Julan. By visiting La Restinga which is a volcano area, natural fury can be seen.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock  Pixabay