Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean: Stay in Ca’n Trillo in Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain

Located in the Mediterranean, Mallorca or Majorca is a perfect holiday destination for Europeans and travelers of many other nationalities. Located in the Balearic Islands in Spain, this is the largest island in this region and thus it got its name too. Ca’n Trillo is the perfect accommodation for your family if you are looking forward to a relaxing holiday experience.

Reaching this cozy accommodation for your ideal vacation spot

Now you might be impressed by the colorful pictures of this holiday abode, but first you need to know the way to reach this beautiful place. The international airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport is well connected to most of the major cities across the globe. Since this place is a favorite destination for the Germans and Britons, there are multiple airways from all the cities in United Kingdom and Germany operating to this picturesque destination.

What to expect in this holiday inn?

Serra de Tramuntana, as you know is an UNESCO registered mountain range and most of the visitors love to stay in the laps of this magnificent beauty. Ca’n Trillo is located on the eastern end of Serra de Tramuntana. When you will stand in your balcony, or will walk around in the area, the beauty of this place will surely mesmerize you.

Mixing modernity with the charm of old day architecture is the ultimate goal of the management of these properties. For the last hundred years, the houses in this area have been designed in this format, and most of the visitors love it that way. They get an opportunity to run away from their skyscraper apartment buildings and office buildings where they have been spending all their lives, and embrace the beauty of nature. However, you need not have to compromise on the modern amenities which you are used to on a day-to-day basis.

The American style coffee makers will start your mornings the same way you love it to be. You can buy some fresh harvest from the local markets and cook some amazing cuisines during these holidays. Now even the kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and other kitchen equipments like a microwave, juicer-mixer-grinder etc.

Comfortable and stylish living

So now since your kitchen is sorted out, let’s look at the rest of the rooms in any villa in this area. Up to six guests can stay in one villa, and hence you can take one on rent for your entire family. Sunshine will seep in from the large Venetian style windows adding charm to your perfect vacation. You will definitely love the colorful and stylish furniture and the old fire furnaces in the cold evenings. Now with the modern day heating system, we have forgotten the charm of sitting near the fire place and sipping a piping hot cup of coffee. Your entire family would love the conversations in such evenings.

The house has three bedrooms for the couple and the rest of the family to comfortably live in. There are three plush bathrooms with geysers, hot water tubs and all other modern bathing facilities. Once you come back from a relaxing day in the beaches here, you can take a refreshing shower and settle down for a cosy dinner in the kitchen of the villa.

Enjoy the pool and the poolside parties

No vacation is complete without the kids splashing water all around. The azure blue water of the large swimming pool will entice your kids for sure. You can take a relaxing dip in the hot tub and relax all your aching muscles. After a luxurious dip in the pool, you can choose to relax in the hammocks or the lazy beds spread all around. The lawn area which is covered with cypress trees all around will give you the much needed privacy too.

On one of the afternoons, you can enjoy the barbecue party in the lawn area with the large built-in barbeque grill.  Or on other evenings you can choose to drink the beauty of the panoramic scenery while taking a leisurely walk. The backdrop of the Tramuntana Mountains gives this place a mystic hue.

Home away from home and its surroundings

You may explore the city of Pollenca which is filled with great restaurants and glorious beaches. So whether you choose to stay indoors and relax on the poolside benches, or enjoy a glorious meal with your family, or run around on the beaches, this will be one of the most memorable vacations for your entire family. You can also choose to hike in the Tramuntana Mountains and fill your lungs with fresh air. So do not lose this opportunity and book your air tickets and reserve your villa right now.