Feria de San Miguel in Arcos de la Frontera: An amalgamation of the old days’ charm and modern day chutzpah

If you are a person who loves to celebrate the festivals and fairs in a native style, then we would recommend you to visit the province of Córdoba in Spain this August. In the municipality of Villanueva de Córdoba, the place called Arcos de la Frontera takes a celebratory turn in the beginning of August in the form of the San Miguel fair.

How to reach there?

Arcos de la Frontera, which is a town and municipality in the Sierra de Cádiz comarca, province of Cádiz, in Andalusia, Spain sways in a different mood during this season. Hence if you want to reach this place soon, you will have to book your tickets now. Málaga Airport (IATA: AGP, ICAO: LEMG) is one of the busiest airports in Spain and if you are planning to spend your vacation in this region, then this will be one of the most viable options.

This airport has a daily communication with twenty cities in Spain and over one hundred cities in Europe. Flight operators operate daily and weekly flights to the major cities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America in the summer season from this airport.

History of the San Miguel Fair

Until the sixties of the twentieth century this fair was held in September. It was held in the honor of the patron saint of the town San Miguel. It used to begin on September 29 and used to last until the first Sunday in October.

However, at the turn of the decades, the changes started coming in the area. In the present days, this fair is celebrated in the first week of August. More than remembering the patron, this yearly event has become a major tourist attraction in the last few decades.  Local fairgrounds are being built, and recently the present city administrators are exploring the idea of demolishing the San Miguel sports field and using that land to increase the perimeter of the fair ground. Currently the fair is located in the streets of San Antonio and Ronda del Calvario.

Present Day celebrations

The festivities start in August and continue till September. This four-day festival always takes place at the end of September and visitors from nook and corner of Spain come to witness the fun and frolic. The number of International visitors too increases during this festive season.

There are bull-fights organized in different arenas which are signature to the culture of Spain. If you have seen women wearing colorful and vibrant Flamenco attire in TV shows and movies, then this is the time when you can witness them with your own eyes. Ladies and girls of all age groups will drape the ‘faralaes’ costumes and will dance to the tunes of the local music in the fiesta.

You can also watch theaters and screenings with a cinema in the Plaza or in the so-called “Old Fountain” to heighten the enthusiasm of the festival.

The majestic men look ravishing on the horses of the finest stock. At the heart of the celebration is a fun-fair and you can enjoy the lip-smacking traditional tapas, along with the local sherry. If you are looking forward to discovering the Andalusian culture at its most vibrating, pulsating, enthusiastic, traditional and memorable fashion, then a trip to the San Miguel Fair will provide your family the perfect opportunity.

Perfect abode for you

La Soledad (a seven bedroom villa) located six KMs from the main festival spot and Cortijo Alcornocosa (a four bedroom villa) located in the heart if the popular Alcornocales National Park are two of the most sought after properties here for the International tourists.

The former has a private tennis court, private large swimming pool and lush green gardens to make your stay comfortable. And the latter has the charm of the local flora and fauna. Your mornings will start with the cooing of birds and not alarm clocks. Long walks in the national park will make your days perfect. A mere thirty minute drive from the hustle bustle of the area of action Arcos de la Frontera, in the laps of nature will take away the weariness of the day.

So blend festivities along with some serene moments, and come to this unique fair during this summer vacation. The old town charms will definitely be loved by your entire family.