Party in Lloret de Mar and have a great time in your own holiday villa with our discount

You like to party, right?

Are you looking for trendy clubs, hip discos, cosy bars, nice restaurants, a wide sandy beach and of course plenty of sun?  And all that for an affordable price? A great way to finish a year of studying hard?

Look no further! Come to Lloret de Mar! Lloret de Mar knows better than anywhere else how to make partygoers happy. Famous and notorious for its nightlife, Lloret’s slogan is:

‘If you can’t party in Lloret, you can’t party anywhere!’

And where will you go to chill after being out? Your own villa with private swimming pool of course! Relaxing at the pool, having a barbeque with your friends and maybe charging yourself for the next night in Lloret!

I can hear you thinking: ‘A private villa? That is way too expensive?!?’ I can imagine that but renting a luxury villa in Lloret de Mar is actually not that expensive! And certainly not if you come with a large group. That’s not only fun but you can also share the costs. And suddenly renting such a cool villa with a private swimming pool costs no more than a hotel room or a camping pitch! This is a smart and cheap way to go on holiday!

We want to welcome you in Lloret de Mar! That’s why we now offer a 5% discount on all villas in Lloret de Mar!

What do you have to do?

    1. According to  Spanish law, the person making the booking must be 18 or older at the start of the holiday.
    2. Fill in your details beneath
    3. Get your discount code in your email
    4. Book the villa of your dreams!

Please note:

The discount only applies to the rental price, not to additional charges. Unfortunately you cannot combine this discount with other discounts.

Of course, appropriate, mature behaviour is expected from you and your friends!

Hope to see you soon in Spain! CLICK HERE for the most beautiful luxury villas in Lloret de Mar