Plan The Best Boys Adventure in Costa Brava

Costa Brava – the perfect site of your next guys trip

The perfect balance for a boys’ adventure in Costa Brava is a mixture of planning and not planning. The best weekends with the guys always end up having some element of spontaneity in them, and those are the best memories to take home.

But you don’t want to head all the way to the coast only to get stuck for ideas, sitting around the first night debating where you should go and what you should get up to. If it’s a bachelor or stag party, a celebration weekend, a trip for you and your colleagues, or simply a time for bonding, you need to have some planning done before you go.

Also, regardless of what the movies will tell you, the perfect guys’ adventure isn’t about tons of alcohol and a complete loss of morals. You can have a great time in Costa Brava without losing yourself completely. Here’s our top guide to helping you plan the perfect time away with you and your mates.

Book a Private Villa

Your own private villa, just you and the boys

First and foremost, where are you going to stay? It should be somewhere that has some relative privacy, allows you to stay together, with some room to relax and stretch out. You could book a hotel, but what guarantee is there that you can all stay on the same floor or even in the same hotel at all? And even if you do manage to find a place for all of you, you’ll still be left in your room all alone, not the best way to bond with your buddies.

If you really want to make this a memorable time, book a private villa on the Costa Brava for you and the guys. It’s a great way to get everyone under the same roof. You get multiple beds for everyone there, you can spend your evenings together, and you have tons of privacy with your own place. You can even enjoy some good bonding time in your own private pool.

On the plus side, if you happen to have a rowdy night, you won’t have next door neighbours complaining about the noise levels. It’s much cheaper way than booking to stay in a big hotel chain. You can cook your own meals and save tons of money on food costs, money that is better spent on all the fun you’ll be having.

Plan Some Adventures

You won’t quicky forget this type of activity

Even if everyone in the group isn’t a super adrenaline junkie, the best memories for guys are often centered around some sort of adventure or activity to get the blood flowing. The plus side of holidaying here is that there are many different ways to experience a thrill with the whole group.

For example, try out the Arbre Aventura Park near Lloret de Mar. It’s an escape of high-flying fun. The rope-course is set up in the trees of the nearby forests and provides a ton of opportunities to challenge each other and compete with each other. You have to balance, scramble, climb, and zip through the trees. It’s not a particularly hard course, so all skill levels are welcome.

Alternatively, you can spend a few hours at Water World in Lloret. This is a huge waterpark with slides and pools to keep the guys cool during those hot summer days. Since this region of Spain gets so much sun, it’s a good way to spend your day outdoors without feeling overheated.

Or maybe the Costa Brava Parc Aventura is more your style, a more challenging experience with zip lines and aerial trekking courses way up in the trees. With ropes, bridges, nets, and tunnels to explore, this might suit the crowd of boys that want a little more excitement in their day.

Book a Tee Time

Guys and golfing – could it get any better?

Really, you can’t pass up on a golf day to have some fun with the boys, and with so many good courses up and down the Costa Brava, this is a great way to bond with the boys and get some tee times lined up. Then after the game, you can all meet at the clubhouse and brag about your scores over a few drinks.

Start out with a tee time at the Costa Brava Golf Club in Girona. This exceptional course is a great way to begin your golfing tour of Costa Brava. It’s a complete course with several challenging holes along the way. Plus, it’s hard to beat golfing in these conditions on grounds as meticulous kept as this.

Or try the experience at La Costa Golf and Beach Resort. You’re closer to the water on a course that is world-class and incredibly well-kept. Become pro golfers by simply playing a few holes at this prestigious course. The challenge at this course is to simply play one game because you’ll all want to come back for more.

Watch a Soccer Game

It doesn’t actually even matter if you’re not a super soccer fan, because everyone else at the game already is. Experience what it’s like to cheer for the local team (or the rival team if you’re feeling rebellious) in Girona. This is a fantastic way to mix among the locals and have an experience that is unique to Costa Brava. Even if you come from a country that already loves the game, it’s rare to see such fierce competition and support from the fans as it is right here in Costa Brava.

Hit the Beaches

Worth a day or two here

Not all your days need to be packed with events and programs and activities. Leave some room for you and the guys to spend time at the beaches. Costa Brava has some of the most incredible beaches in the world. You can choose between the busy beaches or the quieter ones. Mingle among all the other tourists or find a secluded cove to yourselves. The best part is that if you get tired of one beach, drive a few kilometers and you’ve arrived at the next one.

Some of the best beaches here include Fenals Beach in Blanes. This is like the local hot-spot, many Barcelonians take day trips up here. The beach is a mixture of perfect sand and sun with a great backdrop of the nearby hills behind. There is also Treumal Beach, a local beach that seems pretty typical of what Costa Brava beaches are like. It’s very long and is surrounded by local plant life and cacti. The beautiful sand and clear waters can become your playground for the day.

Try something a little adventurous in Sabolla Cove near Cadaques, one of the most secluded beaches in the Costa Brava. You can only reach it by boat or foot, so be prepared for such a journey. But once you’re here, you’re welcomed with crystal clear waters, incredible rock walls, and no one else to spoil the fun.

Experience the Festivals

The true experience of a guys weekend is joining in with one of the local festivals, a major tourist occasion for you to enjoy. You’ll have tons of fun participating and you’ll really love the way that everyone here welcomes you to join in with the party.

To begin with, you can’t miss the fun and frivolity of Carnival, the biggest party of the year. Here in Costa Brava, simply choose a location and we guarantee that Carnival will be celebrated there. But for the best experience, we’d suggest making your guys trip around Roses. The little town has paella on the beaches, parades in the streets, and costumed people everywhere. If people from Spain make the trek here, so should you.

You might also like to plan your excursion to include some time around Easter. This is a massive celebration throughout all of Spain. The Easter season has tons of processions, events throughout the days and nights, and a new experience every day. Girona is your best bet with several Easter Passion plays and parades through the town centre.

Your guys trip is hard to mess up if you’re going to visit Costa Brava. The entire region is begging for you to be a part of the fun. Come to experience the wonder and delight and create new memories with your friends by booking the best boys adventure in Costa Brava.