Are your kids your Priority?


You love your kids. You want to be the best parent you can be. You want your kids to be Happy, so they can grow up to be Happy adults.

But being a good parent is really hard these days. You have so much on your mind, that it is easy to lose sight of what really matters to You. Your Priorities. Like your kids.

All your kids want is your loving attention. But they are competing with your Job, other relationships, ´me-time´, Netflix, Social Media, exercise time, daily chores and many other stresses in your life.

So what happens? Your kids give up competing, disconnect from you and turn to their screens. You have lost them. And before you know it, they move out. Not the way it should be, right?

We understand and care about this challenge. We are parents too and we hear about the same frustrating struggle from the many families we meet every year.

These families turn to us for the perfect ´home away from home´ for their families to re-connect with their kids. We help thousands of families build lifetime memories together every year.

Just imagine how you would feel:
Breaking the everyday-life-cycle and routine.
Enjoying a sunny vacation with the kids.
The looks on their faces when they see the private pool for the first time and in a flash get ready to jump in.
The fun you will have with them on the beach and in the sea.
The life-long bonding memories you will build together.
The stories they will share with their friends when they get home again.

These are the moments you want your kids to remember you for, right?

How? Just a couple of easy steps:

1. Go to,
2. Easily select the Dream Villa with private Pool that will make your kids all enthousiastic,
3. Book the villa online with a 5% discount (see beneath).
4. Make your kids crazy with anticipation and be the parent you want to be.

Or would you rather stay at home so your kids can stay in their rooms with their screens, bored out of their brains?

Be your kids´ Hero and take them on an amazing vacation they will never forget. Be the Parent you want to be and feel good about it.


“Thank you Club Villamar taking such good care of our family in villa Anais. We had the best time together!”

Jenifer Perrou –