Better Friends Forever? We can help you!

We all agree Friendships are important in life. Life is to be enjoyed with Friends, right? But there´s a problem.

Spending valuable quality time with a friends is becoming harder and harder. 

In today´s world it´s so easy to be distracted by other High Priorities. You know:……binge on Netflix series, browse the internet for hours for a new wardrobe, sharing your life on Social Media, etc.
Before you know it your best friend sends you a full 3 characters ´HBD´ on your Facebook timeline on your birthday.
Our relationships are getting more superficial and are degrading in value. You know it and don´t like it.

But there is a solution: Go on a Wonderful Vacation with your Friends!
Just imagine:

You and your friends having fun in the pool, having good conversations over a drink (or 2), feasting on a barbecue, experiencing new activities, building Memories for Life.
You get so much closer when you spend actual time together.

We care about your Friendships. We actually help thousands of Friends become ´Better Friends Forever´ in our Coastal villas with private pool, every year.
Our guests love the way we take care of them, as can be seen in the abundantly positive reviews. You´ll fall in love with our villas!

Just 3 easy steps to Invest in your Friendships:

1. Go to and find the villa you want to enjoy together,
2. Easily book the villa online with a 5% discount (instructions beneath),
3. Be happy knowing your Friendships are only getting more valuable and you made this happen.

Or would you rather have less Friends? Not really, right?

Book your villa online now and:

– Be the Friend you want to be
– Have more meaningful relationship with your friends
– Give yourself and your friends Memories for Life
– Relax poolside and on the beach
– Be thanked by your friends for making this vacation happen
– Have the best Holiday Pictures together at your First Class villa with private pool!

Let´s be honest: It´s the way Friendships should be.