With Club Villamar, no more nightmares on Halloween! 200€ DISCOUNT


Are you a big fan of Halloween? Do you love to experience the terror and foul horror of this yearly event yourself, or would you rather scare your neighbours and your friends, by dressing up as a vampire, a troll or a wicked witch?
In that case, on Halloween, you will probably enjoy yourself to the fullest.

For all those people who do not like to be scared and who do not want to wear intricate costumes and frightening face paint, Club Villamar has a good plan:

Visit our website and book a comfortable dream villa with private pool in Spain (Costa Brava, Costa Maresme and Costa Dorada) with a 200€ discount!

Can you already feel the warmth of the sun on your skin? Can you hear the calming sound of the waves? Can you feel the soft sand under your feet? Can you taste delicious Spanish food?

In other words: are you experiencing that unique sense of relaxation that only a Club Villamar holiday can provide?

So, don’t let Halloween fool you: choose and book your favourite villa NOW with a 200€ discount and treat yourself to a magical holiday in Spain!


* Unfortunately this discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. The discount applies to villas on selected areas with a rental amount over €2.000, and excludes additional costs.  Mention the discount code “HALLOWEEN200” in the remarks field, and we will make sure that you received the correct confirmation. This promotion expires on 06/11/18.