Santa´s Christmas Present to You !


It´s no secret Santa has been watching you. And he liked what he saw. You´ve been busy. Very busy.

In fact…..You have been so busy that Santa is concerned about your health and has decided you should Relax a bit more.

You know: Enjoy Life with your Family and Friends just a bit more.

We all know Santa is a good guy. He wants to help you. He decided to Team up with the undisputed Relaxation Kings of Sunny Southern Europe: Club Villamar.

Santa knows that Club Villamar has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people relax, re-charge and (re-)connect with family and friends. He knows about their raving fans.
Santa is pretty smart 😉

Just picture yourself sunbathing poolside with a glass of Sangria in your hand, while you see your loved ones enjoying themselves as well.
Life can be really Good. The way it should be!

Santa has a ´Simple Relaxation Plan´ he would like you to follow:

1. Fill in your details beneath for discount!
2. Select a stunning villa on and easily book it online with ´Santa Discount´ of 10%!
3. Thank Santa for looking out for your Health and Happiness
4. Make your family and friends Happier!

Look, you know it´s impolite to refuse a present. Wouldn´t want to upset Santa, right?

So, go ahead, book your awesome villa with private pool with discount. You know you deserve it!

– Relax
– Re- charge
– Improve your relationships and build unforgettable Memories
– Make everybody happy!
– And get a Sun tan in the process 😉