A light case of winter depression? I am here to help you!


Surely you know that people tend to get more depressed in winter.

It´s obvious why:
Energy sapping darkness (both when you leave home and you come back from work), winter cold and rain as if there will be no end to it, more road rage, feeling grumpy, people trying your patience.
The list goes on and on…

Are you also struck by a (light) case of “winter depression”? I know the feeling!

Not to worry: I am here to help!  The “Club Villamar Doctor”, who has cured over a hundred thousand patients just like you, has the remedy you need!

You need a good dose of sunshine! You need to relax! You need to recharge your batteries! And you need to reconnect with loved ones!

Here is the prescription:
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Would you rather risk your mental health and do nothing? Or do you want to be the hero that saves the day and gives their family and friends a holiday to remember forever and ever?

That´s what we thought.

Don’t argue with doctor’s orders! 🙂

Get well soon!