Everybody wins: Refer a Friend


Do you know anybody that would like to enjoy their holiday in Spain?
Just forward this email to them.

When they book a villa with us on www.clubvillamar.com:
1. You will get 5% of the rental sum into your bank account
2. Your friend will get 5% discount on their booking

You forward this email to everyone you know. A friend of yours books a villa with us on www.clubvillamar.com for 3000 Euro.
You will receive 5% of 3000 Euro: 150 Euro
Your friend will receive 5% of 3000 Euro discount and pay only 2850 Euro (3000 Euro minus 150 Euro)

Just imagine what happens when 2 or more of your friends book …
And all you have to do is forward this email to as many of your friends as possible! Easy money, right?

Everybody happy!

This is how it works
Your friend books a villa with us at www.clubvillamar.com with a 5% discount.
Enter code REFER5 on the “discount code” field and mention your email address in the “remarks” field.
We will contact you for a transfer into your bankaccount, as soon as we have received your friends payment.

Forward this email to everybody you know and post this link on all your Social Media!

Hope to be able to pay you soon!


* This promotion is valid until 14/03/19. The percentage of discount only applies to the actual rental of the villa, not the additional costs. This promotion can unfortunately not be combined with other promotions.