Tenerife – “The Island of Eternal Spring”!

Tenerife is one of the largest of the Canary Islands. It is a very busy holiday spot but yet still manages to be an ideal place to relax and spend a holiday. It is called “The Island of Eternal Spring” because of the perfect weather all year round.

A tourist has many things to enjoy on this island, for example the mountains, the beautiful beaches, places of stunning natural beauty, water sports and attractive buildings in their style of traditional architecture. There are also many beautiful villas.

Beaches: Tenerife is naturally surrounded by beaches. Some are unique:  they are manmade and are made of sand or black shingle. All the beaches are easily accessible on foot with well kept and tidy path ways. The beaches are clean with good facilities, such as sun beds and showers.

Anaga Mountains: These mountains are a natural treasure of Spain and are high in ecological value. Many of the mountains remain unexplored. If you cross the Anaga range, you will have the most stunning view of the North Coast; a view which is extremely rare to see.

In some remote parts of the mountains there are a few villages where indigenous people are still believed to be living in caves. Archeologists love these mountains as they have a feature called “Roques Aanaga” which is a perfect example of what is left after years of erosion by the sea.

Lunar landscape: Feel like being on top of the Moon in Spain?! Well, on Tenerife, it feels like that is where you are. Park your car near the mountains and walk for about 40 minutes until you reach what is called the “Lunar landscape”. This natural landscape is almost the replica of the landscape we have seen from the pictures brought back to earth by lunar satellites.

Aqua Park:
The Aqua Park has spectacular dolphin shows and numerous water sports for children. You can get to the Aqua Park on a free shuttle bus service from the town.

Loro Park:
Regardless of age, everyone will enjoy this Park! So much so, that they would perhaps visit it more than once! Spectacular shows with parrots are held here – they have about 300 species of parrots, as well as other rare and exotic creatures from around the world! You can also see sharks and alligators which can be very dangerous animals.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock