The Complete Guide for Your Holiday in Costa Brava

Beautiful Costa Brava

On your next holiday to Spain, we’re certain that you’ll love the Costa Brava. It’s called the Rugged Coast for a reason. You’ll soon discover that as you see the windy roads, the coves and rocks that line the shore, and the quaint, tiny towns that seem untouched by modern tourism. You might even spot the locations used in the Game of Thrones TV series. Of the 3 main coasts in Spain, this is, by far, the most beautiful.

But what you’re able to do depends on how long you can stay. So, we’ve crafted a guide for you to plan out your holiday here that maximises your time and what you can do with it. We would love it if you could stay all year round, but life can get in the way. We get it. In the meantime, use your precious holiday wisely and follow our guide to get the most out of the Costa Brava.

3-5 days

Ok, this is tough, you have only a few days in the area, but you want to get the most out of your time. So, we’ve selected some destinations that provide the most punch for the time you have to spend there. It’s a trade-off that restricts what you can see to just a few locations, but those locations will knock your socks off. We guarantee it.


Blanes- a “Must-Do” in Costa Brava

You simply cannot visit the Costa Brava without visiting “The Gateway to the Coast”. That’s what they call this town because it has it all. The beaches are the perfect example of what you’ll find in the region. They are rocky, stunning, and full of coves for you to explore. If you spend an entire day here (which we highly recommend doing) it wouldn’t be a waste to spend most of it exploring the beaches of the area.

Castell Beach

Speaking of beaches, we also recommend a stop at Castell Beach. The crescent-shaped beach is bordered by high rocks and cliffs, providing the perfect backdrop to the perfect day. It feels like you’re all alone with hardly a building in sight. We chose this beach because you’ll truly feel like you’re having a real getaway in a hidden paradise of your own.



A couple of hours from the city of Barcelona, and you’ll find yourself in a little fishing village that is a relic from a time when seafood was the driving source of income for the area. Although it’s a blast from the past that will stick with you, we love Cadaques because it’s an artist’s haven. Plenty of people throughout history came to this town to get away from it all and rejuvenate their art forms. Picasso, Dali, and Disney all made time to visit Cadaques. You should as well.

6-10 Days

Ok, you have a bit of time to spend, so you have enough days to explore some of the hidden treasures of the region. We’ve highlighted some of the sights we think would suit you best. None of your time is wasted as we take you around the highlights of the region we think you must visit.

Diving off the Medes Islands

Diving off the Medes Islands

We wouldn’t recommend this if you only had a few days, but it’s worth the trip to the Medes Islands, upon the northern edge of Spain. You almost reach France as you travel just about as far along the Costa Brava as you can. The Medes Islands are perfect for diving and snorkelling, and they are well worth the day trip it takes to get there. There isn’t much on the island itself, but around the shores, you’ll see plenty of hidden coves and inlets that allow you to explore the warm waters of the Mediterranean. It’s protected by the government, so you can be sure that you’ll experience it in all its glory and beauty.


Near Callela, just north of the city is the town of Tamariu. The beach in the town is small, protected, and very isolated from the bigger touristy areas. We recommend that you make a visit to this tiny town. Although it doesn’t always make a mention on the “Must Do” lists of Costa Brava, we think you’ll love the slower feel of the town. But if you don’t feel like swimming, you can hire a boat or a kayak to explore the area as well.

El Golfet

For sheer beauty, we can’t pass up the chance to send you to El Golfet. This romantic area is best known for the beach, a shallow cove with high cliffs on either side. The whole point of this beach is peace and privacy, so don’t expect too much entertainment. But if you’re into the quiet solitude of a secluded beach, we think you’ll love El Golfet.

11-15 Days

If you’re planning a trip of at least 2 weeks, we’re going to assume you’ve been here before. You already know where to expect the best sights, the best beaches, the best little towns for you to stay in. You can always find a private villa to act as your base camp while you explore the area. From there, set out on your daily expeditions to find the absolute best places to visit in all of the Costa Brava

Cala Pedrosa

Cala Pedrosa

While most short-term visitors will stick to the major hubs of the area, there are still untouched towns and parks for you to visit. You can escape the crowds by visiting the Cala Pedrosa. It’s a little smuggler’s cove. It’s remote and rugged; a typical example of what Costa Brava is all about. Don’t expect to find cafés or restaurants. Most visitors simply want to find some solitude and peace in the untouched landscape. That’s what you can expect here.


Yeah, we know. This is an obvious addition to the list because of how beautiful it is. But we’re putting it on your schedule because it deserves more than a day. Find a place to settle in for a couple of days and you’ll have time to really discover what Girona is all about. There are so many hidden alleyways and back streets that you’ll need plenty of time to find your way through the town.


In your research, you probably typed in “Costa Brava” online and it popped up with a bunch of beaches. Ooh, pretty! But did you know there is so much more than sand and sea to this region? Viladrau is a perfect example of this. This is a wooded park that has trails for you to wander and meander around on. The little waterfalls, the creeks, the dense shrub and forest have centuries of history behind them. We dare you to find even a fraction of the 200 natural springs in the area, pumping fresh clean water throughout the waterways of the area.


We hope that no matter how long you stay, you will fall in love with the Costa Brava. It truly is a marvel of Spain and a jewel of the Mediterranean. We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy it, that the next time you visit, plan for a few more days. There’s always another town, another beach, another café, and another site to visit. Costa Brava is ready for your holiday.