Traditional Handwork from Spain’s Canary Island


Tenerife is an excellent place for Spain visitors, especially who are interested in buying local handicrafts, duty-free goods, resort wears and beach wears. In fact, shopping is taken quite seriously Tenerife. In order to tackle the great shopping areas in Tenerife, it is recommended that you have a nice pair of walking shoes, transport and time.

Hunting for best prices and looking various outlets in order to buy a perfect antique or something to refurbish your home is absolutely possible in Tenerife.

Tenerife offers some exclusive shopping areas where shopping savvy can find everything from handicrafts to brand produce at factory prices, exclusive furniture, host of hardware and handmade items. The variety of shopping available in Tenerife can surely become an excursion that is good enough to please your senses.

In Tenerife, you can find best of outlets such as Las Chafiras that is situated outside the Golf Del Su. Other then supermarkets, you can also find duty-free electronics stores, craftsmen’s co-ops, boutiques, lively street markets and specialty shops the most famous items and must-takes from Tenerife are the Tenerife lace, Guanche Pottery and special banana leaves.

Tenerife Lace

Tenerife is known for its lace all over the world and the lace is particularly called Tenerife work. The lace is made over a round pincushion by creating small circles. Tenerife lace can be used as doilies, table linens and trims.

Another specialty from Tenerife is Calados. Calados is an intricate drawn thread work. It is sewn by a particular style. Several rows of threads are detached from a woven fabric such that the remaining cross threads can be needle-woven to form intricate designs forming lacey bands. You can easily find such work on table linens, pillowcases and clothing.

Guanche Pottery

Pottery is a local specialty in Tenerife and the skill has been in practice in this region since pre–colonial times. Tenerife‘s quarterly is quite unusual and the area of expertise is in the fact that it is made without using a wheel. The process that is quite traditional was used to make perfectly shaped pots and bowls by the Guanches. The pottery of Tenerife can be a perfect souvenir that you can take home and gifts to others also.

Banana Leaves

Some remarkable items such as table mats, baskets, woven dolls, notebooks and striking albums are made by Tenerife’s craftsmen using banana leaves. These designs are made by cutting and appliquéing banana leaves.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock  Pixabay