Visit Museum of Tenerife to Learn About Volcanic Eruptions, Real Mummies, Giant Squid & Early Explorers

Canary Islands are best known for the warm sunny beaches it has but the museum explores of the island also quite fascinating. Tenerife’s Museo de la Naturaleza y El Hombre (MNH) is one of the perfect places to explore an extremely rich culture and the past of the place. In English, this Museum can be called the Museum of Nature and Man.

Museo de la Naturaleza y El Hombre is a brain-meandering amalgamation of archaeology and natural science made at a place that was formerly a civil hospital. You will be able to see several numbers of Guanche mummies and their skulls, some artifacts including pottery and well-maintained figures and facts about flora, fauna and volcanoes in the islands. You can also spend a nice time at the café or the gift shop.

People who are particularly curious about pre-Spanish history and also the archipelago’s inhabitants can identify various sites on the island and find some auspicious information. The museum’s layout is quite user-friendly. The Museum begins on the ground floor from one side and then progress upwards to furnish stories and information about the islands’ fiery formation and its geology.

Real Mummies

It can be a exciting experience to gather information about how the Guanches modified their deceased relatives. The method used by them so astonishing that some of the mummies had survived till day — despite of the fact that some early priests who had arrived in Spain have sought the destruction of these mummies.

Watching real mummies can especially be fun for kids. Not just that these mummies are well displayed, they are also very well interpreted and a lot has been demonstrated about the process by which scientist learn about their life, diseases, birth and diet, by the process of examining their bones.

Whales and Dolphins

Sea-life demonstrations are towards the start of the subsequent wing’s display, on the top floor. This arrangement has been made so that those who are touring the museum can easily make their way back to the top street level.

Whale watching is a well-liked jaunt on the southwest coast embarking on a whale watching. The Museum of Nature and Man is a great step to learn about dolphins, whales along with other sea creatures available on The Island.

A giant squid is hovering from the ceiling overhead and there are many displays showing trees, birds, lizards and animals found in the Canary Island. There are also some displays that cater information about some mariners and early explorers who passed by these islands.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock Pixabay