What’s there to see in Galicia’s A Coruña?

A Coruña is a city in the municipality of Galicia, Spain. This city served as the political capital of the Kingdom of Galicia from the 16th to the 19th centuries. This vibrant coastal city is a busy port which is very important for the region as it is the distribution point for agricultural produce and seafood.

How to reach there?

The city also has a regional airport named as A Coruña Airport or Alvedro Airport which is used by more than one million passengers every year.  It serves mainly Spanish destinations and there is great connectivity to the main cities in Spain like Madrid, Barcelona, Basque Country etc. There are regular services to London and Lisbon and in the summer season, to Amsterdam and Paris too.

Tourism in A Coruña has increased in the recent years and more than sixty ships reach the port every year which are mostly filled with tourists from different parts of the globe.

This place can boast of its rich culture, history, gastronomy (it is famous for its seafood cuisines) and natural sights.

Climb to the top of Torre de Hércules

If you are an adventure loving family, then a hike to the top of the oldest working lighthouse in the world will definitely be on your cards. Even though you will have a long steep ramp to climb, the view of the ocean and the view of the spectacular 360-degree coastal city will surely take your breath away. Enjoy the nature walks in the area and you can fill your lungs with real fresh air.

This lighthouse was built during the Roman times, and now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Reach till the end of Cape Finisterre

Cape Finisterre or Cabo Finisterre means “end of the earth” in Latin. In Roman times it was believed to be the end of the world known to mankind. It is a rock-bound peninsula on the west coast of Galicia, Spain and you can witness of the best sunsets in your lifetime here.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of this place and walk around.  Since it is quite crowded during the summer holidays, you can think about visiting this place during the winters too.

Enjoy the view from the Mirador San Pedro

This place was a military fort but now it is turned into a beautiful park which is very well-maintained. The views over the bay are extremely beautiful with the Torre of Hércules in the distance, this place casts a magical spell at the spectators.  There are historic information posted everywhere and there is an interpretation center, where you can learn all about the history of the area.

You may choose to reach the head to the top of the San Pedro Hill via a huge spherical glass lift or via a long hike if you are up for it.  You can really see the geographical extent of the city along with the best panoramic views of the area, both to the north and the south.


You can do many other interesting things here like visiting the Galerías which are also known as ”Glass city.” You may choose to visit the marine life at the Aquarium Finisterrae which contains various species of seals, sharks, octopus and fishes. When you get tired visiting the places in this small city, enjoy the local freshly brewed beer Estrella Galicia. Enjoy the beach activities on Praia do Orzán (at its east end) and Praia de Riazor (at its west end) especially during the summer months. So plan your vacation well in advance and avoid the last minute rush and disappointments.