Why Mallorca’s walled town of Alcudia is worthy of a visit?

Alcudia is a vibrant northern town and it is the year-round location for spending a great time with family and friends. It offers life, history, and culture throughout the year. The town lies just a kilometer inland from the famous holiday resort of Port d’Alcudia. It is the best holiday destination to enjoy the rich Mallorcan heritage. It is worth spending quality time in the walled town of Alcudia. You can walk inside the walls and can also walk on the top of the old wall and fortifications. It is a must to visit the site of Pollentia with its Roman amphitheater. Alcudia is attracting many visitors every year.

Past events have left their mark everywhere in Alcudia. The town was first inhabited by the Phoenicians and Greeks, and then in 123 B.C. it was established as a Roman settlement Pollentia, later it was attacked by the Vandals, Arabs, and Byzantines, and was finally conquered by Katalan Christians. The conquers left their cultural traditions behind which can be still seen in the town.

The center of Alcudia is enclosed by Mallorca’s only entirely preserved town wall that was erected in the fourteenth century by King Jaume II to protect the public of the town. You will feel enchanted by the restored ancient center. You can stroll the town on the large streets.

Places to visit in Alcudia

The pedestrian area has many restaurants, cafes with beautiful terraces and cozy backyards, shops, boutiques, handicraft, and specialties of Mallorca. You can take a stroll through the medieval houses, the town hall, and Casas Senorales, the majestic house of past nobles.

If you visit during the summer months, the town wall is the romantic setting where you can enjoy open-air concerts and theatre functions. You can enjoy medieval music as well as cool jazz; the plays enact the history of the town. The actors were dressed in costumes of the past and take the spectators in the past. The entry is free.

Things to do in Alcudia

When you go to Alcudia, do not miss to visit the popular open-air market. The market is held every Tuesday and Sunday. There are two sections: one is for the island’s farmers who come here to sell locally produced items and another is dedicated to the other items such as handbags, shoes, jewelry, apparels, and souvenirs.

You can also visit the smallest Roman Amphitheatre that is situated in Alcudia. It is at a distance of one kilometer to the south of the town, towards the harbor, and it forms the part of the ancient Roman city of Pollentia. Pollentia was a planned city, complete with Capitoline temple and numerous taverns. You can also find archeological excavation sites at this spot.

If you are interested in sports, you can enjoy hiking and mountain bike tours in the surrounding hills. You can also enjoy every kind of water sport at Puerto Alcudia which is situated at a distance of one kilometer from the old town.

There is an 18 hole Alcanada Golf Club that is situated at a 15-minute drive from the town to the east of the port. It is one of the best golf courses in Europe and is situated in a superb setting.

Restaurants of Alcudia

If you enjoy eating different cuisines, you can visit Osteria El Patio that is situated in the heart of the old walled town and offers delicious cuisine. Another restaurant is situated on the edge of the old town, away from the main plaza that serves top-class tapas menu. You can enjoy meals outside in a romantic atmosphere.