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I'm in love with Spain! You too?

My colleagues said i was crazy. Quitting a promising career as an officer in the Dutch Special Forces to do what?!? Go to Spain? Why? But it was of no avail. I was in love. And love works in mysterious ways. In love with my wife obviously, but there was a new warm feeling. I had fallen in love with Spain.

Ahhhhh Spain....... Looking back, i still cannot really pinpoint how this country stole my heart. Surely it had to do with the hours of sun per day. After spending most of my, then, 31 years in lovely, but rainy, Holland, i was ready for some warm sun rays on my skin. Spain proved an excellent country for that! The friendly people and their relaxed lifestyle. It just seemed to me that people who can rest in the middle of the day, spend a lot of time outside in gorgeous nature preferably with family and friends, must have their priorities straight.

And the fresh seafood that Spain is so famous for, just tastes better sitting in the sun on a terrace. Wel, i need to correct that: I used to have lunch in the sun. Typical behaviour of people who live in rainy countries, I guess. Nowadays i sit in the shade, like the true locals. Better for the skin, less impact from the wine. And I think my dad said it well: 'Looking out over the sea, just lets your mind expand' Yes, we were convinced: Spain was the country we (my wife and I) wanted to raise our future kids in.

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There have been some challenges, sure. Just getting used to the civilian life would have been challenging enough. Getting used to the laid back culture of Spain while trying to get things done, has proven a Mammoth task for me. Believe it or not: I'm still not used to the closing hours during Siesta time! But all in all, even after more than 12 years: Spain is great. Still madly in love! Are you too? You will be!

Quality time.....who does not want that?

Living in Spain surely has it's weird advantages. When we moved within the Netherlands years earlier, it was hard to get our friends and family to go 'all the way to the other side of the Netherlands' (about 1.5 hours drive maximum) to visit us. But apparently flying to sunny Spain is no problem whatsoever! It was great to be hosting so many of our dear family and friends during their holidays. Enjoying each others company during a vacation gives such a deep connection. So much deeper than seeing each other for just a couple of hours a week, like we were used to. The conversations during barbecue, enjoying a glass of fine wine, into the small hours, away from daily distractions.........were not about the latest apps or Iphones. They were about Life. About those things that actually matter in our lives. Dreams, aspirations, kids, time, priorities. You know what we heard most? 'We should go on a holiday more often.' 'We really needed this to unwind.' 'It's so great to see more of the kids enjoying themselves.' and 'I'm feeling alive again!'

I read a book recently: 'Top 5 Regrets of the Dying' by Bronnie Ware. She was a nurse. She wrote a book about the regrets people had when they knew they were going to die soon. This is the Top 5 from over 8 years of conversations:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. This was very much about unfulfilled dreams.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so much. Every man Bronnie attended to had that regret. It was the Nr 1 regret among men.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends more.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier. Happiness is a choice.

Sound familiar? Enjoying your holidays with your loved ones in Sunny Spain will help you eliminate some of these regrets. You will re-charge your batteries, (re-)connect and experience the quality of life. Club Villamar provides you with stunning locations to spend more time on those things that actually matter to you. Our care free local service will help you to focus on your priorities and get the most out of your quality time.

All you need to do is take the next step. Your family and friends will thank you for it.

See you in Spain?

But......Why book with Club Villamar?

Because we offer a broad selection (more than 2000) of villas, specially selected for you, with a private swimming pool in the Spanish coastal areas. Your dream villa is sure to be among the selection! We have made the website, with up to date availability, as easy as possible for you. This way you can easily and quickly surprise your family or friends with a perfect holiday villa. Besides that, we offer you a unique 100% satisfaction guarantee, Lowest price guarantee and the option to safely pay by credit card. From 1st contact with our professional, international staff it wil be clear to you: We actually care about your holidays!

You can book your dream villa at Club Villamar, but by whom will you be taken care of when you arrive in Spain? In Spain we have found local hospitality partners in the Home Service organisation. From offices in Sant Antoni de Calonge, Lloret de Mar, Santa Susanna and Sitges the enthusiastic employees will spoil you from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. They are your on site contact persons and will make sure your holiday is a great success. That is what we guarantee!

We have also found reliable partners on the favourable weathered Spanish Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and on the beautiful islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. They all have a high standard of hospitality. Our intensive cooperation with the Banco de Sabadell and Google have taken our service to an even higher level.

In 2023 our 2652 holiday villas were enjoyed by 40717 guests, from which 94% indicated in a satisfaction inventory, sent in by 2397 guests, to want to book with Club Villamar again and 95% to recommend us. We are very proud of these numbers and will continue to improve. At Club Villamar we have for years represented a wonderful relaxing holiday, thought through from A to Z. That is our promise to you! Book your villa and let us take care if the rest. Your holiday has already started!

Any questions? Please contact us here.

Warmest regards,

Club Villamar

Are you a veteran or currently serving in the Armed Forces? Club Villamar, as a veteran owned business, is proud to be serving you. Enjoy your 5% discount on your rental. *

* Just make your booking and send proof (a copy of your Military of Veteran ID) to reservations@clubvillamar.com. We'll send you the confirmation with the correct prices. Unfortunately this discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Home service offices

Homeservice Calonge

Homeservice Calonge

Avinguida Catalunya 19, local 3
17252 Sant Antoni de Calonge

GPS: 41° 50' 48.6996" N, 3° 5' 57.4008'' E

Email: hscalonge@gmail.com

Homeservice Sitges-Costa Daurada

Homeservice Sitges

Carrer Baixador,2
43882 Segur de Calafell, Tarragona

GPS: +41° 11' 32.5104", +1° 36' 13.158"

Email: sitges@clubvillamar.com