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Brand new villa with infinity pool and precious sea views
Best choice
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Pinya Rosa,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Pinya Rosa
starting at
€601.57 per day
  • number of persons 12
  • distance to beach 800 m
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms6
  • number of bathrooms4
Beautiful villa with private pool located within walking distance to the beach
8.3 2 / 10 | 5 Reviews  
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 46
Villa Dorothy,Blanes,Costa Brava 47
favourites video Dorothy
starting at
€165.76 per day
  • number of persons 10
  • distance to beach 400 m
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms5
  • number of bathrooms5
Nice and cozy villa with private pool located very close to the beach and all amenities
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Lobelia,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
starting at
€86.38 per day
  • number of persons 7
  • distance to beach 750 m
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms3
  • number of bathrooms4
Charming villa with sea views and private swimming pool. Located in a chic urbanization.
6.5 2 / 10 | 5 Reviews  
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 46
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 47
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 48
Villa Mondaine,Blanes,Costa Brava 49
favourites video Mondaine
starting at
€205.24 per day
  • number of persons 11
  • distance to beach 2 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms6
  • number of bathrooms3
We are delighted to offer this exceptional holiday residence located in a privileged area with stunning sea views
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 46
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 47
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 48
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 49
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 50
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 51
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 52
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 53
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 54
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 55
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 56
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 57
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 58
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 59
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 60
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 61
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 62
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 63
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 64
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 65
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 66
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 67
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 68
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 69
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 70
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 71
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 72
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 73
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 74
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 75
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 76
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 77
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 78
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 79
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 80
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 81
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 82
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 83
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 84
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 85
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 86
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 87
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 88
Villa Heaven,Blanes,Costa Brava 89
starting at
€1,195.85 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 800 m
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms5
Great house with private pool in a quiet place ideal for lovers of walking and cycling
8.2 2 / 10 | 5 Reviews  
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 46
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 47
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 48
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 49
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 50
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 51
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 52
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 53
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 54
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 55
Villa Carioca,Blanes,Costa Brava 56
favourites video Carioca
starting at
€126.00 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 2.3 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms3
Dream villa for the kids and the family with fenced pool, trampoline, playground ánd 2 living rooms and a completely furnished kitchen. Furthermore, the house offers 6 bedrooms and also 5 bathrooms.
7.1 2 / 10 | 30 Reviews  
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa El Rancho,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
El Rancho
favourites video El Rancho
starting at
€502.52 per day
  • number of persons 20
  • distance to beach 6 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms6
  • number of bathrooms4
Beautiful holiday home with 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, private pool, sauna and free Wi-Fi! Perfect for families and large groups of up to 17 young people.
5.7 2 / 10 | 13 Reviews  
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 46
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 47
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 48
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 49
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 50
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 51
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 52
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 53
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 54
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 55
Villa Kiara,Blanes,Costa Brava 56
favourites video Kiara
starting at
€145.81 per day
  • number of persons 17
  • distance to beach 3 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms7
  • number of bathrooms4
Fully detached, spacious and well-maintained villa for 7 persons with private pool, private parking space, near the lively coastal town of Blanes.
7.0 2 / 10 | 3 Reviews  
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Calendula,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
favourites video Calendula
starting at
€215.28 per day
  • number of persons 7
  • distance to beach 2 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms2
Modern villa with private pool, located in a privileged location, a perfect election to spend the summer holidays
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Beloved,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
starting at
€260.70 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 2 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms3
With its fabulous location high on the slopes above San joan’s stunning ravine, this wonderful property offers gorgeous views and a magnificent pool, an idyllic retreat for a perfect holiday
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 46
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 47
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 48
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 49
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 50
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 51
Villa Cau Mari,Blanes,Costa Brava 52
Cau Mari
favourites video Cau Mari
starting at
€403.47 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 1.3 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms3
Charming house with private pool located in a privileged place with access to a private cove, only for three houses
9.5 2 / 10 | 4 Reviews  
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 1
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 2
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 3
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 4
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 5
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 6
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 7
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 8
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 9
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 10
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 11
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 12
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 13
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 14
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 15
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 16
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 17
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 18
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 19
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 20
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 21
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 22
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 23
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 24
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 25
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 26
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 27
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 28
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 29
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 30
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 31
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 32
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 33
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 34
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 35
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 36
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 37
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 38
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 39
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 40
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 41
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 42
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 43
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 44
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 45
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 46
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 47
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 48
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 49
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 50
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 51
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 52
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 53
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 54
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 55
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 56
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 57
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 58
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 59
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 60
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 61
Villa Melba,Blanes,Costa Brava 62
starting at
€106.19 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 300 m
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms4
Villa Blanes | Blanes Villas

Above you will find several villas and holiday homes in Blanes

Why rent a villa or holiday home in Blanes?

Imagine yourself lying on a sun lounger next to your private swimming pool, with a refreshing drink in your hand, enjoying a view of the beach and the sparkling Mediterranean. You will be able to do all this and more when you rent a holiday home or villa in Blanes on the Costa Brava. This excellent resort offers the ideal combination of culture and entertainment.
Why spend your time on a crowded beach, with the stress of trying to keep an eye on your children amongst all the other holiday makers, when you could be relaxing in your private garden where the children will be able to play safely?
Club Villamar offers luxury villas and holiday homes in Blanes. If you need to rest and relax, you can do so in the privacy of your villa or holiday home.

If you are interested in finding out what is available for you in Blanes, read on!


Discover Blanes from your holiday home or villa

Thanks to its exceptional location on the Costa Brava, Blanes offers a wide cultural choice as well as entertainment and a vibrant night life.
In addition to its two long, beautiful beaches with white sands and crystal clear waters, Blanes also has number of smaller beaches and attractive coves, in all of which you will be able to enjoy a variety of water sports: scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, etc.
If all these activities help you to build up an appetite, there are countless bars and restaurants along the sea front, most of them specializing in tapas and fish dishes.
After a morning spent on the beach, you might like to spend an afternoon shopping. In Blanes there are plenty of trendy clothing stores and shops selling shoes, jewellery, handbags and handmade accessories. The best shops can be found in the old village centre of Blanes.
One of the main attractions of Blanes is its harbour, which has a marina for recreational sailing and at the same time is a working fishing port. We strongly recommend a visit to the port when the fishing boats return with their catch, which is auctioned off.
You will find fresh fruit and vegetables at Blanes’ daily market, which stretches the length of the street parallel to the beach and promenade.
Another big annual attraction is the Fireworks Festival of Santa Anna, which takes place every evening over an entire week towards the end of July. The ideal end to a romantic evening.
Blanes boasts two large Botanical Gardens: “Mar y Murtra” and “Pinya Rosa”. “Pinya Rosa” specializes in cacti from all over the world. “Mar y Murtra” specializes in species of plants from specific climates and habitats. It is well worth a visit here, even if just for the magnificent views.
At the top of the hill above the gardens of Mar y Murtra, stands the medieval defenceTower of Sant Joan, which used to be part of the Castillo Forcadell of Blanes, dating from the 11th century.
After your day’s activities you may just feel like relaxing on the terrace of your villa and enjoying a barbecue with the family. But for those who would prefer to sample Blanes’ nightlife, there is a wide choice of bars, restaurants and nightclubsto suit every taste.


Entertainment in your own villa or holiday home

Imagine yourself in Blanes on the Costa Brava, relaxing next to your private pool with a refreshing drink in your hand, and an appetising aroma wafting over from the barbecue.
If this is your idea of an ideal holiday, Club Villamar can offer you all this. You can relax and do exactly what you want in your own time. Now stop dreaming and turn the dream into a reality. Your family or your friends will enjoy it too!
You will find everything you need in the villas or holiday homesof Club Villamar. The villas are located close to all the places you may wish to visit.


Discover the surrounding area from you villa or holiday home

If you choose Blanes as your holiday destination, you will be able to enjoy this lovely town as well as its surrounding area. You can visit several of the neighbouring areas, either by cycling or by hiking.
As you will realise, Blanes is very close to Lloret de Mar and in summer there are several excursions a day between both towns by boat. These boats stop at various beaches along the way, to pick up other passenegers and even go as far as Tossa de Mar. There are also excursions available by glass-bottomed boat.
As you will surely know, Lloret de Mar is one of Spain’s most popular holiday destinations, with its wide choice of nightclubs and discotheques. But there is more to Lloret de Mar than its nightlife. It also has beautiful beaches, its fair share of good restaurants and bars, sightseeing, and the possibility of various excursions. It is a definite must!
If you are looking for an enjoyable day out for the children, you have the choice of two excellent Water Parks within easy reach: Waterworld in Lloret de Mar and Marineland in Palafolls. And for an adrenaline rush for the slightly older children, there are two Go Karting Circuit close by.
Imagine walking along the Ramblas in Barcelona or visiting the greatest works of Gaudi, like La Pedrera or the Sagrada Familia! This is within easy reach from Blanes, as the railway station connects with Barcelona via stops along the route at other resorts, such as Malgrat de Mar and Calella, amongst others. It is a picturesque trip as the track runs along the coast for the most part, with views of the beautiful beaches along the way. There is also a regular bus service between Blanes and Barcelona.
Mataró, between Blanes and Barcelona, is also accessible by train or by bus. It is a large commercial centre.
Closer to Blanes is La Roca Village,a village of designer shops interspersed with bars and restaurants. It is a place popular with tourists and locals alike, for day trips by bus or car.


Why Rent a house or villa with Club Villamar?

Why would you want to stay in a crowded hotel, with noisy neighbours and no space around the pool? Forget all that! With a spacious villa or holiday home from Club Villamar, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in quiet surroundings. You can relax in your garden next to your private pool, with just the sound of your children playing in the background. Your villa will be supplied with everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay.
Why wait any longer? Book your holiday villa in Blanes now, with Club Villamar!