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Club Villamar reviews

Written by Aline Roche - Noury

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Club Villamar reviews

Our guests holiday experiences

Do you wish to have a holiday as good as theirs? You can! Read our guests opinions and holiday experiences.

“We're very happy and we would definitely recommend your services. We had a great holiday with the family in this house and we would recommend it to anyone that is looking for tranquility”
Sana Alouani – Villa Doria, 10/09/2011 – 24/09/2011

Check out what our guests' impressions about their great holiday! Because of our guests being from all over the world and because of the many different languages that are spoken in the videos, we've included subtitles in English for you. We want to make sure their advices and opinions really get to you.

What our guests say about their holiday in
Apartment Serena
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Jordan
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Kiara

Subtitles in English:
We visited the website and they had a chat function,
so we could directly ask how it all works and they
responded directly!

A good service. When we arrived, everything was
arranged very well. Directly we got the key and a
map how to get there.

Good villa with a beautiful pool. Around the 250e
per person and we came with our own car, so it's
much cheaper than an apartment.

With the group we started looking for a villa, We
knew that we wanted to go to Spain. So it was
just a search on google for a villa in spain. We
got the link for club villamar. Everything was clear
and we could easily find what we wanted.

We have a group with ages between 21 and 33,
so there're people who like to go out, but
there're also people that just want to lie on the
beach. Here you have all possibilities and you're
sure of good weather and it's not too far away.
We have little to complain about, the pool is
nice and there is enough space, the garden is
large enough. We had lots of fun during the
past week.
Good bathrooms, good showers, which are also
important after a day on the beach. so we have
nothing to complain.

It's a perfect place for youngsters like us,
without having any problems. You're close to the
beach and you have your own pool. It's also a
good place for families, there's enough to do in
the area, for example the waterpark or a daytour
to Barcelona. I think everybody will enjoy it.
We've already been several times to the beach
there's a beautiful beach nearby where you can
escape the crowds and the area is beautiful,
a gorgeous bay. We rented a pedal boat, we
have been clubbing a few times and we went
out for dinner.
We simply selected and made a reservation,
straight away we got a confirmation that the
reservation was in order. We also got some
more details about the villa and the directions
to the homeservice office. A few weeks before
departure we received an email with the
possibility of paying the deposit in advance
so we could save some time at check-in.

We´ve chosen for Club Villamar because the
pictures looked good and we wanted to go to
Spain so we were sure we would have nice
weather, also the price was good. When we
arrived we were really happy, everything worked.
If you compared it with an apartment or campsite
you will even pay more than when renting a villa.

According to our guests: 94% satisfaction!

Our guests are incredibly happy and satisfied with the quality of our villas and our services. How do we know? It is very simple, we asked them!

After returning home, 1.630 of our guests answered some questions such as:
- Would you book again with Club Villamar? YES
- Would you recommend Club Villamar to your loved ones? YES

It's perfect, right?!You might wonder why they answered this. Therefore our guests share their experiences and opinions with you! During holidays, we all want to have a good time with family or friends. Work is stressful enough for the rest of the year; it's time to escape completely from your daily routine!

You deserve to spend a glorious holiday. And, above all, Club Villamar loves to have happy guests!

Now it's time to watch, listen and read our guests' experiences during their stay with Club Villamar. Below, you can watch the videos and photos or read the reviews which our guests specially made for you!

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Video testimonials from our guests

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Tinoco
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Minerva
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Formentera

Subtitles in English:
We've booked through internet. We've searched for
a villa in the area of Lloret with Club Villamar. We've
selected on bedroom, also on a minimum of
bathrooms and a swimming pool and not far from

We're here for the 3rd time and 1st time was good,
very good.

You can find all kind of information on the website.
Very interesting. Other sites give a twisted image of
of the house. And here it's like how it's mentioned
on the site.

We're actually a rugby team and we wanted
to go on holiday with 15. So we searched
on google:
holiday home, spain and we visited the website
of Club Villamar.

3 years ago we went with 12 to Blanes. That
was in a tent and by bus. This year we thought:
we're going to do it right. We´ll go in a villa with
a pool, airco, bathrooms and kitchens.

We're very near to the beach, where we love to
loung. And we can go out and have a nice diner.
And we would like to go one day to Barcelona.

I was actually directly very satisfied, good
contact by email and fast replies and if
somethings up they come immediately.

So yes, certainly recommendable!

We wanted to go on holiday this summer
and we were already taking a look during
this winter for a nice holiday. And then the
idea came up to rent a villa, because I've
already been to Salou in an
And then we were searching for villas on
internet and one of the first hits was
Club Villamar.

They had good prices and it all looked
ood and reliable from the first moment.

For sure there must be a pool. That was
the minimum criteria. And something like a
barbecue, so we could eat descently outside,
bathrooms and not to far from the city.
What you pay now per person, you'll also pay
for an apartment. And now you've a whole
villa for yourself, including your private pool!
Actually, I wouldn't know a reason why we
wouldn't stay in a villa next year.

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Our guests' remark about us...

Nowadays, it's more common to check reviews before renting a holiday home. To give you and our other guests this opportunity, we ask you for a small personal favor. Please give your feedback, after you've enjoyed your holiday in your own villa Club Villamar villa, like other guests have.

¨All perfect, contacted 3 days prior to stay, to inform us what to do. exelent, info about the house, and other usefull info. beautifull house, exelent view, and comfort, pool perfect, house had all requirements, perfect for 1 or 2 families.¨
Pernille Lindenborg, Villa Tatiana, 28/07/2012 – 04/08/2012

¨Website very good, offers a good choice of accomodation and its easy to use. I especially liked the refine search section. We loved the house, great location, great view, near the town, beach within walking distance.¨
Jo Cahalne, Villa Nelly, 21/07/2012 – 28/07/2012

¨Great villa which was very clean. It was a pleasure doing business with Club Villamar.¨
Janique Alicia Maytha and Dione Morris, Villa Cala Salada, 06/08/2011 – 13/08/2011

¨The organisation is excellent and a pleasant arrival service. The apartment is on a excellent location and has a good size. It could benefit from some modernisation and comfort.¨
Chris Helden, Apartment Calella, 30/07/2011 – 06/08/2011

¨Very good info by mail before arrival! And also during the holidays a very good support. Too bad there were only Spanish TV programs on the TV.¨
Kurt Hirsbrunner, Villa Meka, 16/07/2011 – 30/07/2011

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Photos – Happy guests

Check it out! There are also lots of photos of our guests enjoying themselves during their holiday. That's the good life!

Our guests enjoying their private villaOur guests having fun in their private swimming pool of their villa Kiara
Our guests enjoying themselves at their villaOur guests enjoying themselves in their villa Fedora

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