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Costa Brava Villas

If there's one way to make your holiday on the Costa Brava coast of Spain more enjoyable, it's by staying in a villa.
Despite what you might have heard, the Costa Brava is not just a popular party spot! In fact, there's a real range from quiet, family friendly areas, and others with a lot of entertainment for adults.
Some people want to rent a Costa Brava villa in tourist friendly locations which have a wide range of international food, while others prefer to spend their holidays in a very local town or village. Whatever you prefer, we can help you here at Club Villamar.

Costa Brava's Endless Entertainment

If you are a water sports enthusiast, you are spoiled for choice on the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters of the Costa Brava. And in the many towns and villages that sprawl along the coastline there are many cultural landscapes, along with historic and architectural treasures.
The Costa Brava has something for everyone, with an incredible nightlife, all kinds of outings and excursions, water parks and more. There is no shortage of festivities and parties on the Costa Brava.
Not only are there nightclubs, there are many cultural festivals on the Costa Brava too.

Festivals on the Costa Brava

The most famous Costa Brava festivals include:

Carnival (in February/ March)

Semana Santa (the week before Easter)

  • the spectacular fireworks competition in Blanes (mid-July)National Festival of Porta Ferrada (one of the oldest festivals in Catalonia).
  • Come and discover the joyful atmosphere and the culture of the Costa Brava, one of the most popular coastal regions in Spain to spend your vacation. If you want the best possible experience for your holiday in Spain, consider choosing a villa in Costa Brava to spend time with your family and friends.

Why rent a villa or holiday home in La Costa Brava?

Are you looking for a vacation with a difference? Then Costa Brava is the place for you. The Costa Brava offers something for everybody, for the young and the young at heart. It is a place which has everything. Spain’s Costa Brava is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, and its people and landscape make this place an ideal holiday destination. The place where everybody would like to rent a holiday house or villa.
We would recommend that you rent a villa in the Costa Brava and you will find everything you are looking for, for a carefree lazy vacation.
Why would you want to be on the beach with everybody else when you can be next to your own private pool, enjoying peace and tranquillity? Costa Brava has it all, wonderful sightseeing, wide cultural heritage, restaurants, bars…
The villages of the Costa Brava are especially attractive and you can be in another city within a few minutes/hours, even Barcelona or Girona.
Club Villamar offers you great luxury villas and holiday houses from which you will be able to enjoy your holiday with the whole family or with a group of friends.
If you need to escape, to relax… you could do so in your private villa on the Costa Brava.
Are you interested in what Costa Brava has to offer?

Discover La Costa Brava from your villa or holiday home

The wonderful villas and holiday houses of club Villamar give you the chance to enjoy one of the most fantastic holiday destinations in Spain, the Costa Brava.
From the private pool of your villa or holiday house, you will enjoy the views of its beaches with their clear blue waters, combined with the beauty of the Mediterranean countryside.
As you probably know, the Costa Brava is an area made up of many small villages and towns. Everything is within easy reach if you want to visit other resorts:

Every village has its special attraction and you will get the most out of them. Imagine taking a trip to these places by car or by boat; there are lots of cruisers which could whisk you off to other villages in a very short time. You can even visit “Les Illes Medes”, a submarine Natural Park situated in l´Estartit.

Find the entertainment from your cottage or villa

The privileged situation of the villas and houses of Club Villamar give you the opportunity to enjoy the most of la Costa Brava.
Imagine having a barbecue in your garden, by your private swimming pool, having a drink and enjoying the views.
Have fun in surrounding areas
Choose between plenty of activities to do! Do you like sports? La Costa Brava gives you the chance to do many water sports (especially in Lloret de Mar)  such as snorkelling, scuba diving, even windsurfing and kitesurfing.
The north of la Costa Brava is famous for its long and windy beaches.
If you prefer the mountains, you can also escape to the Pyrinees, explore the landscape and the volcanic area of la Garrotxa by mountain bike or riding a horse.
Looking for more sports? In la Costa Brava you will be able to practise golf, bowling, beach volleyball… anything is possible.
If you are thinking about a special night, visit The Casino, there are two in this area, or go to a beach concert, where you will enjoy the magic of music by the sea, in the music festival of Cap Roig.
Obviously, you want to taste the fantastic and renowned Mediterranean cuisine! There are plenty of restaurants where you can taste traditional cooking, do not miss those in the typical small fishing villages.
Your children will go mad in the aquatic parks in la Costa Brava: Water World, Aquadiver…

Time to learn something about the culture of this place: go to Barcelona or Girona, visit the Greco-Roman ruins in Ampuries. Moreover in la Costa Brava there is one of the most famous museums in Spain; in Figueres you will be able to visit the Dali museum. Dali is one of the best- known surrealist painters in the world.
As you can see, everything is possible in la Costa Brava, even having a party and dancing in the fantastic discotheques and music bars along the la Costa Brava.

Why rent your villa or holiday house with Club Villamar?

Imagine getting dropped off at a hotel, in a small room, with noisy neighbours after a never ending bus trip.
Now imagine a carefree lazy holiday in a private villa or house, by the sea, with a private swimming pool, with a garden where the children could play…no one tells you what to do…
Don’t believe it’s possible? Nothing could be further from the truth!
With Club Villamar it is possible, rest assured that you will find everything you are looking for in our villas and holiday houses. This year you will have your well-earned vacation!

Holiday homes and villas on the Costa Brava

Where could you possibly enjoy a well-earned holiday in the sun more than on the Spanish Costa Brava? The Costa Brava is known as one of the most stunning places in Europe and guarantees a beautiful holiday in sunny southern Europe.
There is plenty to do on the Costa Brava, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for families looking for a place to relax and where the children can enjoy themselves, as well as for adventurers and young people looking for a fun and sunny holiday full of activities and nightlife.
The Costa Brava is a festival of sunshine all year round, with mild winters and sunny summers for beach lovers.

Once you have chosen your dream destination along the Costa Brava, you’ll naturally also want to spend your nights in the most beautiful accommodation. A hotel is a nice option but it doesn’t offer you the peace and freedom that you may have in mind.
Even for larger groups, it quickly becomes difficult to find rooms on the same floor, or even in the same hotel. There is also little to no space for sitting together to relax or to have a nice dinner as a group. That is why a holiday home on the Costa Brava is the perfect choice for anyone looking for affordable, luxurious and modern accommodation with peace, privacy and freedom. Club Villamar has a wide range of villas and holiday homes on the Costa Brava, suitable for every type of holidaymaker.
Whether you are looking for a holiday villa for your dream sunny holiday on the Costa Brava where you can stay in luxury and enjoy peace and quiet, or are looking for a budget-friendly holiday home to visit the Costa Brava with a large group, Club Villamar has it all.
Our range of holiday homes on the Costa Brava is huge and moreover it is also considerably cheaper to stay in a holiday home or villa than in a hotel with the whole family or group of friends. So you’ll not only enjoy the many benefits of having your own holiday villa, it’ll also be better for your wallet! Who wouldn’t want that?!

Enjoy a well-deserved holiday in the most beautiful villas and holiday homes on the Costa Brava
Renting a villa on the Costa Brava comes with great benefits so that you can enjoy your holiday in Spain even more.

Firstly, you’ll have much more space and freedom in a holiday villa than in any other type of accommodation. In addition to one or more comfortable bedrooms and bathroom(s), you’ll also have your own fully fitted kitchen, a contemporary living room and, depending on your chosen holiday home or villa, a lovely outdoor area with a private swimming pool and large terrace.
You’ll feel much more relaxed in a holiday home than in a small room, with fixed breakfast and dinner times, squashed together and with a swimming pool that you have to share with other noisy holidaymakers.
In addition, the holiday homes and holiday villas on the Costa Brava are beautifully and tastefully furnished so that you’ll immediately feel at home. You can fully relax in a comfortable environment where there is enough space for your entire group to enjoy a sunny holiday in Spain together.

Another big advantage of staying in a holiday home on the Costa Brava is that you’ll also experience much more of the real Spain. You will live like a local in a beautifully furnished villa or holiday home in a stunning location. This makes it feel as though you really live on the Costa Brava. You can buy and eat whatever you want and enjoy a home-cooked meal by  the swimming pool or on the terrace with a breathtaking view! If you don't feel like cooking, just take a seat at one of the many local restaurants. When you rent a holiday home on the Costa Brava, you can also choose the perfect location for yourself, which is a big advantage.
Many hotels are only found along the crowded and busy coastal strip, but sometimes you just want a place that is a bit quieter. Thanks to the wide range of holiday homes on the Costa Brava, you can choose wherever you want your holiday home or villa to be.

Whether you’re looking for sun, sea and beaches, or also want to discover the culture and inland area of the Costa Brava, a holiday villa with a private swimming pool is highly recommended. Our holiday homes are situated in prime locations, close to bustling seaside resorts, picturesque fishing villages and pearly white sandy beaches, yet in relaxed and natural settings.

Finally, it is also a fact that staying in a holiday home on the Costa Brava, contrary to what many people think, is not necessarily expensive and doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t have to book individual rooms or pay per person, instead you’ll pay a fixed price for the entire property.
You can arrange your food and drinks entirely by yourselves, so that you are not dependent on overpriced drinks at the bar or expensive meals in restaurants. You won’t have to pay extra for a sun lounger by the pool or additional services that you want to use.
Due to the large selection, there are also more than enough well-priced holiday homes with a private swimming pool on the Costa Brava. Everything is prepared for your arrival; the fridge is on so that you can immediately chill your snacks and drinks, and in the evening you can watch the sunset from your own private terrace with an ice cold beer or a glass of wine.

Booking a holiday home on the Costa Brava is as easy as shopping

Nowadays you no longer need to visit a local travel agency in order to safely book a holiday home with a private pool in Spain. Club Villamar has a wide range of beautiful and specially selected holiday villas that are ready to book online.
With a few simple clicks, you can walk through the property from behind your computer, through the help of videos, photos and vivid descriptions. Simply select your group size and any additional filters such as location and swimming pool.
Then just choose from our wide range of the most beautiful holiday homes on the Costa Brava which meet your needs. Each listing in our selection of holiday homes and villas on the Costa Brava has been verified by a team of specialists and is regularly checked and updated.
This way we ensure that everything for your holiday on the Spanish Costa Brava is completely hassle-free so you can maximise your enjoyment of everything that the Spanish coast has to offer. You also book with the lowest price guarantee, so you can be sure to never pay too much for your stay in Spain, leaving more money to enjoy yourself. .

Villas for both small groups or up to 16 people

Going on holiday to the Costa Brava with a large group can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With us, you can easily rent a luxury holiday villa for a large group. You won’t have to book individual rooms and you’ll all be comfortably accommodated in the same villa.
For larger groups and families there is more than enough choice of beautiful holiday homes for rent along the coast, so that you can stay in a nice central location. During the day you can enjoy the beaches and in the evening you can dine on the boulevard before diving into the vibrant nightlife.
There is more than enough choice on the Costa Brava, even if you are looking for a large holiday villa for the whole family. What could be nicer than taking a dip together in your own private swimming pool or enjoying a BBQ on the covered terrace with the whole family.
A private swimming pool is not only a real sought-after luxury during sunny days in Spain, but it is also a safe environment to let your children play and roam. The swimming pool belongs to your holiday home or villa, giving you a clear view of what the little ones are up to. This way everyone can enjoy a well-deserved holiday to the fullest.
Holiday homes for large groups on the Costa Brava are of course also available for every budget. This means that you won’t have to spend too much money if you want to go on holiday with a bigger group. After all, you’re paying for one large property and not per person.
This way you’ll have enough money left over to spend on fun things during your holiday. If you cannot find what suits you most, we will of course be happy to help you in your search for the ideal accommodation for your entire group of friends or family.

A luxury Costa Brava villa guarantees a great holiday for everyone

Travelling with the whole family or with a large group can be a challenge, as not everyone wants to do everything together.
However, with a holiday home on the Costa Brava as a base, it is possible to undertake activities that everyone enjoys. You can rent a Costa Brava holiday home near the sea, so that you are centrally located for beach lovers, whilst at the same time being close to cosmopolitan Barcelona - ideal for a cultural visit or a day of shopping.
On the Costa Brava you can also easily undertake numerous fun activities with the entire group, such as water sports, jeep safaris, amusement parks, boat trips, snorkelling, hitting the town, or simply sightseeing.

Enjoy your well-deserved holiday on the Costa Brava

Holiday homes and holiday villas on the Costa Brava can easily be rented at Club Villamar. In a holiday home, you will also enjoy peace, privacy and all the comforts of home.
A holiday home is also an ideal base for both an active and lazy holiday under the Spanish sun. Whether you are looking for a luxury villa with its own swimming pool, or a large holiday home for the whole family, there is a dream property for everyone.
Don't wait too long to book - you deserve the very best accommodation for your dream holiday on the Costa Brava in Spain!