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Written by Aline Roche - Noury

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Club Villamar video reviews

Chill, happy and funny holiday makers in their own video review

Our guests have great holiday in Spain in our Club Villamar holiday homes! Just like you, they're happy, honest and critical. And they're eager to tell you their experiences. From the moment they started searching for their holiday villa, till the last amazing moment of their holiday. Of course, also our guests wildest moments can't be missed!

I bet you're curious about our guests opinions and how they found their great holiday home. Watch and listen to some of the holiday anecdotes of our guests explained with their own words. And of course watch how our guests are doing during their stay in one of the Club Villamar holiday homes. Yeah, you got this right: You're about to discover several holiday homes on video!!

And now... let's check 'em all!!!

Our guests tell their experiences in their video review

What our guests say about their holiday in
Apartment Serena
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Alumine
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Formentera

Subtitles in English:
We visited the website and they had a chat function,
so we could directly ask how it all works and they
respondend directly!

A good service. When we arrived, everything was
arranged very well. Directly we got the key and a
map how to get there.

Good villa with a beautiful pool. Around the 250euro
per person and we came with our own car.

The site was very good. It was well organized.
You could search with a lot of search options.
Which made it more easy to find.

They responded very fast and if you had
questions you got a reply very fast and it was
all good arranged.

We've been to the waterpark of Lloret, Lloret
itself, we went out in Lloret and Blanes, and
we've been to Barcelona.

If we go again on holiday to here, we'll
probably book again with Club Villamar
Because it was all easy and the service was

We wanted to go on holiday this summer
and we were already taking a look during
this winter for a nice holiday. And then
the idea came up to rent a villa, because
I've already been to Salou in an apartment.
And then we were searching for villas on
internet. One of the first hits was Club
Villamar. They had good prices and it all
looked good and reliable from the first

For sure there must be a pool. That was
the minimum criteria. And something like
a barbecue, so we could eat descsently
outside. Besides that bathrooms and not
too far from the city.

What you pay now per person is what
you'll also pay for an apartment. But now
you've a whole villa for yourself,
including your private pool!

Actually, I couldn't mention a reason why
we wouldn't book again with Club Villamar.

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Tinoco
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Minerva
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Ravenna

Subtitles in English:
We've booked by internet. We've searched for
a villa in the area of Lloret with Club Villamar.
selected on bedroom, also on a
minimum of
bathrooms and a swimming pool
not far from Lloret.

We're here for the 3rd time and 1st time was
very good even.

You can find all kind of information on the

Very interesting. Other sites give a twisted
image of
the house. And here it's like how
it's mentioned
on the site.

We're actually a rugby team and we wanted
to go on holiday with 15. So we searched on
holiday home, spain and we visited the
website of Club Villamar.

3 years ago we went with 12 of us to Blanes.
That was in a tent and by bus. This year we
we're going to do it. We go in a villa with a
pool, airco, bathrooms and kitchens.

We're very near the beach, where we love to
loung. And we can go out and have a nice
diner. And we like to go a day to Barcelona.

I was actually directly very satisfied, good
contact by email and fast replies and if
something's up they come immediately.

So yes, certainly recommendable!

We searched on internet on Google
for a holiday villa holiday. We already
knew we wanted to go to Lloret de Mar.

We came across several villas, so we took
all the pros and cons of each villa and then
we chose this one. Criteria was a pool,
a big villa, beautiful, colorful.

When we arrived we didn't expect it to be
so much fun it is one of the pleasantly
surprises. Pool, waterslide, view, beautiful
sea view of Lloret de Mar and then a large
space, a sofa, the bathroom is nice. The
rooms only have double beds, there are
4 bedrooms with double beds (...)
you can easily go from room to room,
downstairs there is a lounge, kitchen,
public places, it's not bad.

We shared the price with the eight of us,
so it wasn't that expensive.

It is good for everyone, it can be a family
thing, even more fun with friends family
buddies, also for young people like us.
We have already been here 3 years ago
and 2years ago, we love it. It's a nice
destination for the nightlife and relaxed
during the day.

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Jordan
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Fortuna
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Gerunda

Subtitle in English:
With the group we started looking for a villa, we
knew that we wanted to go to Spain. So, it was
just a search on google for a villa in Spain.
We got the link for Club Villamar.

Everything was clear and we could easily
find what we wanted.

We have group with ages between 21 and 33,
so there're people who like to out, but there're
also people who just want to lie on the beach.
Here you have all possibilities and you're sure
of good weather and it's not too far away.

We have not much to complain about. The pool
is nice and there's enough space and the
garden is large enough. We had lots of fun
during the past week.
Good bathrooms, good showers are also
important after a day on the beach.

So we have nothin to complain. It's a perfect
place for youngsters like us, without having
any problems.

You're close to the beach and you have your
own pool. It's also a good place for families.
There's enough to do in the area. For example
the water park or a day tour to Barcelona.

I think everybody will enjoy it. We've already
been several times to the beach. There's a
beautiful beach nearby where you can escape
from the crowds and the area is beautiful,
a gorgeous bay.

We rented a pedal boat, we've been clubbing
a few times and we went out for dinner.
With a group of friends we've decided to go on
holiday. After that we've thought about going to
Spain or to Greece. And then we decided to go
to Lloret de Mar.

And we started to search (...) and here they
offered the most. So that's why we choose for

Above expectations. Yes.

I mean you see the pictures. It looks all good.
In the folder it all looks nice. We're in a 19-
person villa, so it's definitely above our

I think the service of Villamar is very good.

(...) have paid 600euro for their apartment
and we pay here 200euro per person all

When the villa is great and the service is great,
I have a good holiday!

We found this villa on the internet. When
we were searching, Club Villamar was the first
to appear on Google.

We put all the criteria together and then we
tried to find a villa that matched all our

When we made the reservation everything
was perfect. The payment by Paypal was
simple and worked well. Everything was very
well organized.

We received an email in advance about the
procedure and we had a very nice woman
on the phone who spoke French very well
(great service).

It's really great and we can go everywhere
by car.
Everything was very nice and clean. Large
kitchen, pool where you can dive in,
barbecue, swing for the kids, tv and a nice
design. The villa is suitable for families.

The photos on the website match the
reality and the price/quality is very good.

We recommend this villa to everyone. It's
great for groups of friends as well, as it's
near to the center of Lloret. But also for
families everything is nearby
(beach, shopping, golf, football,

We would definitely book again.
Club Villamar is perfect!

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa California
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Sheila
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Sibwana

Subtitles in English:
On the internet we typed for the words 'Costa
Brava' and 'large house with swimming pool'.
Immediately Club Villamar appeared.

The pictures and the explanations were clear,
so we stayed on this site and did not search
any further, because we liked it immediately.
We haven't had any problems, the steps were
easy and very detailed.

When we had questions we sent an email and
we got a respond within 24 hours. What good
is about Cub Villamar is that they have
many employers that speak French perfectly.

The villa is spacious, modern kitchen, good
bedrooms, swimming pool, terrace, barbecue.
We wanted to be near the city, the sea, the
nightlife. So this villa is exactly what we

It was a bit expensive, like any other villa,
but because of the services we quickly
understood why.
Again, we were pleasantly surprised when
we arrived.

Waterworld, karting, shopping ...
We were satisfied.

We would definitely rent a villa in
the future.

We found the villa on the internet when we
were looking for villas in the area
of lloret. In march we arrived on the website
of Club Villamar, we found it interesting in
terms of price/quality. We discovered this
house very quick because it met our needs

The villa is large enough to live royal in it.
This villa is very charming, it's very
convenient, because of its 3 floors. On every
floor you have rooms and bathrooms.
The pool area is very nice and relaxing,
you can find us here at any time of the day,
the pool is big enough and deep enough,
so lovely to swim in.

The contact ith the staff is very good. we can
call you whenever we want. This is a plus.
They were very helpful and patience with us.

We recommend this villa first of all to
youngster. Like our generation. But it can
also be quite suitable for a large family,
who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday.
It's close to Lloret de Mar, but it's in a quiet
residential area.

We enjoyed the nightlife, we went out, we
partied at the great nightclubs, bars,
Good house, good contact, everything is
clear and everything is good. We made
the right desision
to choose this villa.

Club Villamar thank you.
We found this villa on the internet, she
advised us and we accepted.Last year
we stayed in Villa Extravagance, which is
also with Club Villamar. The villa is beautiful.

This villa has a different charm it is very
homely. Personally I think it's a holiday
home with everything, a children´s pool,
a beautifulfully equipped kitchen, a large
living room, 4 bedrooms ....

I would recommend this villa to my friends,
but for families it's also very functional.

We already booked last year, the place is
very nice and there is a beautiful beach.
We wanted to go back, because it's a good
destination we really liked and so we'll
come back again next year.

We also visited Lloret and its surroundings:
Blanes and Tossa de Mar.

It was a very good experience of 15 days.
Club Villamar didn't disappoint us.

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Savoy
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Pique
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Esperanza

Subtitle in English:
We found this villa on the Internet, we
searched for villas with pool and we arrived
at the website of Club Villamar.
We especially wanted a villa with private pool,
to share with several apartments and then
we came across this. It was perfect.

We've already spend one week in Spain,
but our last week we want to relax.

What we liked most is the decor, the
beautiful pool and the surrounding is
beautiful, everything about the villa is

The price/quality ratio was good. Everything
was exactly as is shown on the site.

Whenever I had questions I got answers by
e-mail and phone.

We recommend this villa for families.

They love football, so we wanted
somewhere that isn´t too far from Barccelona.
We went on the quads and we went out for
parties and restaurants.

Next year we want to come back to Spain!
We searched in google for 'rent villas in Spain'.
And we arrived at Club Villamar. This site
had the easiest search options, you could
choose out of different criterias. The booking
system is quick and easy and the
price/quality ratio is good.

The house was clean at arrival. All very well
equiped with barbecue, swimming pool,
two terraces, this is a beautiful house. We
especially like the large terrace by the pool
with a dining table.
We have everything that we need. It's a
spacious villa. We all have our personal space,
we have commen rooms and spacious

We recommend this villa to a large family
with children. They have a room to play with
games, etc... and it's a quiet place. It's also
a good destination, because France is nearby.

Activities: Beach, party

We found this villa on the internet. We
wanted to rent a villa, so we typed in
the search engine 'villa in Spain'.
The first site that appeard was
Club Villamar.

We liked it, because it was simple and
well explained. It had everything we
wanted and a large choice of villas.

We choose a good villa. It's how we
imagined: with private pool, not too far
from the sea. We were surprised that it
was so large! W're super happy!

We went to Lloret de Mar in Spain,
because we saw that it was a good place
for young people. So we were told
to take a villa here.

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Roses
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Gioconda
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Voltaire

Subtitles in English:
A good welcome,
at arrival we got ice cream, drinks,
sunshield, souvenir photo.
If we had a concern or question,
we phoned, they answered our questions.

No one had ever been in Spain, so we
wanted to see what it was like. And then
we found this villa with pool for a lot of people.

Lloret de Mar has a good atmosphere with
parties and music in the evening.

Waterworld, shopping, a day at the
beach, boatexcursions. Unbelievable.

On the internet, we typed villa Spain. We
choose this one because it was one of the
best service. If we had problems people
came to help us. There's always somebody
that comes to see if everything is alright or
if you need anything...Especially for friends
or family. It is better to stay here than in
the center, you have space here and it´s

Therefore it's also a good place for families.
We went to the beach and to Waterworld.

On internet we searched on 'villa Lloret
de Mar'. In the beginning when we arrived at
homeservice we saw a lot of people,
we had to queue for a long time before
we got the keys.

The pool is large, with a terrace,
for a group of young people like us there is
everything you need.
There is space around the pool, a large
terrace upstairs, I think this is a major
advantage of the villa. It has a nice view.
For families it will also be perfect.

We went to Barcelona for a day,
to the waterpark, to the sport fields, and we
played basketball...

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Fortuna
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Fedora
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Pecas

Subtitles in English:
We typed villa Spain (...).
The description of the villa on the site was really
good, this was exactly what we wanted.

It has a nice view. When we arrived we
didn´t expecting at all to have a house with
so many rooms, 2 kitchens, it was a nice
surprise when we arricved at the place.
This is a very large house so you are never
on top of each other, that is really what
we wanted.

When we arrived
we saw that the ice cream was for free, the
service was top notch. Price/Quality of the
house is very good, how they take care of
us is perfect.
There are rooms with double beds and there
is also a kind of dormitory with 4 beds. (...)
We would recommend the villa to family.

We did water activities, jetski etc..,
We went shopping, in the center are plenty of
small shops. It was very nice. Lloret is a very
good destination. Overall everything was well
organized, we have no complaints.
We found this villa on the internet.
We thought it was not bad and chose it directly.
We already decided a long time ago that we
wanted to go to Spain and that we wanted to
stay in a villa with pool.

Most important was the pool and a
large villa with landscape, close to the sea
and a beautiful view.
The reality is the same as on the pictures
we saw on the website of Club Villamar.
It looks very good, everything is explained
very good, the price matched the total package,
the rooms, space, close to the sea, activities for
children. There are number of bathrooms and
bedrooms that we need. We are with then and
we have enough space, it really is a holiday villa.

Barcelona, amusement park, the beach

We found it on the internet when we typed
'villa in Lloret de Mar'on google.
It was the first site that showed up. The
price/quality ratio was good. We already
said we wanted a swimming pool, this is ideal.

There are enough rooms for everyone, it
isn't far from the shops, not far from the
beach, not far from the nightlife.

I thought it would be smaller but it's actually
bigger. It's better than on the photos.They
took care of everything, we had noworries,
everyone speaks French, thehospitality is perfect.
We went into Lloret de Mar one evening, we had
a great time and we thought why not go back to
Lloret next year. Spain is also close to France.
We went shopping in Barcelona and visited the
Ramblas. We had no problems.

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Orlanda
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Silvestre
What our guests say about their holiday in
Apartment Serena

Subtitles in English:
We searched on internet, this was one of
the first that appeared on the things we
It matched with our dates, our criteria and
there was plenty of room. It was't easy to
find a villa with lots of rooms. And with
children it was important that each couple
has their own room.

It suited the budget and we wanted to
have the best of two parts. The rest
and peace at the villa and the exciting
part of the big partys in lloret.
So this was perfect.

The site wasn't misleading, it reflected
the reality, everything was cleas and
transparent. We had no worries.
The garden we liked the most and
also the swimming pool, the large
terrases and the car parks were

The pool is close to the barbecue which is
important for us. We were happy surprised to
see that the villa is very nice, there are two
floors which are independent and
seperates parts.

We went to Tossa for a swim and to explore
the old town which is very pretty.
We're satisfied, everything is perfect.
We found this villa
on theinternet. We were looking for a place
to go on holiday with a lot of people.
We went to google and typed Spain villa (…),
great photos.

We were happy when we arrived,
it's even better than on the photos.
Everything is well organized.
There's a living area downstaris and
bedrooms upstairs. The kitchen is good,
there is a table in the back (…) there is
a games room where you can have fun.
The space is very open which
makes it very nice and there's a garage.
We recommend this villa to a group of
friends as us or to big families, there is
a riding club that's not far away,
and the beach is nearby.
Everyone will enjoy this villa.

Nightlife in Lloret de Mar is very
lively, there are casinos in the city center,
restaurants, shops, we went to the beach
which is very nice and you can go bowling...
If we book a villa or holiday home next
year we will definitely search on this website.

We went on the internet,
I typed villa for rent in Lloret and this is
the first link that showed up.
There was a choice between
different villas and we chose this one.
The indications were correct, there were
no surprises on things to pay extra.

The villa is immaculate, there's a lot
of space, a terrace for aperitifs, pool (...),
large terrace, large living room where
we can all be together.

We were welcomed, offered water and

It's a good place for families as it is
easy accesable. Everything went flawless,
we had no problems, it all went good with
the agency Club Villamar.

What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Romana
What our guests say about their holiday in
Villa Ingrid

Subtitles in English:
We googled 'villa in Lloret de Mar', because we
already decided to go to Lloret de Mar as friends
of us went to Lloret before.

We heard about your company and therefore
looked on the site. We found this villa.
We managed to find what we thought was
mostinteresting and financially best for
everyone, good value for money.

We wanted a villa with a pool and plenty of
room, we're all together and the view is
really good. There is also a tennis court
that makes this villa different compared
to others. We can do some sports here.

For families that are looking for a villa
with a nice view, good services this will be
interesting for them too. The downside for
youngsters is the distance from the nightclubs.

Club Villamar thank you for the help!
We got all the information and thank
you for the help.
It's difficult to find a villa for youngsters.

In relation to the number of people and
everything we came across several things.
After comparing and knowing where we
wanted to go, we found villas that we
more or less liked.

The site was very clear. Everything was
explained very well. That's why we choose
this one.

Place, pool, near the city but nice and quiet.
The beach is not very far either.
(…) the price was the most important.

The house is very good, we were
pleasantly surprised when we entered the
house. The rooms are nice, the bathroom
is great. We can all be together at the pool
and on the terrace.
We have fun nights outside. The view
is magnificent.

We can't complain about the service. Even
when we went to get the key at the office
everything was fast.
You've everything well organized.

Because it was raining everybody came.
And Spain is nearby, as it's at the border.
The prices are interesting.

Activity (...) the beach, Aquapark, Barcelona.

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