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Want to make money the easy way? Rent out your holiday villa through Club Villamar!

In these uncertain times it's easy to profit from your holiday villa in Spain by renting it out. Nowadays, more and more tourists choose the financially attractive option of renting a luxurious holiday villa. Club Villamar is looking for ways to cooperate with owners of villas with a private pool like you.

We have summed up some frequently asked questions for you:

- When will I get paid as an owner?

Contrary to many rental companies, Club Villamar pays the owner 4 weeks before arrival of the guest. In case of a last-minute booking, we will transfer the money immedi ately of course. This way you can be sure of income even before the guest arrives. A comforting idea, isn?t it?

- Does Club Villamar work on a exclusive basis?

Here at Club Villamar we think exclusiveness is an outdated principle. You are free to work with other rental companies and of course rent out your villa by yourself.

- As an owner, can I decide for myself when to rent out my villa?

Of course, it?s your villa after all, isn?t it? You?ll have an online module at your disposal with which you can block weeks for rental at any time. The module also inf orms you about the actual status of the weeks your villa is rent out and the financial status of your rental income. Each time your villa is booked, you will receive an email about the change in availability.

- Can Club Villamar also take care of guests during their stay in my villa?

Club Villamar has a exclusive cooperation with the Homeservice Villamar franchise organisation. This means Club Villamar will take care of the bookings and Homeservice will take care of preparing your villa, welcoming the guests (and things like towels and bedding), receiving the deposit, keeping contact with the guest during the stay , cleaning and checking the villa after the guest leaves and restitution of the deposit. At the end of the season Homeservice Villamar will hand over your villa in the same (or even better) state we received it from you. At our Homeservice offices (in Lloret de Mar, Calonge and Santa Susanna) you will always have a contact.

- Can I have my guests taken care of by myself or others?

Of course it?s also possible to let Club Villamar rent out your holiday villa and have your guests taken care of by yourself or others.

- How will Club Villamar find guests for my villa?

Club Villamar has been specialised in renting out luxurious holiday villas with a private pool since 2004. Because of our many years of experience, we know exactly how to offer your house to the most fitting target group. Our website www.clubvillamar.com is found very well through search engines and the website itself makes it very ea sy for visitors to find a suitable holiday villa and book and pay for it online.
Because of the internet we can offer your villa to more than a million potential guests each year, rent it out for many weeks and make thousands and even tens of thousa nds Euros each year for you. Our team of booking employees are available 12 hours per day to answer the questions of guests through telephone, chat and email.

- How will I get my villa on the Club Villamar website?

You can easily contact us by filling out the email contact form below. Of course you can also give us a call for more information or making an appointment with one of o ur employees. He or she will meet you at your villa, of course without any obligations. If you decide to start a cooperation with Club Villamar, we will make price arra ngements and photos. Your villa will be placed on our website without any costs and we will start looking for guests. The promotion of your villa of course also is with out any additional costs.

Our villa owners agree:

Club Villamar takes care of everything and provides you with the maximum results in renting out your holiday villa! Contact us for more information or an appoint ment with one of our employees.