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Written by Aline Roche - Noury

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The historical and the modern area

Are you and your family ready for it? The family resort Calonge already welcomes you!

Calonge and Sant Antoni de Calonge, where are they and what can you do there? They are both situated on the beautiful north coast of Spain, which is known as the Costa Brava. This coastal area has already been spotted a long time ago through the popular and exciting coast towns Lloret de Mar and Blanes. Meanwhile, the tide has turned. Since a few years, these family-friendly coastal villages are the new trend. But at the same time, you can still find night-life there.

Calonge is situated 4 km to the inland. You can feel your heart beat faster when you walk through the narrow alleys surrounded by authentic buildings or when you cross a square with in its centre Calonge's Castle (Castell de Calonge). Words can't express its peaceful atmosphere and its medieval appearance. At the other side of the G1-660, between Palamós and Playa de Aro (or in Catalan: Platja d'Aro), you'll find Sant Antoni de Calonge. In the past, it was considered a neighbourhood from Calonge, but nowadays it's officially another village. This modern side is the most popular due to its beach. Sun, sea and beach are some of the minimum requisites for your summer holiday. Only the ambience does not take a back seat anymore. The beach is situated next to the village centre, where there are cosy typical Catalan boutiques. The Spanish cultural atmosphere that reigns through the whole village gives it a unique touch. At the beachfront, you can choose between tapas on the terraces or bars, a Spanish lunch menu or a plentiful dinner in one of its restaurants. On top of that, you'll be on the front line to admire a phenomenal sunset from your terrace. Or you can always have a walk on the promenade, at dusk.

The area of Calonge is relatively touristic, but if you compare it to other coastal villages on the Costa Brava, it's the rest itself. Maybe there aren't many touristic attractions, but the ones that you'll find are very entertaining! All types of activities for all ages are organised, particularly in the summer period. So it's impossible to get bored! Moreover, it's always fun to join the company of people who share your interests. Besides that, on the beach of Sant Antoni there are special activities for children. And it's always nice to know that all the beaches of Calonge are very clean and provided with good facilities and services.

Go for it and start to look for possible holiday homes where you and your family or friends can barbecue all together. Or where you can sit on your balcony with your coffee, croissant and orange juice while the sun rises.

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Relax and lie down on the completely equipped beaches near Calonge

Does the thermometer mark 30 degrees and do you have drops of sweat on your face? Then you'll probably welcome a fresh shower on the beach. Have you been playing foot volleyball a bit too fanatically? Don't panic, because there's a first-aid post! Bestow more fun to
your kids and let them play at the Kiddies Beach Park. They'll meet other kids from different nationalities and you'll have a moment of rest for yourself. Below there's a list of the beaches near Calonge:

- Es Monestri (blue flag), which is on the north of Palamós.Facilities and services: bar, first-aid post, showers, life guards and toilets.
Type of sand: fine sand.
- Sant Antoni (blue flag)
Facilities and services: first-aid post, showers, feet showers, Kiddies Beach Park, police office, wheelchair accessible, playground and toilets.
Type of sand: fine sand.
- Torre Valentina (blue flag), which is a large beach next to Sant Antoni's beach.
Facilities and services: public pier, first-aid post, showers, feet showers, wheelchair accessible and life guards.
Type of sand: fine sand.
- Cala Cristus - Ses Torretes (blue flag), which is a cove with rocks and all kinds of flora. You'll arrive there through the coastal path or from the main road.
Facilities and services: bar, first-aid post, life guards, (water) sports and toilets.
Type of sand: coarse sand.
Next to these bigger beaches, there are coves that are waiting for you to discover them!

Sun, sea and beach while you stay in Calonge

These are the main reasons to go to Calonge, in Spain. But, of course, your adventurous spirit also wants to see, discover and....visit.

1) Nature and culture

More than 1.000 years of history, more than 1.000 years of Calonge, which you'll see through the entire village and the nearest surroundings. Some of the eye-catchers in the area of Calonge are:
Castillo de Calonge Costa Brava Spain
Castillo de Calonge, one of the largest of its kind in the region. Enjoy its splendor, like the performances and exhibitions here regularly.
- Plaça Major: the main street in Calonge.
- Castell de Calonge
Do you want to go back to the medieval times? In the middle of Calonge there's an imposing castle, which is, by the way, the biggest one in the region. The castle itself is already worth a visit. And do you like expositions? Then you have another reason to go and visit the Castell de Calonge. But art is something personal and may not be your passion. Don't worry because, as it was already mentioned, Calonge - Sant Antoni de Calonge thinks about everyone. And that's why during summer time, around and inside the castle, especially for music amateurs, you'll find plenty of music festivals. And did you miss something? On the 11th of November there's the Fiesta del Vino Nuevo (in Catalan: Festa del Vi Nou) and during Easter and Christmas the castle is also open.

- The parochial church: Santa Maria del Mar
- A smaller, but still impressive, castle: Torre Lloreta
- If you pass through the coastal path, you'll discover awesome places, like the defence tower Torre Valentina and the old city walls from Calonge.
- Pere Carner: which used to be a hospital and has a remarkable design. Nowadays, it's used as the local library.
There's so much more and you can make so many interesting combinations!

By foot, you'll reach a lot of places that you wouldn't with a vehicle. Just imagine, feel the wind on your back while you're walking through the coast and the sun rises. That's certainly a moment to immortalize. Continue following the sun to unknown places. Let you be surprised by Calonge:
Cap Roig Costa Brava Spain
Do you want to be only the ones on the beach, the sea and only a couple of other sunbathers? Come to the quiet Playa Cap Roig.
- Gavarres is an impressive nature resort of 29.000 ha. This woody territory has as highest point the hill of la Gavarra (537 m). The beauty of nature is interrupted by some medieval villages, authentic monuments and buildings to be discovered while you walk by the trails and small paths.
- Cala dels Capellans used to be the bathing place of the local religious of Sant Martí.
- Racó de les Dones (fine sand) and Racó dels Homes (coarse sand) are 2 bays named like this because of the ancient prohibition of opposite sexes sun bathing on the same beach.
- Cap Roig: to be reached by a small coast path or from the road between Playa d'Aro and Calonge.
- Tinar Basin: a woody area, with land houses and vineyards, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

At the Tourism Office (Oficina de Tursimo) you'll find plenty of suggestions of walking trails. The address is Avinguda Catalunya 26 in Sant Antoni de Calonge. Be aware of the visiting times, siesta times, Sundays or other holidays.

2) Calonge in movement

Do you like water sports? Can you already sail or would like to learn it? A typical Catalan sailing discipline is Patí de Vela. Do you want more splash fun? Try kayaking. During the summer months, you can find kayaks on the beach of Sant Antoni.
What about a bicycle or mountain bike? You can take your kids with you or even the dog on the trailer of the bicycle. Or be more adventurous and try the tandem. You can choose how far you want to go but don't forget that this area is not always flat and it can be extremely mountainous.
The Tourism Office (Oficina de Turismo), in Sant Antoni de Calonge, provides cycling routes, but you also can make your own itinerary by GPS on Routes GPS Baix Emporadà.
Waterpark Aquadiver Platja d´Aro Costa Brava Spain
Super waterpark Aquadiver!
Suggestions about what else you can do in your holiday in Calonge:
- Horse riding
- Paintball
- Tennis
- Water sports, such as diving or waterskiing
- The water park Aquadiver in Platja d'Aro (there's a free bus service between Calonge and the water park).

3) Shopping at the coast or in typical Catalan shops in Calonge

Where you can find villages, you can find markets. On Thursday, from 8:00 till 14:00 more or less, there's the weekly market across the streets of Calonge. Have a walk passing by the thousands of stalls or bargain for the best deals of clothing, vegetables, fruits or other gadgets.
Spanish people are crazy about fish. In an old fisher's village like Palamós, you can experience the fish auction and pay a visit to the fishermen's museum.
Are you not an early bird? In Sant Antoni de Calonge you'll find, particularly on the sea front boulevard, the local shops. There, you can knock yourself out and enjoy the local flavour in the small streets and the surroundings.
Do you want to shop more? Barcelona, Mataró Park, La Roca Village and Espai Gironès are nearby Calonge and will satisfy your caprices.

4) Calonge by night

This destination is family-friendly, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't got night life. During the day time, or in the early evening, you can find, near the sea side, bars, terraces and restaurants that will welcome you. Don't look any further! Start the afternoon with a drink and some Spanish tapas and, later on, go for a meal in a restaurant. The restaurants are open till late at night so you can enjoy an after-dinner chat all together. Of course, there's always the pub or café for a drink in the evening.
And what if you want rougher night life? In the neighbour town, Playa d'Aro (in Catalan: Platja d'Aro), you'll swing until the early morning.

Spain, Costa Brava, Calonge: by plane, bus, train or car?

For people with fear of flying, it's rather practical to travel by bus, train or car. But if you prefer a faster way, take a plane, which is the most common way to reach easily you holiday destination. You can fly to Barcelona Girona, also indicated as Girona - Costa Brava (IATA: GRO, ICAO: LEGE), which is only 38 km from Calonge.

Barcelona is also a good option, though the distance is 120 km by rental car, taxi, transfer bus or public transport.

The nearest railway station is Caldes de Malavella, 30 km from Calonge. Time schedules for arrivals and departures are indicated on the website of SARFA (for the bus) and RENFE (for the train)

Holidays in Calonge

Do you feel like not following the main stream? The holiday resort of Calonge offers you just what you're looking for: an informal holiday, good facilities and services, far away from mass tourism.

Calonge offer just that special extra to its guests. Its quite appearance is not a synonym of boredom. It's a good start for all kind of activities: your kids can join the Kiddies Beach Park or, the whole family can participate in one of the 500 activities organised by Estiu Actiu.

Calonge and Sant Antoni de Calonge
complete each other and are inseparable. If you prefer a holiday home near the centre or near the beaches, book a villa in the surroundings. If your privacy and freedom are more important to you, a villa in the inland is perfect for you. Club Villamar has a big offer of villas, use the orange bottom on this page and take a quick look of what is still available for your holiday!

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Great holiday villa in the region Mas Toi


Fully detached 8-person villa with a cozy Spanish appearance, landscaped garden, private swimming pool, play area.
  • Calonge, Costa Brava
  • 8P, Private
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 3.5km from the beach
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Well situated and modernly furnished villa

Can Vicky

Can Vicky
Nice villa with private swimmingpool nearby Calonge
  • Calonge, Costa Brava
  • 6P, Private
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathrooms
  • 3km from the beach
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Splendid new villa with private pool, great outside area and fantastic views. Nearby a big recreation/sport area, free entrance.
  • Calonge, Costa Brava
  • 8P, Private
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 3km from the beach
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Gorgeous villa of modern design with private pool, wifi and nice garden
  • Calonge, Costa Brava
  • 6P, Private
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 4km from the beach
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