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    TOP 10 Costa Brava

    Written by Aline Roche - Noury

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    Help is on hand! Try for free the TOP 10 Costa Brava

    Looking for the best spots in the Costa Brava? We've selected the best TOP 10 sights for you!

    On the Costa Brava you'll find everything! It's not without a reasonClub Villamar has numerous villas and holiday homes for rent on this Costa.
    Whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday full of sun and optimal relaxation in your own swimmingpool or you're looking for an active vacation and lots of possibilities to explore the Costa Brava.

    It will only take one step out of your villa and the opportunities are endless on the Costa Brava. To make it all a little bit easier for you, we've already selected the best 10 trips for you, which you definitely should make during your holiday on the Costa Brava. Don't miss them!!

    Top 10 of the Costa Brava

    1. The Costa Brava from the air
    skydive, costa brava
    Flying above the Costa Brava. is an amazing experience
    Some changes in life can give you more enthusiasm to discover and explorer. For a lot of people, and probably also for you, it's not a daily occupation to look down on life from the air. Grab your chance to go together in the air as a balloonist! Or, discover the Costa Brava from another angle, during a flight or a parachute jump!

    All this is possible in Empuriabrava, as this is the most important skydiving center of Europe. Let the adrenaline run through your body and try a parachute jump or go skydiving. There ain't a better place to do this, than in the impressive Empuriabrava. Empuriabrava has one of the largest marina of the world and it has more than 30km of canals. Not without a reason Empuriabrava is also called the Venice of the Costa Brava. Go into the air and admire the Costa Brava from the sky! It's incomparable.

    Illes Medes, Costa Brava, Medes Island
    A true beauty of the Costa Brava are the archipelago Islas Medas
    2. Islas Medas
    Do you like to discover the fabulous underwater world of the Costa Brava? The breathtaking natural park Islas Medas (also known as the Medes Islands and in Catalan as Illes Medes) is a magnet for many divers and snorkelers.

    Islas Medas is in about one mile by boat from l'Estartit. This small archipelago consists out of 7 islands and several coral reefs, all filled with remarkable flora and fauna. The mystery of the 7 islands and its indescribable natural beauty remains no secret when you want to keep it dry. Do prefer to avoid depths, but are you fond of boats? A boat trip is far by the most pleasant and easy alternative way to discover the underworld of the sea and the rest of this natural park. Reveal the secrets of the Medes Islands on the Costa Brava during your holiday. And don't forget to bring your camera, because your short on eyes.

    3. Dalí's triangle in the Costa Brava
    Teatre Museo Dali, Figueres, Salvador Dali, Costa Brava
    Visit Salvador Dali´s hometown Figueres
    Salvador Dalí is a famous surrealist painter, who has left many traces on many places on the Costa Brava. There are 3 special places which you can't miss, as they gather the work most works of Dalí. The Dali's madness goes through the entire Costa Brava. In Salvador Dali's hometown (Figueres) the 'Teatre-Museu Dalí' is the epicenter. Annually over 750.000 visitors bump into Dali's art and his paintings.

    To the east of Figueres lies the legendary Casa-Museu Salvador Dalí in Portlligat. Where you can crawl into the skin of this eccentric artist.

    Nothing attracts less attention than Púbol's Casa-Museu Castell Gala Dalí. By giving the castle to his wife Gala, Dalí made his promise reality. The castle, the exterior as the interior confirm the Dalí madness unlimited.

    Waterworld, Costa Brava waterpark
    Take your children to the amazing waterpark Waterworld
    4. Water parks in the Costa Brava
    On a sunny day there's nothing more desirable than a refreshing jump into the water. Spend a splashing day with your family or friends and enjoy yourself in one of the great water parks on the Costa Brava. One of our recommendations is the water park in Lloret de Mar. Waterworld is considered to be the best water park of Europe, with its attractions and green areas of high natural and landscape value. Another famous park on the Costa Brava we recommend, is Aquadiver (in Playa de Aro).

    Both water parks are perfect for all ages, with attractions for children, youth and adults. Time will fly by, when you're all having fun together. Swimming pools, children's pools, wave pools, spectacular slides and more water fun gives you a hilarious day. You'll have it all, except feeling bored.

    5. Water sports along the coast of the Costa Brava
    watersport, bananaboat
    Hold on tide during your ride on the crazy bananaboat
    The rough coast and the crystal clear coast line make the Costa Brava a paradise for water sporters. Not without a reason the Costa Brava gives you the opportunity to do more than 48 water activities!
    Apart from scuba diving there are along the 200km coast line plenty possibilities for surfing, wind- and kite surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking or fishing. And don't forget the funny rides on the banana, the flyfish and parasailing! Admire the beautiful Costa Brava from the air and you'll see how unique the landscape is!

    Experienced windsurfers are recommended to go to the coast of Roses and Pals, which are THE places of the Costa Brava. The large sandy beaches and the waves are really stunning!

    cap de creus, costa brava
    Walk through the amazing cap de creus,

    6. Cap de Creus

    The experience you'll have by visiting Cap de Creus (Cadaques) is truly exceptional, according to many visitors. That's why we can't keep it from you in this Costa Brava TOP 10. The Natural Park Cap de Creus is the only nature reserve in Spain, covering sea and land and being the largest uninhabited area. The flora and fauna are quite unique with its variety of rare species.

    The park is not only for nature lovers! It's also well known as an underwater paradise for divers and an idealic place for walking and other recreational activities. When you like hiking, we recommend you to go to the highest point of Cap de Creus, called Sant Salvador. While you'll climb up, you'll walk through an impressive natural area filled with trees and rocks.

    7. Costa Brava's Jeep Safari
    jeep safari, costa brava
    Fun for the whole family is a jeepsafari!
    Action and sensation: cross in a jeep through the inland of the Costa Brava! Boring? Nope, absolutely not. You'll end up in places where you won't come fast. There are plenty of opportunities to experience the real adventure in the mountains. Besides that, your personal instructor/guide will tell you during your safari the ins and outs about the environment and will share with love the fun facts. You'll pass bays on the Costa Brava and you'll visit the most unknown places, which are possible to visit as a tourist.

    Do you like to take command of the jeep? If there are enough participants and the road permits it, you're able to go behind the wheel yourself. Obviously you have your license at least 3 years and to the opinion of the instructor/guide you're capable enough.

    Girona, Costa Brava
    Get a taste of the real Catalan life at the lovely city Girona.
    8. Girona
    Like others, you'll see from a large distance the Cathedral of Girona towering above the city. Wander along rivers, over the bridges, and admire the charming colorful houses (built in the Middle Ages). When you walk through the Jewish Quarter the cobblestoned streets will lead you to the cathedral. On your way you'll pass magnificent buildings with extremely interesting details. Once you've arrived in the cathedral, you'll see a remarkable mixture of styles. The construction of the church began with a Romanesque style, followed by a transformation to Gothic. 'As a dot on the i' the baroque facade was added at last.

    Girona is an exceptional city. For a fun time in Girona you must definitely visit the chocolate factory. Torras Chocolate Fabrica reveals the history of chocolate. Naturally a visit to the factory includes tasting the chocolate. It's a delicious treat!

    9. Costa Brava's domestic tour: Rupit - El Far – Besalu
    besalu,costa brava
    Your last stop is the beautiful authentic city Besalu.
    Take the opportunity and visit 3 villages in 1 day! On the Costa Brava a typical inland tour is organized, which will take you to Rupit, El Far and Besalú. Rupit is famous because of its suspension bridge. Which you can avoid by taking a accessible walking path to the other side. At the other side, narrow medieval streets and their old stone houses welcome you. The most important sightseeings of Rupit are the Romanesque church and the Sallent waterfall. On the road from Rupit to Olot you'll pass the shrine El Far. When you pay attention, you'll get surprised by seeing the second largest lake of Spain (Banyoles Lake) and the volcanic area.

    Upon arrival of the 11th – 12th century village, Besalú, you'll see the long corner stone bridge with a gate. The authentic Besalú with its beautiful buildings, is known for the coexistence of the Jewish and Christian community, with as a heritage the ritual Jewish bath. It's a domestic tour that proofs that domestic tours aren't only interesting for die hard culture lovers.

    nightlife, lloret de mar, costa brava
    For the best party´s and Dj´s you must go to Lloret de Mar
    10. Lloret de Mar

    When you long for a great stunning summer night life on the Costa Brava, we recommend you to go to Lloret de Mar! As well during day time as after sunset, you'll notice there's always a good atmosphere and the village is always a life with plenty of terraces, beach bars and good restaurants where you can relax. Furthermore, you'll find entertainment in Gran Casino Costa Brava. In the evening, until the early hours, you can go completely crazy in one of the nightclubs or drink a tasty cocktail and have a chat with friends or family. Almost all bars and discos you'll find in the main street and its side streets of Lloret de Mar.

    Lloret de Mar and her huge stunning night life has at least as much cultural historical sightseeings. You can definitely not forget about the church Iglesia de Sant Roma. As well as Castell de San Joan, which you'll find at one end of the beach of Lloret de Mar and the fisherman's wife Dona Marinera at the other end.

    The Costa Brava is AMAZING!

    Did you discover just like us how great and versatile the Costa Brava is? Guess what, there's muchhh more! Read everything there is to know about the Costa Brava.

    You probably can´t wait to book your holiday to this sunny destination!
    So hurry up and check our selection of villas and holiday homes in the Costa Brava.

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