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Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
Villa Ocaso,Pollensa,Mallorca 21
starting at
€193.00 per day
  • number of persons 10
  • distance to beach 1.5 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms5
  • number of bathrooms3
This charming stone built villa is situated in the peace and quiet of the Pollensa countryside
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Evonne,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
starting at
€147.00 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 7 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms3
Cal Xino is a beautiful secluded villa accessed along a winding driveway
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Kendra,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
starting at
€343.00 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 6 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms3
This 70 m² villa is situated in the quiet countryside in the Pollensa area, north Mallorca
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Rostolla,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
starting at
€85.00 per day
  • number of persons 3
  • distance to beach 7 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms1
  • number of bathrooms1
A beautiful 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom farmhouse with private heated swimming pool and Wifi, set in an elevated position in the countryside in Pollensa surrounded by olive trees and gardens
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Malmo,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
starting at
€676.00 per day
  • number of persons 12
  • distance to beach 7 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms5
  • number of bathrooms5
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 21
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 22
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 23
Villa Cavall Bernat,Pollensa,Mallorca 24
starting at
€302.00 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 80 m
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms4
The country house in Pollensa / Pollença has 3 bedrooms and has capacity for 6 people
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Edmonton,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
starting at
€135.00 per day
  • number of persons 6
  • distance to beach 3 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms3
  • number of bathrooms1
This pretty villa is set amidst well maintained gardens in an area between Pollensa and Port Pollensa with the nearest beach only 10 minutes drive away
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Rocha,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
starting at
€89.00 per day
  • number of persons 5
  • distance to beach 5 km
  • number of bedrooms2
  • number of bathrooms2
In the Old Town Pollensa, next to Calvario steps
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Albea,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
starting at
€105.00 per day
  • number of persons 6
  • distance to beach 7 km
  • Pool type private
  • number of bedrooms3
  • number of bathrooms2
Set in pretty mallorcan countryside, this stone-clad bungalow property offers peace, privacy and a very high standard of accommodation
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Alaves,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
starting at
€122.00 per day
  • number of persons 6
  • distance to beach 3 km
  • Pool type private
  • number of bedrooms3
  • number of bathrooms3
Traditional stone house on the outskirts of the adorable old town Pollensa, on the Puig de Maria hill, all on one level, for up to 5 people, with views to the surrounding mountains
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 17
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 18
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 19
Villa Ozil,Pollensa,Mallorca 20
starting at
€118.00 per day
  • number of persons 5
  • distance to beach 7 km
  • Pool type private
  • number of bedrooms3
  • number of bathrooms2
Situated in the countryside just 2 Km
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 1
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 2
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 3
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 4
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 5
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 6
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 7
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 8
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 9
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 10
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 11
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 12
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 13
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 14
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 15
Villa Toronto,Pollensa,Mallorca 16
starting at
€85.00 per day
  • number of persons 5
  • distance to beach 4 km
  • Pool type private
  • number of bedrooms3
  • number of bathrooms1
Luxury villa rental Majorca

Your villa on Majorca

Being the biggest of the Spanish Balearic Islands, Majorca is a popular destination among sun lovers. On Majorca, Club Villamar offers forty luxury holiday homes. Majorca is known for its sunny weather and because of that, each holiday home has its own private pool. During the day you can laze away at the beach, take an occasional dip in the sea and at night some more relaxing by your own private pool, all that’s possible with a holiday home in Majorca. Because the island is fairly small, all the places of interest can be easily reached. You’ll find several coastal town that are mainly focussed on the beach life, but also some more authentic town, nature parks and bird preservations. So, whether you like to go out every day or rather relax in your holiday home, Mallorca has more than enough to offer for everyone. If you wish to leave the luxury of your holiday home behind you for a day, Mallorca has enough to keep you busy. Like the north cape of the island, where you’ll find Cap Formentor, a spectacular rock formation with steep cliffs. For those who rather lie at the beach all day, there are several small sandy beaches in the eastern and south-eastern part of Majorca. The evenings can be spent in peace and quiet with a glass of wine in the garden of your holiday home, but Majorca also has a large range of fine restaurants, discotheques, bars and cafés. The next day you’ll wake up by taking a dip in the pool of your holiday and decide on how to spend the rest of your day. Take a walk in the mountains of Serra de Tramauntada, go for a bike ride or enjoy some water sports at the beach. Whether you’re looking for an active holiday or just want to relax, with a holiday home in Majorca everything’s possible.

Palma de Mallorca

During your stay in one of our forty holiday homes in Majorca, we highly recommend you visit the capital of the island. The centre of Palma de Majorca has an historic and picturesque atmosphere, with the 13th-century cathedral of La Seu is quite an impressive sight. In the town centre you’ll also find the shopping area Plaza Mayor, inspired by the square of the same name in Madrid. Here you can do some serious souvenir shopping, just as well as in the main shopping street Carrer Sant Miguel. In between shops you can catch your breath at one of the many outdoor cafés, while being entertained by street artists. More than enough to talk about, when you’re enjoying the evening sun in the garden of your holiday home. Palma de Mallorca of course also has its own beach: Playa de Palma. This beach is particularly suited for families with children who are staying in a holiday home near Palma de Mallorca. The sand gradually slopes down into the sea, which makes it safe for children. But also for groups of young holidaymakers, a holiday home near Majorca’s capital is an interesting option. The city has many cafés and bars, which are mostly located around the cathedral. Tito’s is one of the most famous discotheques and has been the centre of Majorca’s nightlife since 1923. With six bars, divided over three floors and a glass elevator that offers great view over the bay of Palma, this is a place you must have seen in Palma de Mallorca!