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Written by Aline Roche - Noury

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Enjoy a sunny holiday with simplicity and beauty

Pals, 3 village centres between the rice fields and the dunes of Pals’ golf course.

Every holiday is a true enjoyment to get some rest. You work hard during all the year for your holiday and you look for the best. It’s always nice to know what to expect before you arrive to your holiday destination. You don’t feel like searching for hours for the right information and the best high lights in Pals, do you? Here, you’ll read about the best places and the unknown places to visit while you’re stay in Pals.

Pals is an amazing and authentic village where you’ll discover the cultural and historical part of Spain. Pals is a place where kids will enjoy the beautiful surroundings. And, Pals is also a magnet for (wind) surfers and other water sports. Pals has something for everyone.
Its 3 charming village centres make Pals a unique village on the Costa Brava. The old centre of Pals, “el Pedro”, is on a hill situated a few kilometres from the coast. When you descend from the hill, you’ll pass through picturesque small houses, which are called “Masos de Pals” and are surrounded by green forests. On the bottom of the historical Pals, there’s a beautiful large beach called ¨Playa de Pals¨, where, on its boulevard, you’ll also find cheerful terraces.

Pals is a mixture of landscapes: you can linger by the sea or enjoy of the alluring green hills. If you want culture, entertainment and good gastronomy go to Pals’ beach.

Another option is the medieval centre of Pals. You’ll be surprised! During the summer months, Pals is very vivacious and busy, though there are never large queues of tourists. So that’s really fine! If you want a typical Spanish atmosphere in Pals, come on the 3rd of August to the Fiesta Mayor de Pals (Pals’ festivities).

When you hire a holiday home in Pals, you’re hiring a great place. Thanks to Pals’ situation, you’ll easily have a tour around the whole Costa Brava. Another possibility from Pals is to have a day trip to the world famous city of Barcelona, which is certainly a recommendation!

Your cheerful holiday home in Pals: click here

Pals: uneventful or inexhaustible? Have a day out!

Pals, beach, pals beach, playa de pals, platja de pals, costa brava, spain
View over Pals and its beautiful surroundings
Sometimes you have no idea of what to do. You even start to doubt if you’re not the only person in the surroundings. Our advice: have a day out! And even if you’re running alone on the green hills or you cycling or walking through the nature reserves, one thing will be for sure: the area of Pals is amazing! On one hand, the breaking dawn fresh air and the forest, rich in aromas, will make you fall in love. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the great shopping streets (which are only closed for siesta time, between 1PM and 4:30PM) and the weekly markets. And don’t forget the beach!

Do you think that you’ve already seen everything in Pals and its surroundings? No way! Take the challenge to have a trip around the Costa Brava from Pals! I bet you’ll have so much fun, you’ll wish your holiday lasted longer.

Karting Palamós, nearby Pals

Are you the next number 1 on the kart track? Karting Palamós has karts for adults and for kids (older than 5).
Choose the kart that suits you:
Kart Honda 270cc (advanced)
Kart super Honda 200cc (general)
Kart junior Honda 160cc (from 10 years old)
Kart kids Honda 120cc (from 5 years old)

Paintball and laser games

Do you think it’s childish? You’re wrong. Once you get into the field with you masker and your protective clothes on and your dear friend, “your gun”, you’ll probably transform into another person. After hearing the first shot, your adrenaline will rise at the speed of a bullet.

Survival parks

Where there’s nature, there’s chance to survival, like in Masos de Pals or Valveralla. In the heart of the Costa Brava, there’s a more than 3 ha survival terrain on one of the green hills nearby Pals. Be energetic in the more than 50 adventure activities in the trees, suspension bridges and tunnels. Play like if you were Tarzan and save Jane through the swings, lianas and many more.

Water parks

At first notice, there is not much to do in the area of Pals. But appearances are deceiving. After a little research and some information from the Oficina de Turismo (tourist information) there's enough to do for young and old at the water and theme parks.
Aqua Brava Park – It’s a water park in Roses. Besides having a lovely and refreshing dive, you can also climb on a rock wall. And after having a relaxing tour in the “Rio Tranquilo” (Calm River), test your guts at the Bullet or at the Kamikaze. You’ll find a free bus service from these nearby villages: Roses, Santa Margarita and Empuriabrava. There’s also a paying bus to the Aqua Brava Park from l’Escala and l’Estartit.

AquadiverWater park nearby Playa de Aro. Aquadiver is a great water park where you can have nice and relaxing day. There’s a kids swimming pool, hydrotherapy pools, a golf course, a waterfall and soooo many zig zagging slides. And haven’t you had enough? There’s more… When you buy a ticket to Aquadiver, you usually get a 2x1 promotion to go to the biggest water park in Spain: Water World. During the summer season, there’s a free bus service from l’Estartit, Palamós, Calonge, S’Agaró and Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

Shops in Pals

Spread out all over the village centres in Pals, you’ll find many clothes shops, supermarkets, bakeries, butchers and pastry shops and, in Playa de Pals, you’ll also find many souvenirs shops. Though one thing is for sure, if you want to buy some basic stuff, Pals is perfect. But, if you’re looking for something else, we advise you to go to shopping centres like Espai Gironès.

Pals’ weekly market and the rest of the markets on the Costa Brava

Wake up early on a Tuesday morning. Don’t worry; you won’t be the only person on the street! On Tuesday morning, it’s Pals’ weekly market. You’ll find fresh fruit, nice souvenirs to bring home, clothes... But if you’re the kind of person who likes to sleep till late on Tuesdays, you’re lucky because Pals’ also has a market on Saturday evening. Other markets in the neighbourhood:
Monday – Blanes, Cadaqués*, Olot, Torroella de Montgrí
Tuesday – Castelló d´Empúries*, Lloret de Mar, Girona, Palafrugell, Palamós, Verges, Figueres (fish, fruit and vegetables)
Wednesday – Banyoles, Begur, Sant Antoni de Calonge, Sant Pere Pescador Thursday – Tossa de Mar, Calonge, l´Estartit, Figueres (clothes, birds, fish, fruit and vegetables)
Friday – La Bisbal, Playa de Aro, Port de la Selva*
Saturday – Banyoles, Girona, Palafrugell, Figueres (fish, fruit and vegetables), Empuriabrava*, Vilamalla*
Sunday – Palafrugell, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Figueres (On the 1st Sunday of the month there’s a flea market), la Jongquera*, l´Escala*, Roses*
*Relatively big markets.

Pals, an ideal place for sport lovers

Pals is very appealing to water sport amateurs and golfers. Golf lovers enjoy the most famous golf course, while surfers, wind and kite surfers go mad on the water because of the so-called Levante or Tramontana wind.

At Pals’ beach, you’ll find precious waters and a way to go to the picturesque Medes Islands, where you can dive, snorkel and swim. Don’t you like water? Spot your place on the tour boat and enjoy this amazing nature area.

Pals’ nature is immense and that’s why it offers you many different types of activities. The dunes are perfect to have a beautiful stroll in the nature or a cycling tour through the walking and cycling routes. Of course, you can also have water fun with your whole family on a pedal boat or sail all together. Other things that you can do are sports fishing, a bit of beach volleyball, walking through the neighbourhoods or watch…skydiving. So, in fact: the sky isn’t the limit!

Beach volleyball


In Pals, you’ll have plenty of fun on your bicycle: there are from flat areas till green hills. Bringing your own bicycle from home is the most comfortable, of course, but you can also hire one in many places. The nearest place is Playa de Pals, but you can also go to the beautiful Bisbal de l’Empordà and hire a bike there. Usually, places that hire bikes are connected with organizations that offer bike trips and/or organize routes.

Besides off-road cycling in the surroundings of Pals, there are also roads that are made to have bikes safaris. Areas like the Baix Empordà, the Alt Empordà, the Gironès, the Pla de l’Estany, la Selva and la Garrotxa offer you amazing cycling routes.

Or pay a visit to the fantastic nature area of les Gavarres. You’ll explore through nearly 300km2 of forest surrounded by the Montgrí (a protected nature reserve) and the Mediterranean Sea. By the way, there’s also a very nice bicycle route from Sant Feliu de Guixols to Olot, passing through Girona.


Pals is an area full of golf courses:
Empordà Golf Club – You’ll find it between Pals and Torroella de Montgri.
Golf Platja de Pals – With many trees and bunkers, this is one of the most challenging golf courses on the Costa Brava.
Golf Serres de Pals

Hiking and walking

In the area of el Baix Empordà, you can have walks of different levels and distances in its more than 370km.

Pals – Basses d'en Coll – Pals
An unimaginable trip through the rice fields, farms and mills. Let you be surprised by the varied landscape.

Pals – Quermany Gros – Pals
This is a relatively short route which is perfect for the whole family. You’ll discover Pals’ medieval nucleus. And don’t forget to charge your camera, because there’s an amazing view from the hill “Quermany Gros”.


Horse riding

Do you love speed, nature and animals? Then, you’ll certainly be impressed by a horse ride. In the neighbouring village, Begur, there’s a riding school where you can have a ride in the magnificent surroundings.




Water sports

The water world of Pals is a world apart. Diving and snorkelling are one of the best pastimes that you can try. Have you never dived or snorkelled? Then, this is the moment! Or practice other water sports on Pals’ beach or in the nearby villages, like: swimming, water skiing, pedals, canoes, wind surfing, sailing, sport fishing, paddle surfing, body boarding… Many visitors in Pals also hire a motor boat or try a catamaran cruise. And you can see people of all ages on the banana boat or on the fly-fish.

High lights in Pals: a traditional village with many cultural and historical heritages

Pals, Costa Brava, Spain
Narrow cozy streets in Pals
Pals is situated on the Costa Brava’s heart. This picturesque village with 3 village centres and its beautiful surroundings has been a literary inspiration source for many Catalan authors. One of these writers is Josep Pla, which has one of the most spectacular view points named after him. If you want to know more about the origins of Pals, go on the top of the hill Puig Aspre, and wander in the medieval nucleus 'el Pedro'. In Pals’ small alleys, there are many architectural treasures that will make you travel through Pals history. Downhill, there are the 'Masos de Pals' and, at the Mediterranean Sea, the 'Playa de Pals' (Pals’ beach).

Are you having a languid moment or do you prefer to see many places without having to walk? During the summer period, there’s a mini train that goes through all the important places in Pals. Besides being really practical for disabled people, it’s also entertaining for the kids.

'El Pedro' the authentic side of Pals

At Pals’ medieval nucleus, you’ll find the church called “San Pedro” and, in front of it, a very calm and peaceful square. The church has been renovated many times over time, so it’s not strange that you see a mixture of Gothic, Roman and Baroque styles.

Some metres further, you’ll see the 11th century bell tower, Torre de les Hores, which you’ll hear once every hour. But Pals has more constructions from the medieval times, like for example the castle and its walls, which enclose the old nucleus. At the walls, you’ll also find 4 impressive towers called: Torre d’en Ramonet, Torre d’en Rom, Torre d’en Xinel and Torre de l’Hospital.

The old nucleus of Pals welcomes you at the entrance with 'Ca la Pruna'. This building is from the 15th century and keeps, in its museum, the secrets of an underwater archaeology. Next to it, there’s a place where there’s usually an exhibition.

After seeing the historical part of Pals, you should try the view point Josep Plà. There, you’ll see the whole area of l’Empordà and you’ll also enjoy an amazing view of the Medes Islands.

'Masos de Pals'

Between Pals’ medieval centre and the beach, there’s a woody area called 'Masos de Pals'. The village centre is composed by a group of country houses with remarkable architectural elements and the 18th century church of Masos de Pals.

'Playa de Pals'

The beautiful and large beach of Pals is known as Playa de Pals, or in Catalan “Platja de Pals”. During the summer period, you’ll enjoy this huge space to sun bathe, because it won’t be completely full of people. On the other hand, you’ll find plenty of facilities on this beach and in the water.

Pals, the ideal starting point for trips

Are you curious to see the cultural and nature neighbourhoods of Pals? Are you sportive and active? Or did you just sun bathe the whole day on the beach? It’s nearly impossible to be bored when staying in Pals. Pals is in a unique and perfect location so you can have many day trips in its wide area.

Have fun driving a jeep through the hills near to Pals. Or relax during a boat trip from Pals to the Medes Islands. Are you curious about the rest of the Costa Brava? There’s many art and culture in Girona or you can also pay a visit to the Dalí triangle. You’ll get the most complete and impressive sensations on the Costa Brava from in the air. Try an unforgettable flight by helicopter or jump out of a plane with a parachute. If you want more diversity, a good advice is to visit the world famous city of Barcelona. It’s a multicultural city that has everything you desire.

By land, sea and air...Pals and its surroundings are mighty!


Andorra is famous as a winter sports resort and a place of tax-free shopping. But, during the summer months, the lack of snow allows to see the beauty of its nature. Smell the sweet aroma of the flowers in the green fields and from the wood in the forests –all together with the pine tree scents.


On the top three, there’s a visit to Barcelona. This international city certainly deserves your attention. Or, to be honest, it’s actually worth more than just one visit. If you’ve already been to Barcelona, you’ll agree with me. Have you never been to Barcelona? Then, a day-trip is ideal to have a first impression of the city.

- Barcelona Aquarium – A day immerse in the underwater animal world is always a great experience. You don’t see that much fish and water animals every day. Discover the undersea world as nobody else can in the 35 big aquariums.

- Barcelona Camp Nou Experience – The football team FC Barcelona is like the national team for many Catalans. That’s why FC Barcelona is still one of the bests. Come to places in the stadium where you can’t go usually. Feel the atmosphere from this enormous stadium and touch the grass from its famous field. Many local agencies organize trips from Pals to Barcelona. Besides this, you can also travel just to visit the city. For example, you can take the Hop On Hop Off bus, which takes you to the main high lights of Barcelona. On a beautiful summer day, a cycling or a Segway tour is also very recommendable. Do you want more? During a tapas tour, you’ll discover the Spanish amusement and the delicious tapas.

- Barcelona Experience – During Barcelona Experience, you’ll visit the Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell, the Casa Batlló, the Columbus monument, Montjuïc and many more interesting places. By the way, your guide will, at the same time, get you updated with the latest news of the city. And the good thing is that they will stop as near as possible to the main high lights and the guides will explain all the details. No, you won’t have to read dozens of books about Barcelona!

- Barcelona by Night – At midday, you’ll explore the city. While you wander through the small streets, look for a nice terrace to eat some delicious meal around 15:00. Have a break to recover and enjoy the Spanish gastronomy. After walking around a bit more in the city centre, in the evening, it’s time for the impressive fountains show. At the Palau Nacional, colourful fountains, which move to the rhythms of different types of music, are waiting for you.

- Barcelona Zoo– Barcelona’s zoo offers a very entertaining day for people from all ages. Every zoo is a bit different and, in this one, there are more than 450 felines, reptiles, different types of apes and water animals. Adults become kids again and kids... stay kids and enjoy the most beautiful and impressive animals in the world.

Boat trip to les Illes Medes (the Medes Islands)

What can be nicer than having a boat trip with the whole family or a group a friends, on a sunny day, to the Medes Islands nature reserve?
dalí, dali, house of dalí, Port Lligat, costa brava, spain
The house of Dalí. 1 of the 3 points of the Dalí triangle

Dali’s triangle

Famous artists like Gaudía and Dalí have left many heritages in Spain. Get to know more about Salvador Dalí’s life and his curious master works.

- Theater – Dalí Museum (Figueres)
This striking and impressive building is the most important high light from Figueres. I also have to say that the building won’t go unnoticed. That’s just another reason to go inside of it. In the museum, you’ll find plenty of eccentric works of art. Don’t just look at the most common places, but also have a look at the ceiling and you’ll have nice surprises.

- Port Lligat (Cadaqués)
In a small hamlet near the water, there’s Dali’s original house. After a visit (that you’ll have to book in advance), you’ll understand better Dalí’s way of making art. But as you’ll see, it’s quite understandable that Dalí was a genious, if you consider the breath-taking landscapes of this area.

- Casa – Museo Castell Gala Dalí (Puból)
Wander through the castle and get inside Dalí’s world, with his amazing art and master pieces. And what about the garden? There’s a true inspiration source with many famous elephant sculptures.

Montserrat and Cremallera

Montserrat is a perfect combination for nature and culture lovers. The spiritual heart of Catalunya yearly attracts thousands of tourists. This is because of the Black Madonna (la Moreneta) and because of the boys choir that daily sings at 1PM at the Benedictine monastery. As I said before, Montserrat is also a magnet for nature lovers: the Montserrat National Nature Parkhas many entertaining and more or less intensive walking routes.

Rupit, el Far and Besalú

This tour to the inlandswill make you feel as if you went back to the past. You’ll pass from the inhabited to the uninhabited world, where amazing viewpoints are alternated with medieval villages, with their own history. At the beginning of the midday, you’ll go to the priest’s its restaurant, who waits for you with a relatively simple but substantial three meals menu. And as aperitif, he’ll prepare you delicious drops.

Buggies, Jeep Safari, Segway, Quads

Do you want to discover Pals on another way? Drive through the most impressive parts of Pals with a buggie, on a quad or with a Jeep. With more tact, you can also try the experience with a Segway. I have seen many people on a Segway on the airport or some police officers on the street, but the Segway X2 is just the best! With the Segway X2, it’s possible to have an excursion to, for example, Fontanilles, Llabià, Mirador, Toroella de Montgrí, Pedrigolet or Cau del Cuc (a 300.000 years old chasm). Do you prefer to ride on a circuit? No problem, there are many closed circuits to test you speed and agility skills.

Pals from the sky

The beauty of Pals and its surroundings are even nicer from in the air. Try hang gliding, jumping out of plane with a parachute or flying with a helicopter or air balloon and enjoy! During an impressive flight above the Costa Brava (Alt Empordà or Baix Empodrà), you’ll see the diversity of landscapes in which Pals and its surroundings are so rich in. Besides flying above Pals, you can also try an air balloon flight over the Pyrenees, Barcelona, Vic, Manresa, Lleida, Segarra or the Pla d’Urgell. It’s a moment you’ll never forget!

Skydive Empuriabravais the ideal place for you if you’ve got enough guts to try to jump out of a plane. Both beginners and experts can have a tandem jump or follow a course. You can easily reach this location by car, train or bus (it’s 500 m from the nearest bus stop).

Port Aventura

Are attractions never enough for you? Then Port Aventura is ideal for you! Have a day out with your family and/or friends. There’s also been thought about the kids! When in some attractions, kids couldn’t go on, because they weren’t tall enough (for security reasons), it wasn’t really nice for them. So that’s why Port Aventura, which has 6 themed areas, made a special place just for kids! Between all this fun and entertainment, you’ll find many restaurants, terraces and touristic shops.

Pals’ beach: Playa de Pals

Pals, islas medas, illes medes, medes islands, costa brava, spain
View point over Pals, the beautiful environment and at the horizon the incredible Islas Medas
Pals’ beach is a large beach with, on one side, a precious view of the Medes Islands and, on the other side, dunes and pine trees. This long beach has been divided for many years into two areas. The northern area is next to the golf course and the southern area reaches till Begur.

For those who are interested, there’s also a nudist bay.

Food and drinks: from typical Spanish food till international gastronomy in Pals

Pals is a typical medieval Spanish village where the culture and gastronomy are of high quality. And with a nice meal, you also have to try a nice drink.

During midday, in Pals, you can eat on a traditional way just like the locals. A very famous dish is the paella: an amazing dish made of rice, fish, meat and vegetables. Other typical meals are, for example, esqueixades (codfish salat), escalivadas (cold roasted eggplant, eggs and pepper) and as main dishes: chicken, rabbit or sea food. Besides all these, prawns, herrings, breams and gilthead breams are prepared in many different delicious ways.
In Pals’ surroundings, there are restaurants of all types:
El Pedró – At the old nucleus of Pals.
Sol Blanc – A traditional Catalan restaurant, on the road that goes to Torroella de Montgrí.
Mar Blau – Fish and meat, on Pals’ beach.
Sol i Mar – Next to Mar Blau, also on Pals’ beach.
Rotisseria Can Padres – Only opened in the summer months, on the road from the beach till the old nucleus of Pals.
Sa Punta – On the road that goes to the beach.
Mas Roig
Mas Salvi
Mas Pou – At Palau Sator

Because Spanish people eat a three meals menu at 2PM, between 8PM and 10PM there’s space for a smaller meal: tapas. Tapas are also ideal if you want to try a bit of everything! You’ll have more sociable table if you order plates with olives (olivas), chorizo (a kind of sausage), cheese (queso), calamares (fried squid rings), gambas (prawns) or the typical pan con tomate y ajo (bread with tomato and garlic).

Let’s have a drink in Pals! My first impression of Spain was that people were ALWAYS drinking alcohol. And that’s true. But that doesn’t mean that they’re always drunk! If we continue generalising, we could say: Spanish people are quite intelligent. A regular local inhabitant from Pals drinks the whole day BUT in very small portions! They also drink a loooot of water, while they have these little alcohol “snacks”. It’s not surprising that in Pals, in all types of bars, terraces and restaurants, you’ll find the refreshing tinto de verano (red wine with sparkling water of Gaseosa and many ice cubes). Other drink suggestions are coffee with a strong drink “carajillo”, “sangria” (red wine or Champaign with fruits juice and a liqueur) and the sparkle wine “cava”.

And, of course, you can’t miss the Spanish cerveza (beer). Try it with some lemon juice (clara) or from the tap (caña). It’s remarkable how peacefully people enjoy of food and drinks in Pals. Everything goes very slowly. Exactly what you need for a relaxing life! And, in this case, for a relaxing holiday!

Night life in Pals

Pals hasn’t got an exuberant night life. But, for the party animals, there’s a club. During the day, but also during the night, Pals is a restful place surrounded by woods and amazing landscapes.

Playa de Aro is one of the places that has the night life fame on the Costa Brava. But, just as Blanes, Playa de Aro is also an amazing village where families (with kids) and young people enjoy a lovely holiday evening.

For those who want to gamble, there are 2 casinos on the Costa Brava. In Lloret de Mar, there’s the 'Gran Casino Costa Brava', in a very modern designed building. On the other hand, in the beautiful northern part of the Costa Brava, there’s the 'Casino Castell de Peralada'. You’ll be fascinated by its beautifully designed gardens. While you play the roulette on a table, you’ll enjoy its great castle from the 14th century.

Festivities and events in Pals

There are many parties on the Costa Brava. The party cycle is based on the 2 solstices (celebrated on Christmas and on San Juan, the 23rd of June) and on the 2 moments of the year that the sun passes the Equator, like for example in Carnival, Holy Friday, Easter and All Saints. Another important festivity is the Fiesta Mayor de Pals (on the 3rd of August). It’s a celebration to remember the patron saint of Pals.
Semana Santa (Easter holidays)
This is the most important moment of Easter. Everywhere, you’ll find market stands to buy palm tree leaves. Boys carry long and big ones and girls graceful ones with all kinds of complicated designs. At home, people hang the leaves on their balconies to keep the evil out of the house. On Easter Sunday, the whole family comes together to eat all kind of delicious meals.

San Juan, 23rd of June
Traditionally, people go to the beach to celebrate the arrival of the summer. And, of course, people stay there till the sun comes up with a bottle of cava. This big summer party is not possible without the bonfires and the noisy and colourful fire works.

Travel information for your stay in Pals

How much do you know about Pals’ situation?

It’s on the north of Palamós and Playa de Aro and on the south of l’Escala and l’Estartit. More in the inlands than Playa de Pals, you’ll find Pals. It’s in the province of Girona (Girona), in the region of Catalunya. The old centre is on the hills and a few minutes from the coast and the area of l’Empordà.

Transport in Pals

In terms of transport, the Costa Brava is well represented. Some roads are not that perfect, but you don’t have to worry about the connections to the airport of Barcelona and Girona or about the connections to the rest of the places on the Costa Brava.

We advice to hire a car in the Costa Brava, which is possible at the airport or at any car hiring office. What do you need for that? A valid identification document, driving licence and, of course, money. They usually ask for a credit card, as a deposit. So don’t forget to get car insurance!
Parking in Spain, for example, is not always that easy so, sometimes, bumpers kiss each other.
- Bus and train
Buses and trains are relatively cheap ways of transport. The connection between the coastal villages is quite good. For those who love to do puzzles, you can try the websites from the bus companies Pujol and Sarfa. Or keep it simple: every bus station or tourist information office (Oficina de Turismo) has the updated bus schedules of the region. To and from Blanes, Figueres, Girona, Llançà and Portbou, there’s a direct train to, for example, the magnet of Spain: Barcelona. The updated train schedules and such are available in the train stations, the tourist information offices (Oficina de Turismo) and on the website of Renfe. Suggestion: If you want to travel more around Spain, the Renfe Spain Pass is profitable for you! This advantages pass can be used in six months since the purchase and serves for one month since the moment of the first use. There are different types of cards that allow you to travel 4, 5, 8, 10 or 12 times.

TCB +34 972 612 2225
CAPSUR, S.L. +34 619 303 852

Taking a taxi is always practical when travelling short distances in the city centre or when you want to go back to your holiday home at night. Taking a taxi is relatively cheap; though take into account that at night, in the weekends or when you’re carrying suitcases, it’s a bit more expensive.

Travel and stop with all freedom on unknown places on the Costa Brava. Scooters and motorbikes are amazing types of transport. They’re also the best way to avoid traffic jams. Special motorbike clothing is not obligatory, but do yourself a favour and wear protection (besides wearing the compulsory helmet, casco). Just like when hiring a car, show your identification document and driving licence. Take into account that you also need an assurance! Sometimes they can also ask you to keep your ID card as a deposit, though obviously it’s up to you to accept this or not.

Health Information

- Drug store
The drug stores are indicated with a red plus sign surrounded by green or with a green plus sign.
Av. Mediterrani, Km 1.8 Local 2
Telf.: +34 972 637 404

Farmàcia dels Masos
Ctra. dels Masos, 103
Telf.: +34 972 667 730
E-mail: lafarmaciadelsmasos@gmail.com

Farmàcia Dr. Massó
Enginyer Algarra, 14
Telf.: +34 972 636 032

- Dentist in Pals
Clínica Dental Anxeineta, S.L.
Carrer Beurador, 45 1-2
Telf.: +34 972 668 082

- Hospitals in the Costa Brava
Hospital Comarcal de Blanes
Cala Sant Francesc, 5, 17300, Blanes
Telf.: 972 353 264 Girona

Hospital de Santa Caterina
Dr. Castany s/n, 17190, Girona
Telf.: 972 182 600

Hospitalitat de la Mare de Deu de Lourdes Girona
Carretera Santa Eugénia, 25, 17005, Girona
Telf.: 972 402 376

Hospitalitat de la Mare de Deu de Lourdes Girona
Antic Roca, 38, 17005, Girona
Telf.: 972 244 806

Hospital Universitario de Girona
Doctor Josep Trueta
Avda Franca s/n, Girona
Telf.: 972 940 200
Fax: 972 940 270
E-mail: hospital@htrueta.scs.es

Hospital de Palamós
Hospital, 36, 17230, Palamós
Telf.: 972 600 160

- Veterinary services: Medical help for your pet.
Centre Caní de Pals Carrer Camargas, 23
Telf.: +34 972637070
E-mail: info@centrecanidepals.com
Website: www.centrecanidepals.com

Clínica Veterinària Anipals
Carrer Abeurador, 7
Telf.: +34 972 667 4102
Emergency number: +34 972 640 022

- Oficina de Turismo of Pals: Tourism Office
General information, maps, etc.
Plaça Major, 7, 17256, Pals, Girona
Telf.: +34 972 637 380
E-mail: info@pals.cat
Website: www.pals.es

Pals, small but nice

Apparently, there’s so much to discover in Pals and its surroundings. Getting bored? No, that’s just not possible in Pals. Nothing is obliged, and everything is allowed. So if you’re looking for rest, then Pals and its neighbourhoods are the ideal place! Alright, Pals as a holiday destinationis great. Then, now it’s the
moment to transform you holiday into a perfect holiday. There’s nothing better than a holiday home for you and your family and friends. For a reasonable price, you’ll find many options. And who knows, and you’re private holiday home as a private swimming pool!
Pals, costa brava, spain
On the hill the old center of Pals

Fast and easy you find your holiday home in Pals with Beautiful holiday homes in Pals


Nice villa with private swimming pool in Pals
  • Pals, Costa Brava
  • 6P, Private
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1.5km from the beach
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El Raco

El Raco
Modern luxurios villa with private swimming pool,near to the beach of Pals
  • Pals, Costa Brava
  • 8P, Private
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 4km from the beach
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