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Luxurious, rurally situated six-bedroom villa with private swimming pool, a short distance from the sea and with all facilities within easy reach. The perfect property for a large family or group!
Best choice
7.4 2 / 10 | 22 Reviews  
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 1
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 2
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 3
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 4
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 5
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 6
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 7
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 8
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 9
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 10
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 11
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 12
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 13
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 14
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 15
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 16
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 17
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 18
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 19
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 20
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 21
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 22
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 23
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 24
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 25
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 26
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 27
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 28
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 29
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 30
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 31
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 32
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 33
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 34
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 35
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 36
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 37
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 38
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 39
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 40
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 41
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 42
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 43
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 44
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 45
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 46
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 47
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 48
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 49
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 50
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 51
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 52
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 53
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 54
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 55
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 56
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 57
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 58
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 59
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 60
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 61
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 62
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 63
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 64
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 65
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 66
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 67
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 68
Villa Acuarela,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 69
starting at
€350.83 per day
favourites video Acuarela
  • number of persons 12
  • distance to beach 3 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms6
  • number of bathrooms4
Magnificent villa with private pool situated in a charming area and offers a beautiful garden, a perfect place to enjoy of a wonderful holiday
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 1
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 2
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 3
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 4
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 5
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 6
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 7
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 8
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 9
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 10
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 11
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 12
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 13
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 14
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 15
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 16
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 17
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 18
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 19
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 20
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 21
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 22
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 23
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 24
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 25
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 26
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 27
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 28
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 29
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 30
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 31
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 32
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 33
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 34
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 35
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 36
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 37
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 38
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 39
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 40
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 41
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 42
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 43
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 44
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 45
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 46
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 47
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 48
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 49
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 50
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 51
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 52
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 53
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 54
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 55
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 56
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 57
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 58
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 59
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 60
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 61
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 62
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 63
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 64
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 65
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 66
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 67
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 68
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 69
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 70
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 71
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 72
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 73
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 74
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 75
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 76
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 77
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 78
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 79
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 80
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 81
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 82
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 83
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 84
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 85
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 86
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 87
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 88
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 89
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 90
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 91
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 92
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 93
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 94
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 95
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 96
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 97
Villa Diosa,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 98
starting at
€590.00 per day
favourites video Diosa
  • number of persons 12
  • distance to beach 6 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms5
  • number of bathrooms7
A perfect villa for families with children: nice exterior with private pool, barbecue, various terraces, and a bright and spacious interior will make you enjoy at maximum of the summer vacation
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 1
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 2
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 3
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 4
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 5
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 6
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 7
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 8
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 9
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 10
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 11
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 12
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 13
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 14
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 15
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 16
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 17
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 18
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 19
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 20
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 21
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 22
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 23
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 24
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 25
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 26
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 27
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 28
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 29
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 30
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 31
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 32
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 33
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 34
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 35
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 36
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 37
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 38
Villa Delice,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 39
starting at
€551.14 per day
  • number of persons 16
  • distance to beach 2.9 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms8
  • number of bathrooms5
Nice and spacious villa with private pool, located in a nice area surrounded by nature
6.5 2 / 10 | 3 Reviews  
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 1
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 2
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 3
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 4
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 5
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 6
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 7
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 8
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 9
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 10
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 11
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 12
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 13
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 14
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 15
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 16
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 17
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 18
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 19
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 20
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 21
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 22
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 23
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 24
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 25
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 26
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 27
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 28
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 29
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 30
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 31
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 32
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 33
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 34
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 35
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 36
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 37
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 38
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 39
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 40
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 41
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 42
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 43
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 44
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 45
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 46
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 47
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 48
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 49
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 50
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 51
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 52
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 53
Villa El Pati,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 54
starting at
€201.43 per day
  • number of persons 8
  • distance to beach 6 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms5
  • number of bathrooms4
Precious holiday villa composed of different apartments, offers a big personal space, various terraces, sauna and fitness area
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 1
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 2
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 3
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 4
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 5
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 6
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 7
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 8
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 9
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 10
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 11
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 12
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 13
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 14
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 15
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 16
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 17
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 18
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 19
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 20
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 21
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 22
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 23
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 24
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 25
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 26
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 27
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 28
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 29
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 30
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 31
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 32
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 33
Villa Bulevard,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 34
starting at
€298.57 per day
  • number of persons 14
  • distance to beach 2.6 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms6
  • number of bathrooms4
Beautiful villa with private pool and precious sea views, located in a quiet area, a perfect election for an unforgettable holiday
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 1
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 2
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 3
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 4
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 5
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 6
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 7
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 8
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 9
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 10
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 11
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 12
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 13
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 14
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 15
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 16
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 17
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 18
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 19
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 20
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 21
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 22
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 23
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 24
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 25
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 26
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 27
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 28
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 29
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 30
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 31
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 32
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 33
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 34
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 35
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 36
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 37
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 38
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 39
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 40
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 41
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 42
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 43
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 44
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 45
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 46
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 47
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 48
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 49
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 50
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 51
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 52
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 53
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 54
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 55
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 56
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 57
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 58
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 59
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 60
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 61
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 62
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 63
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 64
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 65
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 66
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 67
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 68
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 69
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 70
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 71
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 72
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 73
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 74
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 75
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 76
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 77
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 78
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 79
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 80
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 81
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 82
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 83
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 84
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 85
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 86
Villa Nadine,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 87
starting at
€298.57 per day
favourites video Nadine
  • number of persons 17
  • distance to beach 3 km
  • Pool type private
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms7
  • number of bathrooms5
Looking for an unforgettable holiday? This villa located in a residential area and with a precios exterior with garden , swimming pool, terrace is the perfect election to spend some quality time with your family and friends
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 1
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 2
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 3
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 4
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 5
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 6
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 7
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 8
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 9
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 10
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 11
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 12
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 13
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 14
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 15
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 16
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 17
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 18
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 19
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 20
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 21
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 22
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 23
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 24
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 25
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 26
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 27
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 28
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 29
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 30
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 31
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 32
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 33
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 34
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 35
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 36
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 37
Villa Indira,Cabrils,Costa Maresme 38
starting at
€211.14 per day
  • number of persons 9
  • distance to beach 5 km
  • Pool type communal
  • internet access
  • number of bedrooms4
  • number of bathrooms3
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Above, you will find several villas and holiday homes on the Costa Maresme

Why rent a villa or holiday home on the Costa Maresme

Are you looking for a vacation with long white beaches, sparkling blue sea and the opportunity to relax and enjoy all of this from the comfort of your luxury villa or holiday home? The Costa Maresme offers something for everybody, for families or groups of friends.
Rent a villa on the Costa Maresme and you will find everything you are looking for, for a carefree lazy vacation. Why share an overcrowded beach with hundreds of other holiday makers when you can be enjoying peace, privacy and relaxation next to your own private pool?
The coastal towns of the Costa Maresme are especially attractive and, thanks to the railway which passes through the area, you can be in another town or city within a few minutes, even Barcelona.
Club Villamar offers you great luxury villas and holiday houses from which you will be able to enjoy your holiday with the whole family or with a group of friends. If you need to escape, to relax… you could do so in your private villa on the Costa Maresme.

Are you interested in what the Costa Maresme has to offer? Then read on…..

 Discover the Costa Maresme from your villa or holiday home
The wonderful villas and holiday homes of Club Villamar give you the chance to enjoy one of the best holiday destinations in Spain, the Costa Maresme. From the private terrace of your villa or holiday home, you will enjoy views of long white beaches and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. 
The Costa Maresme is an area made up of many small villages and towns, each with its own character, many of them with their own historic town centre or museum. The beaches all offer a wide variety of water sports for those who are looking for a more active holiday and, for those who would prefer to spend a more relaxing time, boat trips are available along the coast. Stroll through the town centres, visit the local shops and markets, and stop for a meal or light refreshments at any of the numerous small bars, cafes or restaurants you will find in each resort. Fish and seafood restaurants are a speciality of the region. 
In the evenings, you will find plenty of nightlife in the usual selection of bars, restaurants, clubs and discotheques. If this seems too energetic after an active day, why not just relax at home in the comfortof your own villa?


Entertainment in your own Holiday Villa

After a day on the beach, taking part in strenuous water sports or wandering through the shops, you can relax undisturbed in the comfort of your private villa. 
Picture yourself stretched out on a sun-bed at the side of your private pool with a refreshing drink in your hand, looking out over the broad white expanse of the beach and the sparkling, crystal waters of the Mediterranean. And what would you say to a delicious lunch on the barbecue? Gather round the garden table and enjoy an excellent lunch or dinner, and enjoy a view which takes your breath away. 
If you rent a villa or holiday home on the Costa Maresme with Club Villamar, all this is just waiting for you! Here, nobody will disturb you or tell you what to do. There will just be you and your family or friends. You will be free to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it; you can organise your holiday to your own liking. Why delay? The villas and holiday homes of Club Villamar offer you all the peace and quiet that you are looking for. So book that dream holidaytoday!


Discover the surrounding area

The Costa Maresme stretches from Blanes south to Barcelona, and the area is linked by the local trains which run at regular intervals and which provide cheap access to all of the towns along the coast. The railway is a much pleasanter and more comfortable way of commuting than struggling through heavy traffic on any of the main access roads and motorways and, for the most part, it runs along the coast with a pleasant view of all the beaches. Between Blanes and Barcelona, the two biggest commercial centres are Mataró and Badalona but, in spite of their industrialisation, their beaches are every bit as clean and attractive as those of the smaller centres. 
A trip to Barcelona is something not to be missed. Walk along the Ramblas and enjoy the market stalls, the “living statues” and, of course, Barcelona’s amazing food market – “La Boqueria”. A good way to sample the city’s sights is to take a trip on one of the open-topped buses, which will pick you up and put you down at any of the tourist stops along the route, and this is an easy way to visit such landmarks as the famous church of La Sagrada Familia and many of the other famous buildings designed by the renowned architect Gaudi. Shop till you drop or stroll at your leisure through the narrow winding streets of the city’s historic quarters. Walk down to the beach area with its numerous seafood and paella restaurants, have lunch overlooking the old harbour (Port Vell) or visit the much more recent Olympic Port. And then, after all this, it is only a comfortable train trip back to your holiday home. 
Have you any young children in your family group? There are plenty of excursions available to please them too! At Pallafolls, a small town some kilometres inland from Malgrat de Mar at the northern end of the Costa Maresme, you will find Marineland. The younger children will enjoy a fun day out in this water park, where they can see and interact with dolphins, sea lions, turtles and pelicans, as well as the thrills of the water slides and other diversions. 
A few kilometres inland lies the easily accessible Parc del Montnegre, a thickly wooded area, criss-crossed with footpaths. Hike or cycle between the small colourful villages within the park, where you can stop for lunch and sample the local dishes. 
Get back to nature and enjoy the many activities together with the children or with your friends, it does not matter which! Activ Natura Adventure Park is situated near Santa Susana on the Costa Maresme, at the entrance of the Parc del Montnegre. This area offers a large variety of outdoor activities to engage in: rope bridges, rope-slides, paintball, archery, and much, much more! 
Close to Calella is the Dalmau Park, an enormous forest of pines and Holm oaks. You can enjoy the open air while walking through the woods, let the children play in the well-equipped playground, or attend one of the regular concertsstaged there.


Why rent a villa or holiday home with Club Villamar?

Why surround yourself with noisy neighbours in a crowded hotel? Why share a pool and have to fight for a sun-bed every day? Why put up with noisy revellers in the early hours of the morning? Well, there is no need to if you rent a luxury villa or holiday home from Club Villamar! Our villas offer privacy, peace and quiet, and the opportunity to come and go as you like. Take control of your holiday and enjoy doing exactly what you want when you want. Spend time on the beach, or relax by your private pool! Eat out in one of the many restaurants in town or relax in your own garden with a meal from the barbecue or prepared in the fully equipped kitchen of your villa!
Arrange your excursions to suit yourself and your family! Book your Club Villamar holiday villa today!