What is the age allowed for Nightlife in Lloret de Mar, and more interesting tips!

Going out in Lloret - relax and enjoy

To say that you can have fun in Lloret de Mar by going outis an understatement! With more than 300 entertainment clubs, Lloret de Mar is a true paradise for party animals! You could therefore say that Lloret de Mar is the ultimate nightlife capital of the Costa Brava, and perhaps in Europe! In Lloret de Mar you can find a café, club or disco that is open 24/7!

But what is the minimum age for going out in Lloret de Mar ?! After all, it would be terrible if you didn't enter the nightlife on your ultimate party holiday! In this blog you will find everything you need to know about how old you must be to go out in Lloret de Mar, but also about the average age, opening hours and the places-to-be in Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar - the perfect nightlife destination

Lloret de Mar is just a holiday destination that never sleeps, there is something to do at every moment of the day. Nowhere else but in Lloret de Mar can you find so many different discos, clubs and bars in one city. But you also have special beach parties, exclusive parties, boat parties, pub crawls, festivals and traditional Spanish events. For example, during your holiday in Lloret de Mar, you should definitely experience a foam party, but also a beach party complete with cocktails and DJs. What you can expect in Lloret de Mar can hardly be described in words, because regardless of your age you will experience “the time of your life” in Lloret de Mar!  

Lloret de Mar is the Las Vegas of Europe with its millions of lights!

As soon as the sun sets and the thousands of neon lights turn on, things really go crazy in Lloret de Mar. The dozens of different clubs and discotheques play different music styles spread over several halls and the drinks flow freely; combined with spectacular laser and light shows and fun themed evenings. In the large renowned clubs in Lloret de Mar you will also regularly find performances by major international DJs. Make sure to check whether your favorite DJ is performing in Lloret de Mar during your holiday, because the chance is quite high!

Minimum Age for going out in Lloret de Mar

If you are going on holiday with your group of friends to Lloret de Mar to experience the ultimate party holiday, please note the minimum admission age. To enter Lloret de Mar from many of the major entertainment venues, the minimum age is officially 18. However, from the age of 16 you can easily enter many nightlife clubs in Lloret de Mar! There is not much control at nightlife. This also applies to buying alcoholic drinks, which in Spain also has a legal age of 18 years and older.

The average age in Lloret de Mar

The average age in the summer months In Lloret de Mar is of course slightly higher than the minimum age. Where the minimum age for going out in Lloret de Mar is around 16 to 18 years, the average age in cafes, clubs and discos in Lloret de Mar is around 20/21 years. But no worries if you are older than the average age, because of the endless possibilities in Lloret de Mar you will not be bored here for a moment in the wide choice of entertainment centers!

The overview of the best discos can be found here!

Going out times

As we said, Lloret de Mar is really a holiday destination that never sleeps. Of course this does not mean that all catering establishments are also open all day, but you can go somewhere all day. for example, some locations open their doors in the morning, while others open in the afternoon or even late in the evening.

However, this is mainly the case with night clubs, which usually open just before midnight and do not close again until sunrise (or later). Most cafes and clubs are also open during the day for a tasty snack, cocktail or just lounging after a wonderful party night.

Age for going out in Lloret de Mar.
Enjoy the ultimate snack and drink together

As we said, in Lloret de Mar you can continue to party and go out 24/7 if you want. Is it not in a bar or club or on the beach or a boat. However, if you no longer have any energy to go out, you can also relax in Lloret de Mar in one of the 8 beautiful beaches or participate in the many relaxing or exciting activities. Everything is possible in Lloret de Mar! We have listed the best activities in Lloret de Mar for you:

The 22 best activities in Lloret de Mar.

Entrance and drink prices

During your holiday in Lloret you will encounter many props who want to get you inside their discotheque. The big advantage of this is that they often have nice offers to enter the club or disco for free or with a discount. However, you should keep in mind that the entrance fees for large clubs and discos in Lloret de Mar are between € 12 and € 15. This often includes a free drink.

Age for going out in Lloret de Marchers

Due to the wide range of cafes and bars you can already buy a beer for € 1.50 and a glass of wine for only € 2 in many places in Lloret de Mar. The cocktails are generally a bit more expensive, for which you easily pay € 7. Many bars and clubs also have the famous happy hour concept, 2 get 1 pay during a pre-set time! So if you want to try the best cocktails, do this during happy hour! Lloret de Mar expensive? No, it's actually cheap!

Do you want to know more about the prices in Lloret de Mar? Then take a look at “Is Lloret de Mar expensive? No, no! Cheap!"

The dress code in Lloret de Mar

If you're wondering which nightlife clothes to pack for your holiday in Lloret de Mar, don't worry. The dress code in Lloret de Mar. is always casual. However, keep in mind that if you go to theme parties, such as a special white party where everyone must be dressed in white, or a foam party where you may not want to be in white (after all, white shines through when it gets wet; - )). Even when you enter a chic restaurant for an extensive lunch and dinner, they will not appreciate a swimsuit and flip-flops. So try to keep this in mind!

In general, however, Lloret de Mar is all about having fun, so not too chic, but just fun and cozy. If you have forgotten to pack nice entertainment clothes or just don't have that nice shirt for a special theme, no problem! In the numerous shops and boutiques in Lloret de Mar you can often buy the perfect outfit at great discounts! More information about shopping in Lloret de Mar can be found here:

Lloret de Mar Shopping - For the Best Shopping Experience!

Where to find the nightlife in Lloret de Mar.

During your holiday in bustling Lloret de Mar, you don't have to miss anything when it comes to sun, sea, beach and going out. But where exactly do you have to be if you want to go out in Lloret de Mar? That is actually quite simple, because if you want to go out in Lloret then you really only have to go to the centre . Here you will find the best hotspots of Lloret de Mar. If you want to start the evening quietly, you can also go to one of the nice cocktail bars on the beach!

Places-to-be in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is all about having fun and enjoying everything that this beautiful resort has to offer! But which locations are the best places to go for a great evening in Lloret de Mar. Do you want to go to a large disco or rather to a friendly club? What style of music do you fancy that evening, and until what time do you want to continue? To start your holiday well, you can start one of the first days with your own pub crawl. This way you get to know all the bars and cafes so that you know for the rest of your holiday which places are or are not nice to visit more often.

For the 25 best bars and cafes for your pub crawl in Lloret de Mar, take a look at:

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However, if you prefer to be on the dance floor all evening, then you should of course visit the large discos of Lloret de Mar. Different music styles, many live performances by international DJs and spectacular theme parties, that's what you can expect here. In clubs like Bumpers, Colossos, Millennium Party, St. Trop and Tropics, and much more, you can party until the early hours. If you want to know everything about the best clubs and discotheques in Lloret de Mar, read on:

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