Top 10 of Lloret de Mar

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar

Tell me: “How many sunny seaside resorts do you know, inside and outside Europe, that really have everything your heart desires? And by "really everything" I certainly don't mean only gorgeous beaches, entertainment places, a palm trees boulevard and cozy centeras great as this sounds. After all, there are more than enough seaside resorts that meet these criteria! By everything I really mean everything, so a place on earth where you don't have to be bored for a moment, regardless of your budget and regardless of what kind of traveler you are!

Now I'm going to tell you that Lloret de Mar on Spain's Costa Brava is one such destination! A destination that goes beyond sun, sea, beach and nightlife, and where for every target group and age really find everything is what the heart desires! Find out exactly what that is below the Top 10 of Lloret de Mar!  

Lloret de Mar: A destination that has it all!

Lloret de Mar . Castle
Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: You should also be in Lloret de Mar for sightseeing!

With a destination that has everything, you may not immediately think of Lloret de Mar. Many people have at Lloret de Mar the distorted image of crowded beaches, partying young people and going out, going out and going out again, and there is nothing more! I will certainly not deny that Lloret de Mar is an ultimate destination for anyone who is looking for it! Because yes, Lloret has everything partying youngsters could wish for! However, he realizes that this is only a small part of Lloret de Mar, a part that mainly takes place around the center and is magnified in the Media because it offers the most sensation!

However, most of Lloret de Mar is another world. A world that also offers space for all other imaginable target groups! I would also like to show you this world of Lloret de Mar, together with what Lloret is known for: going out and partying. So would you like to know why? Lloret de Mar is a destination that really has it all? Then read the Top 10 of Lloret de Mar below, and discover everything Lloret de Mar has to offer!

The Top 10 From Lloret de Mar!

1.    Going out until the wee hours

Of course, the ultimate nightlife should not be missing in this Top 10 of Lloret de Mar! With no fewer than 300 nightlife venues, Lloret de Mar is, compared to any other seaside resort, absolutely world-class. The offer of Nightlife in Lloret de Mar is so huge that there is one for every wish and taste bar, beach tent, club or disco can be found. In fact, when it comes to nightlife in Lloret de Mar, you could go on 24/7!

The great thing about Lloret de Mar is that when it comes to going out, they don't just offer the standard nightlife package of bars, clubs and discos. This is how you also have special ones in Lloret de Mar pool parties, private beach parties or really party boats where you can have a party on the Mediterranean! For an unparalleled nightlife holiday you really have to go to Lloret de Mar!

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2. A beautiful palm tree boulevard and cozy center

Boulevard of Lloret de Mar
Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: The beautiful palm tree boulevard!

One of the things I always look for when I book a beach holiday is whether there is also a pleasant boulevard along the beach where I can, at the very least, go for a tasty snack or drink, quickly score some beach stuff or ' can take a nice walk along the coast in the evening. The ideal picture I have in mind is exactly what Lloret has to offer. Along the large main beach of Lloret de Mar runs a beautiful kilometre-long palm tree-lined boulevard, with countless bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and kiosks, but also a nice playground for children, bus stops, ATMs and a ticket point for excursions and cruises.

You can read more information about this beautiful boulevard here!

In addition to a palm boulevard, another important aspect for me is that there is a pleasant center. Well, in the bustling center of Lloret de Mar there is something going on 24/7. You can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants, relax in the many pubs, go out until the early hours in the clubs, stroll around, shopping, sightseeing, visit the weekly market or participate in endless activities.  

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3. Gastronomic enjoyment in Lloret de Mar

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: Culinary enjoyment!

Along the breathtaking coast in a romantic beach tent, or in a cozy bistro in the center or one of the other districts of Lloret de Mar, you will find endless possibilities to enjoy the excellent Spanish cuisine. Enjoy a richly filled seafood, a tasty paella or one of the others typical Spanish or Catalan dishes, along with a tropical cocktail or Spanish Sangria!

However, Lloret de Mar would not be Lloret de Mar if it also has an enormous diversity in gastronomy. So if you are not so fond of fish dishes or Spanish cuisine, then there are of course also many other options in Lloret de Mar: Discover here the 12 best restaurant in Lloret de Mar!

4. The breathtaking beaches and sea

Located on the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean and with a coastline for miles, it will not surprise you that in Lloret de Mar you beautiful sandy beaches. The large tourist beach Playa de Lloret can of course be found near the center of Lloret, but between the rocky coast there are also many small bays and quiet beaches, sometimes only accessible from the water. These beautiful beaches are breathtaking and a lot quieter than the large main beach of Lloret. Highly recommended are the blue flag beaches Playa Fenals, Cala Boadella and Santa Cristina.

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5. The beautiful nature

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: The Botanical Gardens of Santa Clotilde

The beautiful nature is certainly one of the aspects that should certainly not be missed in the Top 10 of Lloret de Mar. What many people do not know is that Lloret de Mar has a special maritime environment with surprising landscapes. Here you will find rolling hilltops filled with pine trees and rocky coastal paths with breathtaking hidden beaches, packed with an unprecedentedly beautiful flora, fauna and history. There are also several walking and cycling routes to these areas that you really shouldn't miss!

If you go to Lloret de Mar, then it is definitely recommended to visit the surrounding area natural beauty, the Botanic Gardens, the hidden bays and for the beautiful underwater world to discover. The nice thing is that you can do this in Lloret de Mar in many ways: on foot, by bike, by car or boat, but also with the Quad, nordic walking, mountain biking or horseback riding are possible!

More information about all the beautiful nature in Lloret de Mar can be found here: Top 12 natural places in Lloret de Mar.

6. Sights & Landmarks

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: Castell de Sant Joan in Lloret de Mar

Before tourists see the beauty bays of Lloret de Mar discovered, Lloret de Mar was a small fishing village mainly driven by sea trade. In 1778, King Charles III of Spain issued the decree of free trade with the American colonies from. During this period large ships were built on the beaches of Lloret destined for America, after which many inhabitants left for America in search of the great fortune. This group is today, with still many monuments and buildings, commemorated as the 'Indianos' or 'Americanos'. However, the history of Lloret de Mar dates back much further than the 18th century…

In Lloret, for example, Iberian Archaeological Settlements of Puig de Castellet have been found from the 3rd and 4th century BC, éIn 966 Lloret was first found in historical records as “Loredo”. At this time, Lloret de Mar consisted of farmhouses in the interior, an old Romanesque church Sant Romà and the tower of Sant Joan. The history of Lloret de Mar thus, as far as is known, goes back to the 3th á 4th century BC. Today there are still in Lloret de Mar historical sites and traditions to behold from these striking periods in our history.

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7.    1001 Activities on land

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: Go Kart in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is the seaside resort of 1001 activities, which is why I make a distinction in this Top 10 of Lloret de Mar between activities on land and in (or on) the water, see below. As you have all been able to read, Lloret is the ultimate nightlife, sunbathing on the beach, shopping, culinary delights, sightseeing and a day of walking, hiking or cycling in nature. However, for young and old, there are plenty of other activities you can participate in, from wonderfully relaxing to nice game, and even when it rains there are possibilities.

So let's start by giving you an impression of the many activities that Lloret de Mar has to offer, because as said there is a successful activity for everyone in Lloret! How about a day for example wellness, bowling, Karaoke singing, Fishing, golf, Horse riding, cycling, mountain biking or a jeep safari? Or with the kids to Magic Park, Sould Park, Gnomo Park, Waterworld or Aventura? Not crazy enough? maybe Karting, Quadbike riding or Bungee Jumping then something more for you? The possibilities in Lloret de Mar are simply endless!

Find out more about the activities in Lloret de Mar here: What to do in Lloret de Mar? Top 22 Activities!

8. Water fun and boat trips

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: A relaxing day on the Catamaran!

As mentioned, in this Top 10 of Lloret de Mar, I have separated the water activities from the activities on land. After all, there are too many to list! So if you are a real water lover, and everything that has to do with on and in the water makes you happy, then Lloret de Mar is really the dream destination for you! Lloret de Mar is located on the sunny, warm and clean Mediterranean Sea and enjoys endless fun water activities!

Whether you want to go now swimming, snorkeling, diving, water skiing, kite surfing, fishingwakeboarding jet skiing or on a catamaran, boat, or a sailing trip want to make, in Lloret you can do it all and even more! Recommended are the Catamaran party boat, Glassbotom boat or a day out with Dofi Jets! Another real must when you are in Lloret de Mar is of course the water parks like Water World with no less than 20 spectacular water attractions! The possibilities in terms of water activities in Lloret de Mar are therefore unprecedented! If you are a water lover, you can rent a holiday home with a swimming pool in Lloret de Mar, for even more water fun!

Discover the 20 Best Water Activities in Lloret de Mar . here

9. Stay in Luxury and Comfort

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: Villa Amaluna in Lloret de Mar

Another wonderful aspect of Lloret de Mar are the endless possibilities of accommodation. For example, in Lloret de Mar you will find an abundance of beautiful hotels, campsites and apartments. However, they are the very affordable ones luxury holiday homes and villas with private pool that make a holiday in Lloret de Mar really special!

Because let's face it, who doesn't dream of staying in a luxury villa, with all the trimmings, in a lovely climate and a stone's throw from the sea! Relax at the private pool with sea view, enjoy peace and space and enjoy the evening BBQ'ing or on a order takeaway! The idea of a busy and festive Lloret de Mar will be gone in no time after such an experience!

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10. Barcelona and many other excursions

Top 10 of Lloret de Mar: A day trip to the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Finally, in this Top 10 of Lloret de Mar, a visit to the cosmopolitan metropolis Barcelona not missing. You will find Barcelona just 80 km from Lloret de Mar! Stroll over the Ramblas, admire the world famous Sagrada Familia, walk on Gaudi's Parc Güell, visit the stadium Camp Nou and discover all the beauty that this city has to offer! Do you want to know what you can do in Barcelona? Then take a look at “From Lloret de Mar to Barcelona Day Trip - Top 10”.

Besides Barcelona, there are of course many more unforgettable excursions that you can count among the highlights in Lloret de Mar. How about a day for example Blanes or the historical Tossa de Mar, a boat trip to the Medes Islands, right away helicopter or hot air balloon about the Costa Brava,, a jeep or quad safari through the mountains, a day at the monastery Montserrat or a typical Spanish evening with Flamenco show. This choice of excursions is huge! Do you want to know more about the great excursions you can make during your holiday in Lloret de Mar? Then take a look at: Top 12 Best Excursions in Lloret de Mar!


I hope that after reading this blog you have become convinced, just like me, that Lloret de Mar REALLY has EVERYTHING! There is something for everyone in every conceivable area! If your biggest fear is that you will find yourself among the partying young people, just go for a holiday home with a pool in the quiet part and seek out the crowds whenever you want.

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