What does a beer cost in Lloret de Mar?

Enjoy a beer in Lloret de Mar with your friends!

Lloret de Mar has been known for years as the ultimate party destination in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this beautiful seaside resort every year the Spanish Costa Brava On. Next to an vibrant nightlife Lloret de Mar simply has everything a holidaymaker could wish for: beautiful beaches, a breathtaking nature, 1001 activities, many monuments and see sights, a delicious climate and one for every taste and wish suitable accommodation. The great thing about Lloret de Mar is that, despite being a perfect sun destination, Lloret is also cheap. This brings us straight to one of the most important points… because what does a beer actually cost in Lloret de Mar?!

Read on below and discover what the costs are for a beer in Lloret de Mar, and where you can buy it the best and cheapest!

What does a beer cost in the nightlife of Lloret

As mentioned, Lloret de Mar has been the ultimate destination for a sun-drenched party holiday for years! And a real party holiday also includes a beer! It will therefore not surprise you that you can buy a beer almost everywhere in Lloret de Mar, and completely in the bustling center! However, the prices can be very different for the same beer, but also whether you go for a Spanish or imported beer!

In a cozy pub, beach bar or restaurant you pay for a domestic beer á 0.5l between € 2 and € 3. For an imported beer of 0.33l the costs are approximately € 2.5 to € 3, -. If you compare this with other popular beach resorts in the world, you will soon come to the conclusion that this very cheap is! However, in most pubs in Lloret they often have nice beer offers where you buy a beer for € 1, - or Happy Hour phenomenon, in which you 2 beers fetches for the price of 1! If you own one pub crawl through Lloret and you keep a close eye on the offers and happy hours, then you can undoubtedly have a night of cheap beer!

You drink the most expensive beer in Lloret de Mar the big clubs or discotheques. You have to take into account that you will soon pay € 4 for a beer. Just like in the bars and pubs, however, it is often the case here nice offers to be. For example, you often have offers that one or more drinks are included in the entrance price, one also knows here happy hour and go to Millennium disco then the drinks even all-inclusiveHowever, book your tickets in time to get in !!

Where can you find the cheapest beer in Lloret de Mar ?!

In the vibrant nightlife of Lloret de Mar you can, if you pay a little attention, drink a beer for a small amount. But even if you don't pay attention, the prices for a bustling seaside resort like Lloret de Mar are not insurmountable! But where can you find the cheapest beer in Lloret de Mar? Right, the supermarket! Obviously this is not as cozy as when you have a beer in Lloret de Mar in a cozy cafe, restaurants, beach tent or disco, but it is better for your wallet. Do you also stay with a group of friends or family in one apartment or luxury holiday home, with BBQ and private pool, then it remains to be seen which is cozier!   

Anyway, what do you actually pay for a beer in the supermarket? For this we also have to make a clear distinction whether you go for a local beer or an imported beer. So costs a domestic beer of 0.33 liters in the supermarket on average 0.70 cents, true an imported beer soon € 1,40 cost. Obviously they often have here too beer in advertising! A domestic beer is also just as tasty as an imported beer such as Heineken, Bavaria, Amstel or Grolsch! However, you just need to know which domestic beer is best for you! You can read more about this below!

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Best Spanish beers!

If you are going for a delicious, cheap, Spanish beer, it is of course important to know which Spanish beer in Lloret de Mar is best for you. For example, you will certainly not be able to ignore the beer from Estrella Damm during your holiday in Lloret de Mar! Estrella Damm is one of the largest beer breweries in Spain and its roots are in Barcelona. Estrella Damm is often referred to as 'the Heineken of Spain', although real Heineken enthusiasts dispute this.

If you are really a beer lover, it is definitely a must during your visit to Spain the beer brand Amber to try. For years, Amber's beer was voted the best beer in Spain during the World Beer Challenge. Other Spanish beers that are well worth checking out are highly rated by experts Estrella Galicia beer and of course San Miquel, the most exported Spanish beer! So be sure to taste a typical Spanish beer in Lloret de Mar during your holiday!


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