What to do in Lloret de Mar? Top 22 Activities!

What to do in Lloret de Mar - Lloret skyline
The beautiful skyline of Lloret de Mar.

What to do in Lloret de Mar? As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, Lloret de Mar has something for every type of holidaymaker. There are several beautiful beaches and, if you want, you can party day and night! However, Lloret de Mar has a lot to offer to its guests, due to its formidable location.  

Lloret de Mar lies along the wild and rugged coast of the Costa Brava, and surrounded by breathtaking nature full exceptional flora and fauna. In addition, Lloret also boasts of its rich history, dating back to the Middle Ages special structures. You go with you family on holiday? Lloret is also suitable for families thanks to the wonderful beaches, the many (water) parks, the cozy shops , good restaurants and nice playgrounds. It's definitely a wonderful destination.

Discover Lloret de Mar like never before with these 22 must-see activities.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar

Things to do in Lloret de Mar - Santa Cristina beach
Santa Cristina beach - voted as the most beautiful beach in Lloret by many

Lloret de Mar has some beautiful sandy beaches, in the center and outside the city, which are definitely worth it. The large tourist beaches can of course be found near the center, but between the rocky coast from the Costa Brava there are also many small bays and hidden beaches, sometimes only accessible by boat. Click here for 8 Beaches you can not miss in Lloret.

 1.1 Lloret de Mar beach

At the center, on the main boulevard, you will find the largest and busiest beach of Lloret de Mar, Lloret de Mar Beach. All facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, showers, etc. are available here. There are also plenty of bars for a snack, ice cream or refreshing drink. Do you prefer something more active? Then make a ride on a banana boat, pedalo or jet ski.

1.2 Fenals beach

This beautiful beach is separated by a piece of land with pine trees from the beach of Lloret de Mar. The nice thing about this beach is that it is is less touristy, and all facilities are there.

1.3 Santa Cristina beach

By many, the most beautiful beach in Lloret de Mar. This beach is a little far away from the center, but you can enjoy in peace the sun, the sea and surrounding nature. However, the beach has more limited facilities than the aforementioned beaches. Showers, lockers, umbrella rental and restaurant facilities are available.

1.4 Sa Caleta bay

Sa Caleta is a beautiful bay sith fishing boats in the sand, located at the foot of a hill with on top, Castell d'en Plaja. The bay located at the end of the boulevard of the city is one of the most special places of Lloret de Mar. Would you like to do snorkeling or diving? The clear turquoise water is perfect for this.

Discover the vibrant nightlife of Lloret de Mar.

Going out in Lloret de Mar.
Going out in Lloret de Mar, discover the Las Vegas of Europe!

 Lloret de Mar is known for its vibrant nightlife. Between May and September you can safely say that the party simply never stops here. Where the one bar, club or disco closes its doors, the next one opens its doors again! Lloret de Mar offers accommodation to the tens of thousands of tourists who visit the nightlife of Lloret de Mar every day. 300 entertainment places, which 20 are big discos.

In Lloret de Mar you will not only find night clubs, discos and cafes. In Lloret de Mar you can also choose a quiet night out. This way you can also enjoy a long evening dining in one of the many restaurants or visit one of the casinos.

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Discover the culture of Lloret de Mar

Who thinks that Sangria is the only thing Lloret de Mar has to offer as culture? This is definitely not true! This former fishing village, dating from the Middle Ages, has left behind, a beautiful cultural heritage. So do not forget to visit during your stay the following beautiful and historic sites: 

3.1 The castle of Sant Joan

The castle of Sant Joan (Castell de Sant Joan in Catalan) is located between Lloret de Mar and Platja de Fenals on a high cliff. The castle is more than worth it with its breathtaking view of the sea and the Mediterranean coastline. However, the castle is also a good way to explore the history of Lloret de Mar .

Thus the castle in the 11th century was built to protect the city from various attacks from the sea. The castle suffered in the centuries under very different wars, but a bombardment in the 19th century was the final blow. The castle fell into disrepair, causing most parts to decay into ruins. Only a few remains of the original fort, including the tower, can still be seen today. However, climbing the renovated round tower is a must because of the beautiful view over the Costa Brava !

3.2 Castell d'en Plaja

Things to do in Lloret de Mar
Castell d'en Plaja - Lloret de Mar.

The Castell d'en Plaja is located on the other side of Lloret de Mar and is often confused with the castle of Sant Joan. Although this castle looks like it carries centuries of history, it is actually commissioned by Narcís Plaja and built between 1930 and 1940. The beautiful Mediterranean building is privately owned, making it inaccessible to visitors. However, the walk around it is definitely worth it because of the beautiful view.

3.3 Dive into history with a visit to the Puig de Castellet Iberian Ruins

Puig de Castellet is an old settlement in a strategic position and played an important role during the Punic Wars. The 2300 years old ruins were excavated in 1943 and represent a great historical value. You can take a tour here to discover even more about the culture and history of Lloret de Mar.

Furthermore, this is also a great place to enjoy a panoramic view of Lloret and Blanes. The location is 200 meters above sea level.

3.4 The Sant Romà Church - A gem of modern art

What to do in Lloret de Mar -Sant Romà church 2

The Church of Sant Roma is without a doubt the building that represents Lloret de Mar best. Located in the center of the city, it was built in the XVIth century in a typical Catalan Gothic style. Thanks to its striking exterior, colorful mosaics on the roofs and turrets in a modernist style, Sant Roma is a real eye-catcher!

Despite the damage done during the Civil war you can still admire the unique and colorful decor of the church to this day. This way you can admire the altarpiece of a master altar builder. Created in the 1540s by Catalan painters and goldsmiths, it depicts various scenes of the life of Christ and the Saints.

3.5 The Santa Clotilde gardens

The Santa Clotilde gardens have a spectacular location on a cliff and enjoy a beautiful view over the sea and the Costa Brava. These beautiful gardens are next to Fenals beach and are almost 100 years old. This romantic garden, in old style with Italian inspiration, is considered one of the most beautiful historical Mediterranean gardens in Europe. In addition to the breathtaking view, you can enjoy fountains, lagoons, marble sculptures and exotic trees and flowers here.

Or take a look at the others excursions you can do from Lloret de Mar!

Santa Clotilde gardens in Lloret de Mar.

4. An amusement park, water park, adventure park or go-kart track? Lloret de Mar has it all!

Are you going on a vacation with your kids? Lloret is, thanks to its many possibilities, a wonderful holiday destination! This way you can plan a day with the family to the active outdoor park Gnomo World (perfect for children under 12 years old), visit water park Water World, go on an adventure to the Aventura Park or experience the speed on the go-kart track. The children will definitly not be bored for a minute!

4.1 Gnomo World

Gnomo Park (good for children up to 12 years old) is located south of Lloret de Mar, in the middle of a Mediterranean pine forest. This makes it the perfect environment for an amusement park where gnomes are the main attraction. In this active outdoor park, the children will have a great time thanks to the many possibilities. You can play mini golf here, there are various climbing areas, interactive game rooms, playgrounds with a ball pit, bowling lanes, craft workshops and adventure tours.

4.2 Water World

Whether you go on holiday with your kids or just want to get away with a group of friends, your holiday in Lloret is only complete with a visit to Water World. This water park in Lloret de Mar is one of the largest water parks in Europe and therefore has great slides, white water slides and a wide range of swimming pools. It is the perfect way to cool down and to change from a typical day at the beach.

In addition to the great water slides the park also has many facilities. You have many restaurants, snacks and picnic areas here. There is also a lounger rental service and lockers where you can keep your belongings.

4.3 Aventura Park

The Aventura Park, at the south of Lloret de Mar, is a multi-sport natural park with special outdoor activities where you come into contact with nature and trees, while at the same time getting an adrenaline boost. You move here through different circuits formed by wooden platforms, zip lines, nets, rope and suspension bridges, balance trunks and many more fun challenges. The park is suitable for everyone, from young children of 3 years old to adults.

4.4 Karting

Among all the activities offered in Lloret de Mar,Karting is an activity where groups of friends and families will enjoy. Sensation is guaranteed with karts reaching 85 km / h on a track of more than 600 meters.Young children can also go karting, thanks to the karts specially designed for them. Those who do not want to participate in the race can wait on the terrace with a cup of coffee.

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5. Enjoy the water with one of the many water sports

Do you like water activities? Then you have a lot of choice in Lloret de Mar. So you can here in high season many boat trips but also many water sports. Lloret beach has a large water sports center where you can, among other things, go kayaking, snorkeling, diving or SUP (Stand Up Paddle).

5.1 Snorkeling

What to do in Lloret de Mar - snorkeling

With 7 km of coastline and heavenly beaches, Lloret de Mar the perfect environment to snorkeling. Theamazing bays and rocky sea beds are rich in lush flora and fauna that you can easily contemplate. Some agencies also offer excursions: they take you by boat to the area you are about to discover and with the help of a guide you can explore the underwater world from the water's surface.

5.2 Scuba diving

Lloret de Mar enjoys a wonderful location for diving. In addition to the pleasant water temperature (around 24 ° in summer and between 11 and 16 ° in winter), you will find many dive sites. The depth and the flora and fauna differ from every dive spot. Whether you are a novice or experienced diver, the underwater treasures of Lloret will amaze you!

5.3 Jet skiing

With a coastline of more than 7 km Lloret de Mar is a particularly suitable place for jet skiing. In Lloret you can practice this beautiful water sport in two ways: on a marked 2km long speed circuit opposite the great beach of Lloret or as an excursion to discover the beautiful surroundings. Read more about this Jet ski in Lloret de Mar!

Source: Club Villamar

5.4 Parasailing

Parasailing is a mix of paragliding, kite surfing and water skiing. You can do this alone or in pairs. When parasailing you are tied to a sail and pulled from a platform by a boat. Because you rise to a height of about 150 meters it will look like you're flying over the sea! Parasailing will give adventurous travelers in Lloret de Mar an experience they will never forget.

5.5… and much more…

Lloret de Mar has endless water activities you can do to have a great time with your friends or family! Because in addition to the options already mentioned, much more is possible in Lloret. So you can do several catamaran, boat and sailing trips but also water skiing, kite surfing, SUP and wakeboarding. On the large beaches there are also the options to rent a pedalo , to join the banana boat, the ski bus and flying fish.

6. Take a trip through breathtaking nature

What to do in Lloret de Mar - nature

Far from the crowds from the beaches and the city center you can enjoy the beautiful nature that Lloret de Mar has to offer. For example, there are many marked trails through pine forests, along the coastal strip and through interesting historical sites. So why not make the most of your holiday in Lloret de Mar by staying fit with a solid wchange, bicycle tour golf or Nordic walking?! However, don't forget to be well rested before you leave. For example, the sun on the Costa Brava can be very strong: so don't leave without water, sunscreen, a headgear and possibly. a repair kit for your bike!

6.1 Nordic walking

With 27 km² of forests and an exceptional natural environment, Lloret de Mar is a perfect place for Nordic walking. The city has a Nordic walking center and features various facilities around this sports activity. In addition to the weekly excursions organized during the summer months, you can also rent equipment, take lessons with qualified trainers or simply practice your favorite sport with a group.

6.2 Cycling

Lloret de Mar offers a beautiful environment for cycling and mountain biking. Whether on the trails that run along the Mediterranean or inland, there is something for everyone! In addition, Lloret de Mar is part of the Selva Mountain Biking Center. There are marked routes in all kinds of different difficulty levels. Therefore, always make sure you know how long and how difficult the cycling route is. The Catalan interior is very mountainous and requires to be in a good shape and experience!

6.3 To walk

Things to do in Lloret de Mar - Caminos de Ronda
Enjoy a beautiful walk on the Caminos de Ronda

Do you like taking walks through nature? Lloret de Mar is also very suitable for this. The great thing about the Costa Brava is that there are beautiful rugged mountains and cliffs . It is a coast with many forests, so you can enjoy a walk through a forest full of pine trees. Do you prefer to walk along the coast? There are also coastal paths from Lloret de Mar, for example you can walk from Lloret de Mar through the coast in 3 hours to Tossa de Mar. Maybe that's the cheapest activity in Lloret!

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