Holiday in Lloret de Mar 2022- 21 Tips!

Holidays in Lloret de Mar - Lloret skyline

Lloret de Mar, located on the Spanish Costa Brava, has been the ultimate holiday destination for young people for years, but also for holidaymakers who want to get the most out of their holiday! Sunny temperatures, pearl white sandy beaches, a palm-lined boulevard full of people dressed in summer, 1001 activities and a paradise for everyone who likes to go out. In addition, during your Lloret de Mar holiday you can also enjoy culture, nature and shop! So are you thinking of one holiday in Lloret de Mar in 2021. Be sure to read these in total 21 tips to experience the ultimate and perfect holiday in Lloret de Mar..

First of all 10 Tips to start your holiday in Lloret de Mar without any problems!

For a unforgettable holiday in Lloret de Mar. besides knowing where to go in Lloret de Mar, it is also important to arrange some important things before departure. This will prevent your “unforgettable” holiday from falling into the water before you even leave. Below, with the 21 Tips , I will therefore not only tell you what you should do during your holiday in Lloret de Mar, but also what you must arrange in advance.

1. Choose the accommodation that best suits your holiday in Lloret de Mar?

You are ready to go on holiday? However, a few things still need to be arranged before that happens. You must find suitable accommodation, one that suits your needs! However, the choice in terms of accommodations in Lloret de Mar is wide. So you can choose a tent or caravan on one camping, stay in one hotel, or a holiday in a luxury holiday home or villa.

Holiday in Lloret de Mar at Villa Nayara
Source: Club Villamar - Holidays in Lloret de Mar at Villa Nayara

At the camping

In Lloret and surroundings you will find countless family and youth campsites, criss-cross, from small to large and from low-budget to luxury. In general, these campsites are at some distance from the center of Lloret, mostly in the area of Lloret de Mar. For a visit to the nightlife or any of the other activities in Lloret, you must use the car, bus or taxi.

Of course you will experience a wonderful feeling of freedom at a campsite, but it is important to know before booking what type of client is at the campsite. This way you avoid sitting among the young partygoers with your family, but also as a partygoer to sit between the families with small children. No matter how cozy a campsite is, you always have to take into account noisiness!


The range of hotels in Lloret de Mar is huge, both in and just outside the entertainment center of Lloret de Mar there are plenty of options. You have small hotels based on accommodation, but also large luxury hotels by the sea with several swimming pools and an all-inclusive concept. Despite the major differences, all these hotels have one thing in common, in the high season they are almost all turned into party areas for large groups of young people.

So it is important to take this into account at this time of year, especially if you are traveling with a young family or looking for some rest, that this is hard to find in the hotels in Lloret de Mar. Of course the are exceptions! But here you also need to be well informed in advance about the type of client is in the hotel at this moment, for this you can also use Trustpilot.

Luxury Holiday Home or Villa in Lloret

This option is perhaps the best for all target groups in 2021. Your own luxury holiday home or villa in Lloret de Mar.. And the great thing is that, contrary to popular belief, this is a very affordable option! You will find the holiday homes and villas in Lloret de Mar in the center of Lloret de Mar or near by.There is all kind of villas with different styles and sizes in the most idyllic locations. You will be able to stay in one location with the entire family or group of friends but always having all the rest and space to do what you want!

Holiday in Lloret de Mar at Villa Cobra
Source: Club Villamar - Holidays in Lloret de Mar at Villa Cobra

Most holiday homes in Lloret de Mar, besides being equipped with all the luxury and comfort of home, they also have a private pool and lovely outdoor area ! Of course it is important to take a closer look at where exactly your holiday home is located in Lloret de Mar. This way you avoid being very far away from the activities, going out, beach, restaurants etc, for which you are on holiday in Lloret de Mar.

2. Book your holiday in Lloret de Mar with a reliable travel company

Holiday in Lloret de Mar - book a trip

Have you made your accommodation choice? Then it is now time to start looking after a good reliable organization. Don't be blinded by beautiful house photos and low prices. Take a look at the website and its presentation, but also whether the provider is affiliated with, for example, Trustpilot. Here you will find reviews from hundreds of independent travelers about the company, but also about the holiday home, hotel or camping.

Finally, it is also important to take a look at the conditions:

  • For example, how much % do you have to pay and when do you have to pay the remaining amount?
  • What payment options are there: PayPal, Ideal, Bank transfer, CreditCard?
  • Are there certain guarantees: 110% satisfaction or lowest price guarantee?
  • Which services are offered? For example, is there someone on site? Where can you collect the key? How much deposit do you have to pay? Can you go to someone if something happens unexpectedly, before, after or during the holidays?

3. Arrange the booking but also the payment for your holiday in Lloret de Mar in time

The sooner you book your holiday in Lloret de Mar, the bigger and cheaper the offer will be. So be there on time. However, it is also important to check the final and final payment of your holiday in Lloret de Mar. to be arranged in time. After all, it would be a pity that you still miss your dream holiday. So put the dates of payment on your agenda, and inform yourself if you have not heard anything before these dates!

4. Check if you receive the booking confirmation and additional information?

You will receive the booking confirmation before departure and after payment. Check if all data is correct, but also what time you can check in, where you have to pick up your key and how, if the deposit must be paid. For a late check-in or at a specific time, please notify us in time!

5. Make sure your travel documents are in order

Check well before departure if your passport or ID card is still valid! If not, request it in time! In the high season, municipalities often have to deal with backlogs, so you sometimes have to wait for a month for a new passport or ID card!

6. Decide how you want to get to the destination

On holiday in Lloret de Mar by plane, or would you rather go by bus, train or car?

When you go on holiday in Lloret de Mar, it is of course also important to think about how you will get there. So you can choose the car, the plane, the bus, but also travel by train. If you choose the plane, bus or train, make sure you arrange your tickets in time! More about flying to Lloret can be found here. The earlier you book, the lower the prices are generally! If you travel by car, then take toll roads into account along the way. Also make sure you have some cash for the toll roads with you.

Once you have arrived at your destination, if you do not travel with your own car, you may also need a transfer to go to and from your accommodation. So don't forget to rent a car or arrange a transfer on your arrival and departure days. If you travel by car, have it checked at the garage before departure. After all, the last thing you want is to stay on the road during your holiday in Lloret de Mar.

7. Make a list of what you want to take with you

If you go on holiday in Lloret de Mar by car, you can of course carry more than if you travel by plane, train or bus. Therefore, make a list of things you really want to take with you. Think not only of clothes, toiletries and your passport, but also the necessary things for the road to make the trip run smoothly! Toys and Tablet for the children, food & drinks, Oil and coolant for the car. And only cross it off if you really have it all with you ;-).

Your holiday in Lloret de Mar starts really perfect when the children are satisfied!

In addition to the standard suitcase list or the to-do-list for the road, it is also advisable to note the things that you really do NOT may forget to pack. Exactly those things that are not easy to buy on holiday in Lloret de Mar. Think, for example, of your phone and charger, medication, photo camera, passports, travel documents and debit card. Just a moment for a short checklist, which you can check just before you leave.

8. Check your travel insurance, or take out one before you leave!

With travel insurance you are insured for your luggage, medical costs, emergency assistance and SOS costs and repatriation. Taking out travel insurance also ensures that you can get help from experts 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. This way you can enjoy a carefree holiday in Lloret de Mar!

9. Cash, debit card and Credit Card

Fortunately, in Lloret de Mar you do not have to worry about the possibilities in terms of pins, because in Lloret there are enough banks and ATMs. However, it is important that you do not forget to take them with you. If you travel by car, make sure you have the debit card, Credit Card or cash on hand to pay the toll. If you book a holiday home, and you must pay the deposit on site, make sure you already have it with you. This prevents you from first having to look for a bank.

It is not entirely unimportant that there is a withdrawal limit abroad. Many banks use in this that you can pay cash at most EUR 500 per day and can pay up to EUR 2,500 at stores. So check this with your bank before you travel!

10. Keep your travel documents at hand!

When traveling to Lloret de Mar, make sure you always have your travel documents and directions with address details at your fingertips. This way you not only know for sure that you have these with you on departure, but you also do not have to put your whole suitcase upside down if you are asked to do so. It can also be easy if you need it to call on the way that you arrive a little earlier or later, or have lost your way.

Your holiday in Lloret de Mar can finally begin!

holiday in Lloret de Mar - Playa Lloret de Mar.

With this first checklist you can start your holiday in Lloret de Mar. The first step for an unforgettable holiday has been taken! Now it is important to know what you can do at your destination or what you have to take into account

11 tips for an unforgettable holiday in Lloret de Mar

After a long journey you have arrived at your destination, now it is time to collect the keys or check in at the reception. Once at your holiday destination, the well-known question arises, like this what are we going to do first? Below you will find the Top 12 tips to complete your holiday in Lloret de Mar.!

1. Take a refreshing dip in the pool

Once you arrive at the destination, nothing is more pleasant than changing clothes, sweaty from the trip, for a swimsuit or bikini. So if you have booked an accommodation with a swimming pool or one villa with private pool, take a lovely refreshing dip in the pool! Look here for the most beautiful villas in Lloret!

2. Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in an authentic Spanish restaurant

During your holiday in Lloret you must of course taste the real Spanish Paella!

After arrival in an apartment or holiday home, the refrigerator is usually not yet provided with products for a delicious meal. You also often do not feel like going into a supermarket, let alone cooking extensive food. So this is an excellent opportunity to start your holiday in Lloret de Mar right away with the excellent one Spanish cuisine. Enjoy the Tapas, Paella and Churros and wash it away with a delicious Cava or Sangria! That is just a tasty start to your holiday in Lloret de Mar!

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar, visit the pearly white beaches

Lloret de Mar beach - on the Map
The 8 beaches of Lloret de Mar

Lloret has a whopping 8 beautiful sandy beaches which are definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Lloret de Mar. The major tourist beaches, Playa de Lloret and Playa Fenals, you will of course find it near the center, but between the rocky coast of the Costa Brava there are also numerous small bays and medium-sized beaches, some of which are only accessible from the water. All information about these 8 beautiful beaches in Lloret can be found here “8 Beaches not to be missed in Lloret de Mar.“,

4. Take a beautiful walk through nature

Another wonderful relaxing activity during your holiday in Lloret de Mar is making one walk through nature. The beautiful Costa Brava, with its rugged, wooded, rocks and cliffs is perfect for this. Enjoy a nice walk through the immense pine forests or take a breathtaking walk along the coastal paths to Tossa de Mar or go golf.

5. Go mountain biking or cycling through the mountains

Holiday in Lloret de Mar - mountain biking

In addition to walking, Lloret de Mar is also a mecca for its forest and hilly surroundings cyclists and mountain biking. Whether on the trails that run along the Mediterranean or inland, there is something for everyone! Lloret de Mar is also part of the Selva Mountain Biking Center. Which means that there are several marked routes in different levels of difficulty. Please inquire in advance after the degree of difficulty of the tour you want to make, the Catalan interior requires a good condition and experience due to its mountainous landscape!

Sightseeing in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar has traditionally been a fishing village, but its culture dates back to the Middle Ages. This has ensured that Lloret de Mar is a beautiful cultural heritage possession. During your holiday in Lloret it is definitely worth visiting this one beautiful historical sites:

Sant Joan and Castell d'en Plaja

Lloret de Mar has 2 castles, the castle of Sant Joan and Castell d'en Plaja. However, only the castle of Sant Joan actually dates from the Middle Ages. The castle is a perfect way to discover the history of Lloret de Mar, and the recently renovated tower also offers a breathtaking view over the Costa Brava. Castell d'en Plaja is located on the other side of Lloret de Mar and, despite its medieval look, was built between 1930 and 1940 by order of Narcís Plaja. Castell d'en Plaja is not open to visitors, but the walk around it is well worth it.

Puig de Castellet - beautiful Iberian ruins

Puig de Castellet is an old settlement that played an important role during the Punic Wars. The 2300 years old ruins were excavated in 1943 and are of great historical value. You can take a tour here to discover even more about the culture and history of Lloret de Mar, but also enjoy a beautiful view.

On churches and chapel tour through Lloret de Mar

In the center of the Lloret de Mar you can find many churches and chapels in addition to countless bars and discotheques. The most important are the mosaic decorated Esglesia Paroquia de Sant Roma, the Ermita de Sant Quirze, the Suntuari de Sant Pere del Bosc and the Oratori de la Mare de Deu de Gracia. To all these beautiful churches and chapels you can plan a beautiful walking route through Lloret de Mar.

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar, visit the Santa Roma church

7. Visit one of the theme parks

Are you going on holiday in Lloret de Mar with children up to 12 years old? Then plan a wonderful family day at the active open air park Gnomo World. Be transported by the magical leprechaun world and play a game of mini golf, scramble through climbing areas, dive into the ball pit or participate in the craft workshops. Other fun activities, for young and old, are of course the popular water park Water World with countless slides, the adventurous climbing forest Aventura Park or the go-kart track.

8. Visit the vibrant nightlife

Lloret de Mar by night!

 Lloret de Mar is known for its vibrant nightlife and, thanks to its millions of lights at night, it is also known as the Las Vegas of Europe. The party in Lloret continues 24/7, where one bar, club or disco closes its doors, opens the next. Lloret de Mar has therefore 300 entertainment places, which 20 big discos. If you want to know everything about going out in Lloret de Mar, take a look at Nightlife in Lloret de Mar: Top 10 Best Bars, Clubs and Discos!

9. Go for a day of water sports

Do you like water activities? Even then you have many options during your holiday in Lloret de Mar. So you can here various boat trips make but also one range of water sports practicing. Wait, for example, you thought of a trip on a one catamaran or a luxury sailing boat, but also a trip on the pirate boat or boat with glass bottom is one of the possibilities.

Playa de Lloret has a large water sports center where you can, among other things do sea kayaking, snorkeling, diving or SUP (Stand Up Paddle), but also water skiing, kite surfing, jet skiing and wakeboarding is one of the many possibilities. Finally, you can of course also rent a pedal boat on the large beaches, go on the banana boat, the ski bus or flying fish.

Of course you can also go to water park Waterworld!

10. Plan a wonderful shopping afternoon

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar you can also go shopping for a day. With several shopping centers, different designer shops, a range of small boutiques & souvenir shops, a local market, a beautiful boulevard and a beautiful market, you can fully indulge yourself here in terms of shopping. And in July and August it is also summersale, with discounts up to 70%. So if you want to know everything about: shopping in Lloret de Mar shopping, opening hours and special festivities, read Lloret de Mar Shopping - For the Best Shopping Experience !!

11. Plan an excursion after nearby Barcelona

During your vacation to Lloret de Mar you can visit the cosmopolitan metropolis Barcelona, at only 80 km from Lloret, not to be missed on your bucket list! Discover the beautiful history, walk on the Ramblas, visit Campnou and enjoy a delicious dinner on the beach. During your holiday in Lloret de Mar, Barcelona is the icing on the already perfect cake!

Your perfect holiday in Lloret 2021 can start now, if you want to know more about the endless activities in Lloret, take a look at "Our 22 Top Activities in Lloret de Mar ”. and the Highlights in Lloret de Mar

Looking for a nice excursion from Lloret de Mar? Take a quick look here!

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