Lloret de Mar or Benidorm? What are the differences?

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm? Do you see the difference?
Lloret de Mar or Benidorm? Do you see the difference?

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm? Now that's a really hard choice! Or maybe not at all! Both seaside resorts really have everything you could wish for as a tourist! Beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature, endless activities and sightseeing options, not to mention a vibrant nightlife. The difference in these places is therefore not so much in everything you can do there, but rather in the type of accommodations available, the way in which you can get there and the Costas where the beach resorts are located.

Do you want to make a well-considered choice between Lloret de Mar or Benidorm, please read on. Here you will discover everything you need to know about the differences between these exciting seaside resorts!

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm – The differences at a glance

 Lloret de MarBenidorm
Costa Costa Brava, Costa Blanca
Population +/- 38.000 +/- 67.000
Surface48km238.5 km2
Beaches8 beautiful beaches4 beautiful beaches
Discotheques > 20 discos/clubs  > 20 discos/clubs 
PricesBoth in terms of food and drink as accommodations, Lloret de Mar is accessible for every budget! This is how you buy a menu del día (3-course menu) from € 10 pp and you already rent from € 7,- pppd a holiday villa!Due to the wide range of accommodations and entertainment options, the prices in Benidorm are also very affordable and accessible for every budget. You can compare the prices with those of Lloret de Mar  
High season target groupIn the center of Lloret de Mar In the high season many young people and/or partying holidaymakers stay. Outside the party center, in the beautiful hilly area and near the quiet beaches, is Lloret in high season but also very popular with families who are looking for sun, sea, beach and privacy.The new district of Benidorm near Platja de Llevant is a mecca for partying young people in high season, thanks to the many nightlife options. However, if you book a holiday in the old town, at Playa de Poniente, you will see a much quieter side of Benidorm, which is also very popular with families and couples.
Target group early and late seasonMost big bars, party bars and discos in Lloret are open from mid-May to mid-September, with peaks in July and August. Before or after this period you will therefore encounter few real party goers. So if you want to enjoy a wonderfully peaceful stay in Lloret de Mar, with pleasant temperatures, this is the perfect time to visit Lloret! There is also a party in Benidorm in the early and late season. Most of Benidorm's accommodations, bars and beaches are open all year round. The only difference with the high season is the target group. In the early and late season Benidorm is mainly filled with winter visitors and retirees. You can think of the TV program “Benidorm Bastard”!
climateMarine and Mediterranean climate.Marine and Mediterranean climate.
Lloret de Mar or Benidorm: Spot the differences!

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm?! The differences!

Hmmm…is this Lloret de Mar or Benidorm?

Similarities between these two beautiful seaside resorts are not that hard to find, because they are in abundance. So they both have beautiful beaches, infinite many entertainment venues, 1001 activities, a breathtaking nature and a sunny climate. As a tourist, both young and old, you will not be bored for a moment in both seaside resorts! But what are the differences between the two seaside resorts? The differences can help you make a well-considered choice which seaside resort suits you best!

The very first difference is natural the Costa where the resort is located. Is this important? Yes, if you consider that the temperatures on the Costas in the early or late season do differ slightly, and this can influence your choice depending on when you travel. Another important point is that one Costa is easier to reach by car than the other, so your travel options are greater. Finally, the type of accommodation in which you can stay also plays an important role.

If you want to know more about these differences, read on below!

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm or Costa Brava or Costa Blanca

tourism in Lloret de Mar - on the Costa Brava
Costa Brava,

The Costa Brava is a 200 km long coastal strip on the Mediterranean Sea that starts in the northeast of Spain, on the French border at Portbou, and that continues all the way to Blanes. The Costa Brava is therefore actually the first Costa you encounter when you enter Spain by car and is known for its rocky coastline with breathtaking nature, hidden coves and extensive beaches. On the Costa Brava you will find the cosmopolitan resort of Lloret de Mar! The city that never sleeps and where there really is more than enough entertainment for everyone! Hot spot: Visit vibrant and historic Barcelona!

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Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca can be found in the southeast of Spain, located between the towns of Denia and Pilar de la Horadada, and is located about 600 kilometers beyond Lloret de Mar. The Costa Blanca has a coastal length of 244 kilometers with a total of no less than 74 sandy beaches. Just like the Costa Brava, the Costa Blanca (the White Coast) also has breathtaking nature, endless possibilities and countless picturesque villages & towns, including bustling Benidorm. Benidorm, the city with unprecedented opportunities for young and old, all year round! Hot spots: Visit beautiful and historic Alicante!

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Lloret de Mar or Benidorm– Climate difference?

Lloret de Mar is located on the Costa Brava. The Costa Brava has a pleasant maritime climate. This means that from the end of April the temperatures here quickly reach 20 degrees. Ideal for a long walk on the beach, but also for sightseeing. In July and August the temperatures in Lloret quickly reach 30 degrees, which is of course perfect for the sun, sea and beach lovers. If you go to Lloret in September or October, you will still enjoy temperatures between 20-25 degrees! Please note: in the winter months you have to take into account a maximum temperature of 13 to 14 degrees in Lloret de Mar!

Find out more about the climate in Lloret de Mar here: Climate in Lloret de Mar: Mild Winters and Warm Summers

Just like the Costa Brava, the Costa Blanca, where you will find Benidorm, also has a pleasant maritime climate! However, because Benidorm is just a little further in Spain, and moreover nestled between two bays, the temperatures in Benidorm in the early and late season are slightly warmer than Lloret. From the end of April, the temperatures in Benidorm are already around 24 degrees, increasing to 31 degrees in July and August and in September and October you can enjoy temperatures between 24-29 degrees. Right away maximum temperature of 17 degrees in the winter months Benidorm is also very popular with winter visitors!

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm – Travel options!

By car to Lloret de Mar - landscape en route#1

Both destinations are of course easily accessible by plane. You will find two airports a short distance from Lloret de Mar: Girona and Barcelona el Prat. Girona is the closest with a 25-minute drive! The same can be said of Benidorm, although the airports are of course different. If you go to Benidorm you can fly to both Alicante as Valencia, Alicante being the closest with a 40 minute drive. The downside to the plane, despite being the fastest travel option, is that you often can't take everything you want with you. In this case, the car could offer a solution, or not?

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Lloret de Mar is located in the northeast of Spain, about 1400 kilometers from Utrecht. You can drive through Lloret de Mar within a day by car, perhaps with an overnight stay. Benidorm on the other hand lies just under 600 kilometers further in Spain then Lloret de Mar, which makes a car trip a piece of swords. With 2000 kilometers from Utrecht you should in principle spend one or more days. In terms of location, Lloret de Mar is a lot more favorable if you want to go by car!

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Lloret de Mar or Benidorm: Which accommodation is right for you?

maybe Villa Rosanna in Lloret de Mar something for you?

As you have seen so far, there are only minor differences (the Costa, the climate and the travel options) between Lloret de Mar and Benidorm. The biggest difference, however, is in accommodations. Not only which accommodations are available, but also how they affect the appearance of the seaside resort. For example, a low-rise building along the coastline gives the city a completely different appearance than when the coastal strip is filled with large tower blocks. This is of course a matter of taste, but can certainly influence your choice! Below you will find everything you need to know about the accommodation that you will find in both resorts!

Lloret de Mar: Enjoy rustic holidays in a beautiful villa!

On which coast is Lloret de Mar?
On which coast is Lloret de Mar ... a very beautiful one!

As befits any good seaside resort, Lloret de Mar naturally has an abundance of campsites, hotels and apartment. Yet in Lloret de Mar there is not immediately a question of huge tower blocks along the coastline, at least not if you compare this with Benidorm. Lloret de Mar is also larger in area (48 km2) than Benidorm (38.5 km2), despite the fact that the population of Benidorm with 67,000 permanent residents is much higher than that of Lloret de Mar (38,000 inhabitants).

This “extra” space does not mean that there are more tourist accommodations in Lloret de Mar or that there are more tourists in Lloret than Benidorm in high season. Benidorm attracts many more visitors every year than Lloret! This extra space ensures that there is more room in Lloret de Mar for private holiday homes and villas with swimming pool. So if you would like to go on holiday to a sunny and warm place, and if an affordable holiday villa is just your thing, then you have come to the right place in Lloret!

You can in principle go to Lloret de Mar for any accommodation, but in terms of offer in terms of holiday houses and villas is the offer bigger than Benidorm! Would you like to know more about renting a villa in Lloret de Mar? Read also: Rent a holiday villa in Lloret in 10 steps!

Benidorm: Luxury apartment in the bustling center

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm
The Sky is the l

In contrast to Lloret de Mar, the number of affordable holiday homes and villas in Benidorm is much more limited than in Lloret de Mar. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't any holiday homes or villas are, but the offer is just different. In Benidorm, the sky really is the limit, and this is also apparent from the many large tower blocks, packed with apartments, that draw the skyline. Of course, this is not surprising when you consider that more people live on a smaller surface and more tourists are greeted every year. After all, these people all have to be accommodated somewhere.

Of course it is not the case that Benidorm only consists of skyscrapers. The really high complex buildings are mainly found in the new part of the city, where you will find the bustling nightlife area. However, if you come to the old and quieter part of Benidorm, the part that mainly attracts families, you will see that the "high-rise" is already a lot lower and you will also encounter some very nice villas!

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm – So what's the biggest difference?

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm? Both guarantee an unforgettable party!

Lloret de Mar or Benidorm? Two beautiful seaside resorts for young and old on the Spanish coast! In terms of nightlife, activities, center, boulevard and beaches, there is not really a big difference. Although Lloret de Mar has something more in terms of sights and history! The difference, besides the Costa difference, is in small things. The climate is slightly more pleasant in Benidorm, but Lloret de Mar on the other hand is not easier to travel to. Benidorm is touristy, but Lloret de Mar has more affordable holiday homes.

If you choose between these two seaside resorts, it will mainly be the accommodation that you have to convince. The same can be experienced and experienced in both seaside resorts! So do you already know what it will be…Lloret de Mar or Benidorm? But whatever your choice may be, Lloret de Mar or Benidorm, both places guarantee an unforgettable holiday!


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