Lloret de Mar and Corona 2022 – Experience a Corona-proof holiday!

Corona-Proof on Vacation? Discover Villa Brais in Lloret de Mar.

Last update: 7 Feb 2022

After a year full of limitations and restrictions (2021), it is only natural that your mouth waters at the thought of a sun-filled holiday! Dream away on the pearly white beach or at the pool, but also the idea of taking a simple terrace, expanded shopping and going out to eat makes the blood flow faster! However, this does not have to remain a dream! This, and perhaps even more in the summer months, is exactly what will be possible in Lloret de Mar in 2022!

In this blog I will tell you everything about the possibilities, during Covid-19, in Lloret de Mar. So read on and discover what you can expect from Lloret de Mar and Corona in 2022 and how to enjoy this carefree a well-deserved corona-proof vacation!

Covid-19 - A Global Pandemic!

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Since March 2020, our world has been turned upside down by the arrival of a pandemic called Covid-19! Everything that once seemed so normal seems to be just a dream today! Almost all countries in Europe are empowered by the government imposed restrictions and restrictions. Many shops and catering establishments are fully or partially closed, events and festivities have been canceled, family matters are limited to a maximum number of people and a curfew has become a reality! Still goes every country different to deal with the limitations arising from this pandemic and apply there everywhere other restrictions, also in Lloret de Mar, Spain.

Below you'll find all information about Lloret de Mar and Corona in 2020 and 2021, but also what it looks like for your vacation in 2022!

Lloret de Mar and Corona in 2020 and 2021!

Lloret de Mar and Corona - Keep 2 meters away!

Just like everywhere in the world, the restrictions and restrictions in Lloret de Mar have changed quite a bit over the past year. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic and due to the high number of infections that Spain had at the time, there were very strict restrictions. So were the borders will be closed until mid-2020 and mouth masks were made compulsory both inside and outside. It didn't stop here because the shops too, restaurants, terraces and discotheques had to close their doors and even the beaches were not always accessible everywhere.

Then in the summer months of 2020 the corona figures were spiraling down, the government decided to relax the measures somewhat. The borders opened up and the millions of national and international tourists were warmly welcomed in the opened hotels, campsites and holiday homes! Supermarkets, gas stations, drug stores and many others too shops were allowed to open, restaurants were allowed to run indoors at a capacity of 50% and the terraces even on 75%. Also the beaches, field trips and amusement parks were drawn up, although this was done with a limited number of visitor restrictions! Of course this all happened with due observance of the corona rules: Keep a distance of 2 meters and wear mouth masks.

Although “normal” is a broad concept the summer of 2020, unlike many other countries, the Spanish tourist anyway a wonderful relaxing holiday full of possibilities!

Lloret de Mar and Corona in 2021 - What are the expectations ?!

Lloret de Mar and Corona: Are you aware of all the restrictions of the holiday destination?

As you have just seen, the summer season in Lloret de Mar, despite the pandemic, is still reasonably within the limits of the “old normal”. Of course there are limitations, but there was also reason enough to enjoy a sun, sea and beach holiday “old-fashioned” in Spain. But what about 2021 actually? What is currently open, and perhaps more importantly ...what are the expectations for next summer?!

Lloret de Mar and Corona: All restrictions at a glance

Lloret de Mar and Corona - May 2021Corona regulations in Catalonia - May 2021  Expectation Summer 2022!
Distance in public areas  Yes, 2 meters (from 6 years)Idem
Mouth mask  Yes, It applies throughout Spain that, from the age of 6, wearing a mouth mask, inside and outside, is mandatory.Abolished (outside) as of June 24, 2021
Covid test requiredYes, Travelers from 6 years old who visit the Costa Brava by boat or plane must present a negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours). Does not apply to travelers entering the country by car. For the trip back to the Netherlands, a PCR test is mandatory from the age of 13. This must be a maximum of 24 hours old before flying. If you fly from a Dutch airport, you also need a health form to fill in.

Note: proof of vaccination, or previously been contaminated with Corona, is not yet a legitimate replacement, not the PCR test!

Relaxation due to COVID passport
Quarantine  Only with positive test result!Idem
Maximum number of people (outside)Max. 10 people outside of their own household may come togetherDitto or relaxation
Allowed to share an accommodation with people outside of your own household?  YesIdem
CurfewNon / a
Supermarkets and drug storesYes, openn / a
StoresYes, may be opened daily from 6am to 10pmn / a
RestaurantsYes, may be opened daily from 06:00 to 00:00 (max 10 people at a table)Relaxation
BarsYes, may be opened daily from 06:00 to 00:00 (groups of up to 10 people at a table)From 9 July indoor bars closed for 15 days, outdoor spaces until 3 a.m
Discotheques, clubsNightclubs and discotheques are closed in the Costa Brava. Relaxation, Tests are being done.
BeachesYes, the beaches are open. A maximum capacity may apply for this. In Lloret de mar, however, there is no 8 beaches to find a spot.Idem
Events (indoor and outdoor)Yes, both indoor and outdoor events are allowed, subject to corona rules. Depending on capacity, a maximum of 1000 people applies at indoor events and 3000 people at outdoor events.Idem
Public Transport & TaxisYes, available!Idem

Enjoy a well-deserved corona-proof holiday in Lloret de Mar!

Enjoy a Corona-proof holiday in Lloret de Mar - Villa Balcanes

So the expectations are too 2022 a fantastic summer is going to be in Spain! Despite some restrictions, there are still a lot of possibilities, and this will most likely only increase in the summer! So what's holding you back? If you are still unsure about the contamination risks or restrictions, you can also play it safe with a luxury holiday home or private villa to rent! If you rent a private villa with your friends, loved one, family or whole family, then you can enjoy your holiday in peace, space and privacy and you also have all the comforts of home at your fingertips.

This way you can relax at home, order food or BBQing and you are not dependent on the restaurants! If it is hot and the beaches are unexpectedly full, you just relax your own private pool. In the evenings you can have a drink or play games on the terrace until late at night, or just relax and watch a movie in your luxurious living room! A holiday home in Lloret de Mar is actually so complete that you don't even have to leave the site to enjoy it! Whatever the restrictions may be, in a holiday home in Lloret de Mar, you can ultimate enjoyment even during a corona pandemic and really leave all worries behind!

Tip: Are you going to Lloret de Mar with own transport then you don't depend on it public transport or traveling in crowded airplanes. This is not alone cheap, but that way you really have everything in your own hands!

Do you want to know what a holiday in a holiday villa in Lloret de Mar costs? Then read on quickly at: What does a holiday in Lloret de Mar cost? Discover it here!

What to watch out for when booking a Vacation during COVID-19

As indicated earlier, it is always important to take into account the imposed government restrictions. These can differ each time, so it is wise to keep a close eye on this before and during your trip! Before you book, however, it is also wise to inquire whether your travel sum, if you cannot arrive at your holiday villa due to the Corona restrictions, is guaranteed by means of a voucher or money back guarantee. In Spain, for example, if you cannot arrive at your holiday villa due to restrictions imposed by the SPANISH government, you are entitled to a voucher equal to the full amount paid!

Now it may be that you have no interest in vouchers but just want your money back. Practically all travel organizations work with vouchers.

So always check the travel provider's conditions regarding money back and vouchers when you book a holiday during Covid-19. After all, it is such a pleasure to book a holiday without running unnecessary risk!

More information about renting a villa in Lloret de Mar can be found here: Villa Rental in Lloret de Mar? Your Perfect Holiday Home In 10 Steps


You now know everything you need to know about Lloret de Mar and Corona in 2021: What restrictions there are, what to take into account and which accommodation offers the best options for a corona-proof holiday! Would you like to know more about how you can experience the ultimate holiday in Lloret de Mar, even during Corona? Then also read: 21 Tips for a TOP Holiday in Lloret de Mar!

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