17 Spanish Costas and on which coast is Lloret de Mar?

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The Spanish coast is almost 5000 kilometers long and divided into 17 beautiful Costas. 13 of these are on the Spanish east and south coast, on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, and 4 on the north coast on the Bay of Biscay and the and the Atlantic Ocean. The special thing is that every Spanish Costa is different, with its own nature, history and customs. But on which coast is Lloret de Mar. now actually?

Lloret de Mar is located on perhaps the most famous Spanish Costa: the Costa Brava! A Costa known for its rugged rock formations, pearly white beaches, typical Mediterranean vegetation and infinite possibilities! In this blog I will tell you exactly what you can expect from the Spanish Costa Brava, but also where exactly in Spain it is!

The 17 Spanish Costas

On which coast is Lloret de Mar located? Right! The Costa Brava!

As indicated, Spain has no fewer than 17 different Costas, which cover the entire coastline of Spain. The only break in the 5000 kilometers of coastline is the transition from France in the north and Portugal in the west. Despite the fact that all 17 Costas are beautiful and have their own charms, most tourists choose a holiday on the east or south coast of Spain, where the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca and Costa Blanca are without a doubt the most popular. Is this because these Costas are more beautiful than the others? No! This is partly because, thanks to an excellent infrastructure, these Costas sufficient accommodations and idyllic location nearby known places and caps, are geared towards receiving many tourists.

Take the Costa Brava, located just across the border from France on Spain's northern coast. You will find this beautiful Costa right in front when you enter Spain, making this Costa, of all other Costas, the easiest by car, bus or train. Thanks to excellent flight connections and with 2 airports in the vicinity, you can also easily reach the Costa Brava by plane. Add to that the fact that the Costa Brava also has one beautiful nature, pearly white beaches, rich history and idyllic cities & villages and you don't have to look any further!  

This is what has happened a lot and what makes the Costa Brava so popular among the millions of tourists who visit this coast every year. The beautiful seaside resorts in this area (such as Lloret de Mar, Platja d'Aro, Blanes, Roses, Tossa de Mar etc.), have been offering everything tourists could wish for since dawn, in addition to beautiful natural beauty, history and idealistic accommodations. The whole region revolves around tourism and the pleasure of tourists, which is also evident the enormous range of activities can be seen again! Of course this also applies to the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, these places are a lot further to reach by car!

On which coast is Lloret de Mar located? Right! On the Costa Brava!

On which coast is Lloret de Mar?
On which coast is Lloret de Mar ... a very beautiful one!

The Costa Brava is a no less than 200 kilometers long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea the community of Catalonia and starts in the northeast of Spain, on the French border, at Portbou and continues all the way to the picturesque seaside town Blanes. The Costa Brava gets its name from the characteristic and rugged rock formations and bays, literally Costa Brava means 'wild coast'. Despite this rugged coastline, you will find many seaside resorts on the Costa Brava with beautiful and quiet beaches, including the cosmopolitan resort of Lloret the Mar.

Lloret de Mar is located in the southern part of the breathtaking Costa Brava, just above Blanes and about 80 kilometers from the metropolis of Barcelona. Lloret de Mar is a seaside resort of unprecedented possibilities. Lloret de Mar has everything you could wish for as a tourist, whether you are looking for peace and quiet, or just want to go out for the ultimate!

For example, Lloret de Mar has pearly white beaches, one unprecedented nightlife, endlessly many activities, a rich history, a beautiful nature and the most beautiful accommodations imaginable to stay in! It will therefore not surprise you that Lloret de Mar the most complete and loved destination is from the entire Costa Brava, and perhaps all Spanish Costas!

Other nice places on the Costa Brava to visit during your holiday in Lloret de Mar!

Discover medieval Tossa de Mar!

Despite the fact that Lloret de Mar is the most popular holiday resort on the Costaa Brava, there are of course many more beautiful villages and towns to visit or to spend a holiday in this coastal region. For example, there are the breathtaking beaches of Platja d'Aro, the cultural white town of Cadaques, the hometown of Salvador Dali - Figueras and the historic city of Girona, with its beautiful medieval center and Roman ruins. Also the beautiful, located next to Lloret de Mar, tourist port town of Blanes and the medieval village of Tossa de Mar, with its beautiful castle, are of course definitely worth a visit when you go for the ultimate holiday on the Costa Brava!


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