Nightlife in Lloret de Mar: Top 10 Best Bars, Clubs and Discos!

Going out in Lloret de Mar.
Going out in Lloret de Mar, discover the Las Vegas of Europe!

Lloret de Mar, with its vibrant nightlife and millions of lights at night, is called the Las Vegas of Europe . In this beautiful resort on the Costa Brava, the nightlife goes on 24/7 between May and September! Where a bar, club or disco closes its doors, the next open its doors again! Lloret de Mar is a holiday destination that simply never sleeps and where celebrate is a Must. But, are you not such a party animal and would you rather enjoy a snack and a drink in a quiet bar or restaurant? All is possible in Lloret de Mar!

In this blog you will not only find a top 10 of the best bars, clubs and discotheques (click here for the best), but also any further information you need for a great party holiday, or a fun night out in Lloret de Mar! Here you will find others nice places to go out on the Costa Brava!

What can you expect from a day in Lloret de Mar?

Are you looking for the ultimate sun, sea, beach holiday? Where you can also party until the early hours? Then Lloret de Mar,, thanks to its beautiful location on the sunny Costa Brava and vibrant nightlife, is the perfect destination for you. With an extensive range of luxury beach clubs, cozy pubs, casinos and affordable restaurants and Lloret de Mar has everything for an unforgettable holiday.

Relax during the day on one of the beautiful beaches in Europe (look here for the best beaches in Lloret de Mar.) or enjoy a delicious cocktail on the terrace of one of the many beach clubs. After getting a nice tan on the beach, stroll in your new clothes, on the cozy boulevard looking for the perfect eatery for you. And believe me, there is so much on offer in Lloret that there is for sure a suitable restaurant for every taste and wallet can be found!

After a delicious meal it is time to go crazy and spend the night, with your feet off the floor, in one of the hip clubs. And then nice to you luxury villa with private pool! This is just a normal day in Lloret!

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Discover the nightlife in Lloret de Mar.

As already mentioned before, you can party 24/7 in Lloret de Mar. There is always a place in Lloret to go crazy at anytime. So you can start the day with a splashing pool party, a chic party on a boat or on a exclusive party on a secret beach. Of course, all the beach clubs on the beach and bars in the center have also opened their doors in time for a delicious snack, a cold beer or exotic cocktail.

Going out in Lloret de Mar - Get pampered and enjoy a delicious exotic cocktail
Be pampered and enjoy a delicious exotic cocktail

The real bustle in the Lloret nightlife only starts after dinner, when everyone has freshened up after a day at the beach, activities or see sights , and has a full stomach to go on for the rest of the evening. To welcome all the people who visit the nightlife of Lloret de Mar every day, Lloret de Mar has 300 entertainment places. Here you can enjoy all kinds of music styles: from Dance, Techno to Hardstyle, R&B, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Dutch, Top40 and many more.

Lloret de Mar has 20 big discos, the most famous ones are Disco Colossos, Disco Tropics, Millennium Party and St. Trop. These, can accommodate between 2000 and 3000 party animals! In the high season there are also regular performances from international DJs in the major clubs and discos of Lloret de Mar. However, the whole clubbing is not only for one target, if you feel like listening to Dutch music, spend and evening at the karaoke or a cozy Irish Pub, no problem, with the big range of pubs and bars in Lloret, there is something for every party and holidaymaker.

Top 10 of the most beautiful bars and clubs in Lloret

You are eager to go out in Lloret de Mar, but you don't really know where to start? We can understand. After all, the range of clubs, discotheques and bars in Lloret de Mar is huge. Therefore, depending on your musical taste and mood, choose the place that suits you best that evening. I hope this top 10 will simplify your choice somewhat.

1. Disco Colossos

Going Out in Lloret de Mar - Disco Colossos

Join one of the three dance floors together with 2500 other people Disco Colossos. Disco Colossos has an R&B section, a large hall where the best summer hits are played and a Tropical Area with different styles of music. On Mondays they even organize real foam parties here and on Tuesdays you can swing on the Holland Party, with Dutch DJs and music.

2. Millennium Party

Millennium Party is located in the mountains, about 20 minutes drive from the center of Lloret de Mar. Special party buses leave from the center to take you to the destination! With room for no less than 3000 partygoers, 3 party zones, each with its own music style (from R&B to House), Millennium is one of the largest discos in Catalonia. On the roof top you can also enjoy lounge music, a drink and a beautiful view of the mountains!

3. St. Trop

Going Out in Lloret de Mar - St Trop

St. Trop is one of the most popular discos in Lloret de Mar. In St. Trop there is room for 2000 peoplespread over three floors. On the first floor you will find a large dance floor, on the second floor a chill-out area and on the third floor a SKY champagne room. In addition, there are also 9 different bars. This club, unlike many other entertainment clubs in Lloret de Mar, is the only one that opens all year.

More information about St.Trops can be found here: St.Trop '- The Club in Lloret de Mar

4. Disco Tropics

This disco is active since 1979 and can welcome approximately 2750 people. With four different rooms in a different atmosphere, at Disco Tropics you enjoy different music styles. Besides the current Top40 hits and Dance music, here also play many famous DJs and weekly themed parties are organized.

5. Bumper's

Bumper's is a club with an exclusive atmosphere, a tropical garden and dance floor where fishes swim under well worth a visit. During an evening at Bumper's you can enjoy many different types of music styles: House, Dirty House, Trance, party music, Top 40, R&B and much more. Every night has a different music style, but the basis is always House. The best also come in summer European DJs often go to Bumper's.

6. Moef Gaga Lloret de Mar

Disco Moef Gaga has been a household name in Lloret de Mar since 1969. There are three different floors where you can dance to many types of music and six bars where you can enjoy the most delicious summer cocktails. Trance and dance enthusiasts in particular can indulge themselves here. In addition to performances by famous DJs, there are also regular here original theme parties and foam parties .  

More information about Moef Gaga can be found here: Disco Moef Gaga in Lloret de Mar!

7. Londoner Lloret de Mar

Disco Londoner has two different rooms, with all kinds of music genres. International DJs regularly perform here. This unique disco is also known for its beautiful Theme parties. How about a Foam Party, Neon Party, T-shirt Party or Stripper Party ?!

8. El Pub Lloret

Going out in Lloret de Mar - El Pub Lloret

El Pub Lloret is a lovely bar for true beer lovers. They have an extensive menu with endless types of beer, but also tasty snacks for the beer. Simply an ideal place to enjoy a drink or if you fancy a quieter evening in a nice pub.

9. Tequila 85

Tequila 85 is a nice bar where you can taste different shots and cocktails . This bar is known for its wide choice of drinks. So enjoy your favorite cocktail here or try something new. They have drinks from all over the world , so your favorite is probably among them.

10. Bar Cala Banys

This hidden treasure has a breathtaking view over the cliffs and the sea. Bar Cala Banys is therefore the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunset and a delicious drink. Do you fancy a nice romantic walk? You can walk to this bar via a rocky coastal path that starts at the end of the boulevard of the main beach of Lloret.

Source: Club Villamar

More entertainment options in Lloret de Mar ...

As I said before, going out in Lloret de Mar is not all about night clubs, discos and beach clubs. In Lloret de Mar you can also choose to spend a quiet night out. In addition to the fact that there are also many cozy and quiet places, you can also enjoy a relaxing diner in one of the many restaurants. Another funny activity in Lloret is a visit to one of the casinos! You may come out a lot richer than you came in!

Restaurants and culinary delights in Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar has a variety of them restaurants. So there is a delicious meal for every taste and for every day. A real must during your stay in Lloret is of course the excellent Spanish cuisine . A real must are of course the well-known Spanish tapas. A delicious Spanish tradition where you eat several small dishes, so you can taste everything in small portions.

Tapas - going out in Lloret de Mar

Also the Spanish Paella is a pleasure for your taste buds. Paella is a Spanish rice dish in many different variants. The most common is the seafood paella. If you are not a fan of seafood, just try the Paella with chicken, rabbit or vegetables. For dessert you should definitely try the Spanish churros with cinnamon sugar or chocolate sauce. This sweet snack is made from fried dough and is a pleasure for your tongue. You can of course wash away all these Spanish delicacies with a delicious fruit Sangria or Cava!

Take a gamble at the casino

The most famous casino of Lloret de Mar is Gran Casino Costa Brava. You will find slot machines, poker tables and many gaming tables in a large space that can accommodate up to 1000 people. This large casino is open until sunrise and also has several bars, each with their own atmosphere: a lounge bar, a classic bar and a cocktail bar. In addition, the casino has a large parking, so finding a parking spot will definitely not be a problem. A huge luxury in Lloret de Mar!

This beautiful casino guarantees a fun night out with your friends or loved one. Will you be the next lucky winner of the Gran Casino Costa Brava?

Going out in Lloret de Mar - is there a dress code?

Of course, going out leads us to the question: what to wear? Because you don't want to be underdressed or overdressed to walk into a restaurant, bar or club. The big advantage of Lloret de Mar is that the dress code actually is always casual . After all, Lloret de Mar is all about beach and parties, and this casual look fits in perfectly. Of course there are also special theme parties, such as a white party where everyone is in white, this simply requires a dress code.

Going out in Lloret de Mar - At what time the party starts?

You can go out in Lloret de Mar all day long and party 24/7! However, the night officially starts in Lloret de Mar from 22:00. Then, continues until the early morning. When it comes to going out to clubs, the real party starts here after midnight, and it is quite normal to go back home around 5 a.m. .

How much does going out in Lloret de Mar cost?

Going out in Lloret de Mar is not expensive

You may think that going out in Lloret de Mar is expensive, but that is not true! Lloret de Mar is actually very cheap! In some places you can even buy a beer for € 1.50 or a glass of wine for only € 2. Of course, the evening becomes more expensive if you drink exotic cocktails all night.

In some large clubs and discotheques you may have to pay the entrance, usually it is an amount of about 12 euros, this often includes a free drink. In general, you can have a very affordable evening in Lloret de Mar.

Useful information for a relaxing night out!

Going out in Lloret - relax and enjoy
Going out in Lloret - relax and enjoy

In Lloret de Mar there are plenty of options to enjoy an endless night. Of course you want these nights to run as smoothly and smoothly as possible. To get the best out of your stay in Lloret, I have listed the following practical information:

  • Many clubs in Lloret de Mar have a minimum age of 18 years old, however in Lloret they don't use to do checks.
  • Drinking and buying alcohol is also allowed in Spain from 18 years and older.
  • It is forbidden to consume alcohol in the street! Obviously this does not apply to terraces that have a permit for this.
  • Some beaches (especially at night) have strict rules regarding access, noise and swimming). Always check the information boards at the beach first. This way you risk a fine up to € 1500!
  • In Lloret de Mar you can use night buses to get to the further discos. These generally run from midnight to 6am. Of course you can always take a taxi to get to your destination.
  • Most clubs don't close until sunrise, but in residential areas, clubs sometimes close at around 3am.
  • In Lloret de Mar there are several banks and ATM's. You can recognize the ATMs by the sign 'Caixa' or 'Telebanco'.
  • In case you need medical help, you can go to one of the doctor's offices, first aid stations or medical centers. There are 8 pharmacies spread throughout Lloret de Mar. The nearest hospital is located between Lloret de Mar and Blanes, about 4 km from the center.

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