Where is Lloret de Mar actually located in Spain?

Lloret is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Europe, thanks to its beautiful sandy beaches, numerous activities and vibrant nightlife. Draws annually Lloret de Mar therefore more than 1 million visitors who are looking for sun, sea, beach, field trips and relaxation. In this article I will try to answer all your questions about Lloret de Mar! So read on if you want to know everything about Lloret de Mar!

But where exactly is Lloret de Marand how can you get there?

Lloret de Mar is located in the north of Spain, in the province of Catalonia, on the Costa Brava. This means that Lloret de Mar is approximately at 80 kilometers from Barcelona Airport and 30 kilometers from Girona Airport. So, perfect if you come by plane ! But, if you prefer to come and take the car, this is still excellent with a distance of about 1100 kilometers from London! Finally, it is also possible to travel to Lloret de Mar by bus or train!

Where is Lloret de Mar on the map
Lloret de Mar on the Map

Catalonia - The Province of Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar is located in the northeastern province of Catalonia. Catalonia is an autonomous Spanish community with Barcelona as the capital . Catalonia has more than 7.5 million inhabitants and the official spoken language is Spanish and Catalan. This region is located on a 580 kilometer long coast of the Mediterranean with the Costa Brava,, Costa del Maresme, Costa del Garraf and Costa Daurada. Thanks to its beautiful location, Catalonia is one of the most prosperous regions of Spain.

The Costa Brava

The Costa Brava (read more about the Costa Brava!) is a no less than 200 kilometers long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea in the community of Catalonia. The Costa Brava starts in the northeast of Spain, at the French border, at Portbou and continues all the way to Blanes. (Read more about Blanes hereCosta Brava literally means: rugged and wild coast. This name owes it to her beautiful rocky coastline with its many irregular rocks and bays. Lloret de Mar is located south of the Costa Brava and, despite the rugged rocks and bays, also has many beautiful sandy beaches.

Lloret de Mar

This popular Spanish resort on the Costa Brava simply has everything for a vibrant city sun, sea and beach holidays. The streets of the city center are filled in summer with tourists enjoying the wide range of cafes, bars and restaurants. The nightlife in Lloret de Mar. continues to run non-stop for enthusiasts.

The beautiful sandy beaches (look here for the best beaches in Lloret) also offer enough space for tourists who want to enjoy the sun or recover from a party evening. Of course there are in Lloret de Mar many other fun activities like a water park, water sports, diving, snorkeling, cycling or bungee jumping. You can also go there great shopping in the cozy streets or to the local market.

An another benefit is that going to, staying and doing things in Lloret de Mar is not expensive at all . In fact… it's cheap! Nice bonus, right?

Besides going out, beaches and lively activities, Lloret de Mar also has a completely different side. This beautiful seaside resort is also known by its rich history and unprecedented nature.

Santa Clotilde gardens in Lloret de Mar.

If you were impressed by the old city center then you will be amazed by the typical modernist architecture, the beautiful churches & cathedrals and the breathtaking view from the San Joan castle. Do you prefer to go out into nature? Then choose a wonderful hike adventure along the rocks and cliffs, go mountain biking through the mountains or spend a day in the botanical garden.

The breathtaking beaches of Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar has no less than 8 beautiful golden sandy beaches. The main beach in the center of Lloret, Playa de Lloret (recognizable by the Castle of Lloret) is a half kilometers long and 40 meters wide. All conceivable facilities and amenities are available on this beautiful sandy beach! Also, there is the Fenals beach, one kilometer west of the center of Lloret de Mar. This sandy beach is more than seven hundred meters long and fifty meters wide, and here, also all facilities are available. Do you want to spend a day at the beach with small children? Then be sure to visit Sa Boadella beach. The water depth here is only seventy centimeters up to a few tens of meters in the sea.  

Beach of Santa Cristina - Lloret de Mar

However, if you want a little more of privacy, the beach of "Santa Cristinamight be something for you. This 450-meter beach, about three kilometers west of the main beach, is located between two large rocks that protect it from the wind. Many Lloret goers have named this beach the most beautiful beach in Lloret de Mar!

At more than 3 kilometers from the main beach you will also find the beach of "Canyelles". This beautiful blue flag beach with gold sand and clear sea water has a small harbor and yacht club. This offers opportunities for practicing water sports activities and have fun.

Go out and enjoy culinary delights in Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar is known as a great party destination, a real thing for young people and party animals! Lloret de Mar has more than 300 of entertainment clubs allowing you to go on 24/7 if you want to! The choice is therefore quiet large, and there is a perfect place for every entertainment lover! Whether you want to go crazy in one of the legendary clubs, spend a cozy evening in a typical Dutch pub , Irish pub, or experience a real beach party everything is possible in Lloret de Mar!

Party in Lloret: Legendary!

Besides going out at night, Lloret de Mar also has a big range of great restaurants! There is a perfect place to eat for every budget and for every taste. Get to know the typical Spanish tapas, enjoy a rich seafood filled paella or order a delicious sangria on the terrace. Would you rather enjoy something less exotic? No problem, you can also just order a pizza, pasta, fries or salad in combination with a beer or glass of wine!

Sights and trips

Whether you stay in Lloret with a large group of friends, with your family or with just the two of you, there are always plenty of exciting and fun activities to do. So, in Lloret de Mar you can go out , do many water sports activities, snorkeling, diving, a boat trip, cycling, bungee jumping, visiting a water park, shopping, sniffing culture, exploring nature etc. etc. Let us not forget that a stay in Lloret de Mar can also be perfectly combined with a visit to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona!

Lloret de Mar is about 80 kilometers from the historical and cultural capital of Catalonia, Barcelona! This beautiful city is known for its unparalleled cultural beauty, its famous Ramblas, its endless shopping opportunities and of course FC Barcelona! A visit to this beautiful city is of course a must do during your stay in Lloret de Mar! (Look here for a villa in Lloret de Mar!)


Flying to Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar has a perfect location, right by the sea, yet within easy reach of the airports. About 80 kilometers from Lloret de Mar is the Barcelona airport and at 30 kilometers the Girona airport. Shuttle services, buses and taxis run from the major airports several times a day to take you to Lloret de Mar. Of course you can also rent a car here! More about fly to Lloret here.

Another good option to reach Lloret de Mar is by car. Lloret de Mar is at only 1100 kilometers from London, which means that you can reach Lloret in 8 hours by car. If you prefer not to drive for so long, there are plenty of hotels, motels, campsites near the highways for an overnight stay. The big advantage of traveling with your own car is that you are much less limited in what you want to take with you. After all, you do not have a maximum 20kg restriction as on an airplane.

The climate

Lloret de Mar has a pleasant Mediterranean sea climate which is characterized by warm summers and mild winters. In the summer months, the average temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius, and the sea water around 23 degrees. Lloret de Mar is also a wonderful place to stay and to do fun things in spring and autumn. The temperatures during these periods are often above 20 degrees, not too hot and especially not too cold!  

In short, this beautiful tourist resort on the Spanish Costa Brava has everything for an unforgettable dream holiday! Lloret de Mar is also within easy reach!

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