Lloret de Mar Beach - Best 8 Beaches Not to Miss!

Lloret de Mar beach
The most beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar is the perfect holiday destination for anyone looking for a wonderful holiday to the sun, sea and beach. Lloret de Mar, thanks to its breathtaking locationon the rocky coast of the Costa Brava, has not only beautiful long and pearly white sandy beaches, but also some fantastic small rocky bays. Are you curious about the beautiful beaches and hidden bays of Lloret de Mar and do you want to know if Lloret de Mar beach suits you best, then read on!

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Top 8 beaches of Lloret de Mar, but which one suits you best?

Lloret de Mar is not only the best place in Europe to go out and to shop, it is also one of the best places to swim in the sea! For example, the sea water here in the high season with have an average temperature of 25 degrees, that can be called downright warm. But also in early and late season you can enjoy a lovely dip in the sea with an average seawater temperature of around 20 degrees. In addition, the water of the Mediterranean sea at Lloret de Mar is clear and clean and children can also play in the shore without any danger, thanks to its quiet walk-in.

As mentioned before, Lloret de Mar has a beautiful diversity of beaches, from large tourist beaches to small picturesque hidden bays. This means that in Lloret there is a perfect place all kind of beach lover. Because whether you want to enjoy a day of snorkeling, water sports or just quietly enjoy the sun, in Lloret anything is possible. Beautiful intimate bays, great family beaches, small pebbles or fine sand, there is just something for everyone. To give you a better idea of the possibilities I have listed below the 8 most beautiful beaches of Lloret listed for you.

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Lloret de Mar beach - on the Map
Top 8 Lloret de Mar beaches on the map

1. Playa de Lloret

Playa de Lloret (Lloret beach) is, with a length of 1.6 kilometers and a width of 40 meters, the largest and bustle beach of Lloret de Mar. Playa de Lloret is located directly on the boulevard, in the center of Lloret de Mar. During the day you will find families with small children who enjoy a nice day at the beach, but also many young people who sleep well in the sun after a night of partying. So if you are looking for a quiet day at the beach in high season, Playa de Lloret may not be exactly what you are looking for!

Just like Lloret de Mar itself, Playa de Lloret also has many servicesto please and entertain tourists. There are kiosks, beach clubs, many restaurants, bars, parking spaces, sunbeds and umbrellas to rent, showers, toilets, trash cans, cleaning service, first aid post and special access for disabled people. In addition, there are also many water sports activities offered such as parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, pedal boats and a round on the banana boat.

Despite the many thousands of tourists who visit this beach every day, there is no garbage lying around here. The beach is therefore annually rewarded with Blue Flag-recognition for quality, hygiene and excellent facilities.

Tip: From Playa de Lloret you can also visit the quieter beaches Fenals and Santa Cristina by boat. Only the boat trip is already a wonderful experience!

Lloret de Mar beach
Playa de Lloret - the largest beach in the center of Lloret de Mar.

2. Sa Caleta

Right next to Playa de Lloret, at the north end, you will find the small bay Sa Caleta. This picturesque bay full of fishing boats in the sand, is about 110 meters long and 15 meters wide. Here you can enjoy the finest sand in a fantastic natural environment. Sa Caleta is located at the bottom of a hill where there is also the majestic Castell d'en Plaja. Although the beautiful castle was built in 1930-1940, you can imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages.

The rocky surroundings of this breathtaking small beach make a good combination with a helder turquoise water and the beautiful underwater flora and fauna also an excellent place for snorkeling or diving.

Tip: From Sa Caleta you can start a beautiful walk to Castell d'en Plaja, here you will find one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline on the Costa Brava. You can even walk from here to the beautiful Tossa de Mar. 

3. Cala Banys

About 10 minutes walk from the end of Playa de Lloret (from the Monument de la Doña Marinera), you will find Cala Banys. This picturesque cove with a length of 50 meters is surrounded by pine trees, rocks with crystal clear water and in the background the castle of Sant Joan, like a fairy tale. Cala Banys is not the best bay for sunbathing on the beach, but it is a beautiful location for snorkeling or fishing. You will find a wide variety of rock fish, sea urchins and very special underwater flora and fauna.

Source: Club Villamar

Because of its idyllic location, this wild and rocky place is also seen as one of the most romantic places of Lloret. If you go up with the stone stairs you will reach the bar of Cala Banys. Here you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view while you have a delicious cocktail on the terrace. You can also have small snacks here, but it is certainly not a full-fledged restaurant.

On the south side of the bay, at a few steps up, you will find the viewpoint dedicated to the painter Joan Llaverias, a hidden terrace with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea.

Tip: Combine your day at this picturesque bay with a visit to the tower of the San Joan castle. Here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Lloret de Mar in addition to a bit of culture!

4. Fenals beach

Located in the heart of an amazing bay you will find it beach of Fenals. This 700 meters long and 50 meters wide sandy beach is Lloret de Mar's second largest beach. Although Fenals beach is only at fifteen minutes walk (1km) from the center of Lloret, it is a lot quieter than Playa de Lloret, even in high season. Here, you will find many families or people who are just looking for a quiet and pleasant place to swim. In addition, this beach has also been awarded with the Blue Flag!

Lloret de Mar beach - Fenals

The facilities and amenities on this beach do not differ much from those on Playa de Lloret. There are also many kiosks, restaurants, parking spaces, sunbed and umbrella rental, showers, trash cans, toilets, a first aid post, a boulevard and is accessible to disabled people. You can also find here water sports that you can practice on this calm sea.

Tip: If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Lloret de Mar but you are not a fan of small, and sometimes, difficult to reach bays, this beach is your place to be.

5. Cala Boadella

In the South of Fenals beach, near the Santa Clotilde Gardens, you will find the rustic 250 meter long sandy beach of Cala Boadella.  With crystal clear water, fine golden sand, shielded from the wind by the cliff and lush foliage, this is one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Costa Brava. It is not for nothing that this beach is awarded with a well deserved Blue Flag. As the beach is isolated from the city, by a thick pine forest, it is not very visited by tourists. To get there you have to follow a narrow and steep path of 200 meters before you reach this heavenly paradise.

In general, people come here to sunbathe and swim in peace, even in high season. Due to its secluded location, however, there are more limited facilities than on the other beaches, but showers and a beach cafe are certainly available in the summer. Cala Boadella is with one water depth is only 70 cm shallow to a few tens of meters in the sea, very suitable for families with small children. However, when you visit (with children), keep in mind that the northern part of the beach is mainly visited by naturists.

Tip: During the summer season there is a small tourist trainthat runs from the main road of Lloret de Mar. It takes you all the way to the nearby Santa Clotilde gardens. Ideal to visit this beach in a simple way, but also to combine it with a visit to these beautiful gardens!

6. The beach of Canyelles

Canyelles beach - Lloret

At around three kilometers east of the center of Lloret de Mar, towards Tossa de Mar, you will find the beach of Canyelles. This 450 meter long sandy beach is at summer a lot less crowded than the other beaches in Lloret de Marand the facilities are the same. The beach of Canyelles is therefore the perfect place for a relaxing day at the beach . So you can enjoy a fantastic landscape of steep cliffs, pine forests and a beautiful white sandy beach. At the edge of the sandy beach there are beautiful palm trees under which you can enjoy a siesta when the sun is at its highest point.

As I said before, the services and facilities here are also excellent. In addition to the usual umbrellas and sunbeds, you can also practice water sports, like surfing, water skiing, diving and snorkeling .At the southern side of the beach you will find the small port of Lloret de Mar, the yacht club, also a training center where you can learn to do water ski.

Tip: After a day of browning on the beach, go for a bite to the Xiringuito of Canyelles. This restaurant is located on the beach of Canyelles and offers a beautiful view of the sea!

7. Santa Cristina

Just 3 km at the south of Lloret de Mar, at the end of a narrow path winding between the pine trees, you will find the blue flag awarded beach of Santa Cristina. This lovely beach, with 500 meters of fine soft sand, is very popular among families with young children. Because the beach is located in a cliff and surrounded by forests, it is protected from the wind and waves. This ensures that the sea is generally calm. The sea here is also shallow to a few tens of meters in the sea. This allows children to play in the water without danger.

Source: Club Villamar

Santa Cristina is less busy in the high season than the others beaches in Lloret de Mar. However, there are plenty of amenities available for the vacationers. So you can use this showers, rent sunbeds and umbrellas, and there is a small beach bar. A lifeguard is also available in summer for the safety of your children! Finally, this beautiful sandy beach has a beautiful underwater flora and fauna perfect for people who want to snorkel.

Tip: From Lloret de Mar center you can take a boat with glass see-through bottom to visit neighboring beaches, including Santa Cristina. This way you can combine a beautiful beach day with an unforgettable boat trip! 

8 Platja de Treumal

If you follow the beach of Santa Cristina a little further in the south, just behind the protruding rocky part, you will discover the heaven beach, Cala Treumal. This beautiful beach is really an exotic and unspoilt piece of paradise. Despite the fact that the beach formally belongs to neighboring Blanes, it should not be out of this top 8 list!

Source: Club Villamar

Cala Treumal has a length of more than 400 meters and is located in a protected natural area, Pinya de Rosa, where you will find a botanical garden full of cacti. You and nature will be one and you will have the feeling that your are stepping into another world. The beautiful clear water also offers ideal opportunities for snorkeling and discovering the underwater flora & fauna. In summer you can rent sunbeds in this beach.  

Tip: Combine your visit to the Botanical Garden, Pinya de Rosa, at only 300 meters from the beach. There is a parking area, so you can park your car for free when you visit the gardens.

Have you made your ultimate Lloret de Mar beach choice?

Platja-de-Sa-Caleta-lloret-de-Mar beach
Platja de Sa Caleta

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar (21 Tips for your Holiday in Lloret de Mar) you can not avoid the beach. Are you fed up of staying all day in your villa with pool ? Then go to the beach! I hope that you have been able to choose which one suits you best thanks to this Top 8 of beautiful beaches in Lloret de Mar! There is a beach for every taste and wish!  

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