Discover the Top 12 of Best Clubs in Lloret de Mar

This popular holiday destination on the Spanish coast is, in addition to its many hours of sunshine, endless activities and pearly white beaches, known for the vibrant nightlife. In Lloret de Mar you can have fun day and night in more than 300 entertainment places. From hip beach bars and English pubs to cozy dance bars and large discos, Lloret de Mar has something for everyone! However, because of the wide choice it can still be difficult to find out what is really suitable for your night out!

That's why I'm going to make it a little easier for you with this Top 12 of best discos in Lloret de Mar ! Discover not only which nightclubs in Lloret de Mar are there, but also which music styles and theme parties you can expect here and where you can find the nightclubs in Lloret de Mar!

Discos in Lloret de Mar on the Map!

As I said, the offer for the nightlife and discotheques in Lloret de Mar is huge! After all, tastes differ and there is something for everyone. However, this can also be confusing where to go for a great night . After all, you don't want to lose the first days of your vacation looking for 300 places to go to that perfect place for a night out. So, where should you start looking? Fortunately, that is not too difficult in Lloret de Mar.

Discos in Lloret de Mar center on the map
The discotheques in Lloret de Mar Center

Most discos in Lloret de Mar are located on the so-called “strip from Lloret de Mar.”, The broad main street Av. Just Marles Vilarrodonna. So the "strip" is a good place to start if you want large and popular nightclubs in Lloret de Mar. . However, there are also some big discos just outside of the center of Lloret de Mar you just can't miss. Above on the map you will find the coolest discos in Lloret de Mar center, where you can dance all night with the best DJs.

The Top 12 of Best Discos in Lloret de Mar!

1. Millennium Party

Located in the hills, about a 20 minute drive from Lloret de Mar, you will find one of the largest discotheques in Catalonia: Millennium Party! There is room for 3000 partygoersin this gigantic nightclub, so enough space for you and your friends. This disco is legendary and extremely popular among visitors from all over the world. An evening in Millennium Party should definitely be on your list of discos in Lloret de Mar that you really should visit! You will notice why this club is so popular as soon as you walk in. A confetti cannon, light show and dancers. Millennium Party has all the ingredients for an unforgettable evening.

The disco has three different zones where everything from R&B to House is played. So you can decide for yourself what you want to dance. The literal highlight of Millennium Party is the roof terrace. On this rooftop lounge you can cool down and relax while enjoying the great view. On the beach and in the center of Lloret de Mar there are daily props around in the summer who are looking for real party animals who want to visit Millennium, you can contact them for exclusive tickets! Millennium Party also has special party buses who will take you to the disco from the center of Lloret de Mar. So no hassle with taxis or driving yourself.

2. Colossos

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Foam party
Go crazy in the discos in Lloret de Mar during a foam party!

Disco Colossos is one of the best and most famous discos in the center of Lloret de Mar. This super popular nightclub is only open in the summer months, but that shouldn't spoil the fun. Colossos has three floors and a capacity for 2500 guests also one of the largest discos in Lloret de Mar and surroundings! A different music style is played on each floor, so you do not have to have a discussion with your friends about what party you are going to. All your friends can dance their favorite hits here. In Colossos world-class DJs, big names like Tiesto and Bob Sinclair are performing here.

In addition, Colossos is also the place to be for foam party . Every Monday the foam cannons blow liters of bubbles into the audience. A true classic in Lloret de Mar. But also the famous Holland Party, complete with Dutch DJs and music, you should not miss. Disco Colossus was renovated in the past year with a sleek new design. An extra reason to take a look! For a very special evening, you can book a table in the VIP room. Nice to know: there is every night a BBQ offered tor midnight and there is an indoor and outdoor pool, a good reason to go a little earlier.

3. StTrop Club

Another great and popular nightclub in Lloret de Mar center is St. Trop. This nightclub started in 1962 as one of the first on the Costa Brava. But that doesn't mean it's a dusty old intention! St. Trop is one of the coolest discos in Lloret de Mar and surroundings, with a hip design and world class DJs. Unlike many other discos in Lloret de Mar, St. Trop is open all year round, with room for about 2000 visitors this is one of the biggest nightlife spots in Lloret. In St. Trop, an unforgettable evening with your friends is guaranteed.

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Dj

On the dance floor on the first floor you dance with 2000 other people all night long with the best beats. If you want to take a rest, you can go to the lounge area on the second floor. Here you can relax and chat with your friends or meet new people. Fancy a drink? You can easily order it at one of the nine bars. In front of the real VIP experience you can go to the SKY VIP bar. This exclusive bar on the roof terrace costs something, but then you also have something. A beautiful view of Lloret de Mar, an elegant atmosphere and a long list of gin & tonics.

More information about St.Trops can be found here: St.Trop '- The Club in Lloret de Mar


Also Disco Tropics, in the center of Lloret de Mar, has been around for a while, since 1979 to be precise. It has since grown into one of the most popular clubs on the Costa Brava. It should not be missing on the list of the best discos in Lloret de Mar. Disco Tropic is a real crowd pleaser. Everyone gets their money's worth here. Whether you want to stamp on House, let go on R&B and Hip Hop, or just your favorite hits from the Top 40 want to hear. Disco Tropic has four rooms, each with its own atmosphere and music style.

The Platinum Room is the main room of the club and the stage where international artists do their performance. In the Gold Room you can enjoy the best hip hop beats and the brand new Silver Room is perfect for private parties. The real party people ensure that they come into the exclusive VIP Diamond Room. There are also regular visits in St. Trop theme parties organized. All summer long, there is another great party every week that you shouldn't miss. Put on your best outfits, see the coolest DJs playing and dance until you drop.

5. Revolution

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Laser show

Revolution disco is one of the most beautiful discos in Lloret de Mar. This hip nightclub in the center has German owners and therefore attracts many German tourists. Revolution is not only known for the good music that is played there, but also for the spectacular laser shows. The light shows take the whole disco experience in Lloret de Mar to a higher level. On arrival you will receive a neon stamp on your hand that can only be seen under these lights!

Unlike some other big clubs in Lloret de Mar, Revolution doesn't give you a mix of different music styles. There is a huge dance floor, with big smoking cannons, where everyone mainly goes crazy on Hardstyle and German techno. Regulary big international DJs perform in Revolution. Great if you want to go fast for an evening, dance your legs out and enjoy a nice German beer.

6. Bumpers

Bumper's is located in one of the side streets of the Lloret de Mar strip and there is a wonderful exclusive atmosphere. Inside, Bumpers has both a club area and an open air lounge area. Great when you want to escape the hustle and bustle on the dance floor! As said, it reigns Bumper's an exclusive atmosphere, instead of foam cannons you will find a real one here tropical garden and swim there fishing under the dance floor! This gives Bumpers that little bit extra and makes it a must for anyone coming to Lloret de Mar. Really something you should have seen yourself.

Also for the music you have to go to Bumper's. House predominates in Bumpers, but this is alternated with a different music style every day, such as R&B, rock and Top40. In the summer months you can expect regular performances by the big international DJs in Bumpers! So there is also something for every taste in music in Bumper's.  

7. Londoner Lloret de Mar

Londoner may seem like a strange duck between all techno and house clubs, but that is what makes this disco in Lloret de Mar center so much fun. Sometimes you just want to go crazy on the slickest hip hop beats and best R&B and Reggae. This has been the best hip hop club on the Costa Brava for 25 years. Londoner is therefore a real dance tent where no one can stand still. There are even regular real dance competitions organized! In addition, they are known for their theme parties, such as the brightly colored Neon Party and the sultry Fiesta Sexy.

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Deejay

Everyone dresses up for the Londoner parties. This is a place to be seen, appearance is of paramount importance here. Perhaps an ideal place to meet your new holiday love. Especially the ladies like to show their best side in London. For a night out that you will be chatting with your friends for years to come, visit Londoner's Lloret de Mar!

8. Disco Moef Gaga

Despite Don't give Gaga one of the biggest discotheques in Lloret de Mar. is, it is one of the best known places to party on the Costa Brava. This disco in the center of Lloret has been around since 1969, but is still as trendy as ever! You can dance to different types of music, from techno and R&B to Top40, which are played on the 3 floors. And with six bars you never have to wait long for a drink here.

In addition to regular performances by famous DJs, Moef GaGa is also known for its cool theme parties! How about a neon night, foam party, carnival or wet t-shirt night? To really finish the parties, everything is pulled out of the closet, from smoking guns, neon paint, laser shows up to a good dose of foam! A holiday in Lloret de Mar without visiting Moef GaGa is simply not done!

Read more information about Moef GaGa here!

9. Club Temptation

Are you a lover of hardcore or hardstyle? Then club Temptation in the center of Lloret de Mar is the place-to-be for you! In this club things are going very fast and therefore regularly perform well-known names within the hardcore and hardstyle circuit. The ideal place for a wonderful evening stamping and chopping!

Another great fact at this disco is that you have unlimited drinks for an entire evening for € 20! So if your budget is not too big, if you want to keep sagging and your heart beats faster during an evening stamping, Club Temptation is exactly what you are looking for! Not so of the hardcorde? Don't worry, there are here also regularly partying with a different music style where you can go completely crazy, ask at the proppers or at the entrance!

10. Hollywood disco

At a short distance from the “strip”, at Avenida Vila de Tossa no. 5, 200 meters from the Gran Casino, you will find disco Hollywood. Thanks to the brightly colored lasers you can see Hollywood from a great distance. The atmosphere in this disco in Lloret de Mar is completely different than in the other clubs in Lloret de Mar, it is chic. The club also has a strict door policy, because there is a dress code for both men and women! So put on your best clothes and enjoy one chic and glamorous evening in Hollywood style!

Disco Hollywood mainly plays electro and house music and the average age here, with 25 to 30 years, is slightly higher than in most discos in Lloret de Mar. During the high season there are also many here special events organized, including the highly recommended Hollywood Night.

11. Disco Privé

If you are looking for a unique atmosphere, then you are definitely at the right place in Disco Privé! This crazy club, right in the center of Lloret de Mar, is hidden on the top floor of the Magic Park arcade. To get there you first have to go through the entertainment hall full of fun games. So first challenge your friends to a game at the many Arcade games, play a game of pool, get in the bumper cars or go bowling, before you go crazy in the brutal club!

This disco in Lloret de Mar has a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy various music styles in 3 different rooms. Whether you like mainstream, hip hop or electro music, you will have the night of your life here. You can relax here on the relaxed lounge terrace while enjoying a drink from one of the 9 bars!

12. Alcatraz

Disco Alcatraz is perhaps one of the most special discos in Lloret de Mar. This disco, right in the party zone of Lloret de Mar., was built in the oldest prison in Lloret. It is therefore not clear to you that the theme of this disco is based on America's Most Infamous Prison “Alcatraz". Are you a fan of hardcore, hardstyle & rawstyle and do you want to party in a unique location, then this is the party destination for you! In the summer season this is great and unique disco open daily and it also has many great theme parties.

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Party

So here in the high season find a weekly Lloret Selected Party place. Upon entering you choose your own bottles of liquor and famous DJs ensure that you get out of your plate on the best hits of our time. During the Lloret Selected Party you have the guarantee that it is always full, that there is a good male-female ratio and that you can expect entertainment all evening. Scoring tickets for this event is only possible with the promoters. Because of great interest it is important that you quickly get your spot on the guest list knows how to conquer.


Lloret de Mar has a great selection of discos and night clubs, each one even crazier and wilder than the other. All summer long you can dance to the beats of international DJs for nights, enjoy drinks in the VIP and party until the sun comes up. Do you want more information about go out in Lloret de Mar., where to go exactly or how old you have to be to go out in Lloret de Mar., click on the links for more information! If you want to take it a bit easier for an evening, you can also visit one of the many other entertainment venues: Top 25 bars, pubs and bars.

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