Rent a Costa Brava Villa? You can find the best tips and top 5 villas here!

Villa Eternity - Club Villamar
Costa Brava Villa Eternity - Club Villamar

Where better to enjoy a well-deserved holiday under the sun than at the Spanish Costa Brava? After all, the Costa Brava is known as one of the most beautiful and most complete places in the world. So there is plenty to do on the Costa Brava for young and old! Of pearly white beaches, one vibrant nightlife and endless activities, up to history, culture and nature! The Costa Brava simply has it all! Add to that a wonderful climate, with balmy summers and mild winters, and you soon come to the conclusion that the Costa Brava simply has it all!

In this Blog I will tell you exactly how you can get the most out of your next holiday on the Costa Brava: what to take into account, what to expect, but also a selection of 5 affordable Costa Brava villas!

What makes the Costa Brava so special ?!

tourism in Lloret de Mar - on the Costa Brava
Enjoy the natural beauty of Lloret de Mar!

The Costa Brava is part of the province of Girona and includes the specific geography of it la Selva and the Empourda, the rugged and wild coast of the Costa Brava and its territory, the Tordera mountain stream in the south and the Tech in the north of the Costa Brava, the Mediterranean, and the mountains of Vidreres and the Llogostera in the hinterland. Surrounded by so much beauty, you often don't know what to admire first.

The pearly white bays and beaches, the crystal clear waters, the unique undersea landscapes, the endless variety of flora, the wonderful scents of pine trees and rosemary, the picturesque fishing villages, the unprecedented Roman and Medieval History with art-historical monuments & archaeological sites, the beautiful nature reserves and of course the 300 days of sunshine a year are the most important ingredients for an ultimate holiday in a Costa Brava villa.

The Costa Brava is of course also known for her lavish nightlife and countless spectacular (water) activities! On the Costa Brava you can party and go out 24/7 in the most hip clubs, cozy bars & pubs and chic beach clubs. The most famous place for this is of course the always bustling Lloret de Mar. You can also indulge yourself in terms of activities and there is something fun to do for every taste! From parasailing, bungee jumping, jet skiing, jeep safaris, hiking, bicycles, swimming, horseback riding, helicopter flights, balloon rides, to exclusive boat trips all in one catamaran, you can't think of it as crazy or you can do it on the Costa Brava!

The ultimate holiday in a luxury Costa Brava Villa or holiday home!

Costa Brava Villa Anais in Lloret de Mar - Club Villamar!

A holiday on the Costa Brava is of course only really ultimate if you spend it in a luxury Costa Brava villa or holiday home with private pool. Because who doesn't dream of having access to a sunny, rustic and idyllic location by the sea a beautiful and fully furnished house with private pool and spacious garden! Enjoy peace and quiet with your family or friends, a stone's throw from the endless activities, bustling villages, countless sights and pearly white beaches! Surely that is heaven on earth ?!

However, this ideal picture seems very far away for most people, for example it would be far too difficult to arrange, but it would also be far too expensive! However, this does not have to be the case at all! A Rent a Costa Brava villa namely, contrary to popular belief, is correct very simple and also reserved for many of you! However, you have to find out where you can best rent it and what you should pay attention to!

Costa Brava Villa rental: Book with a reliable provider

Holiday in Lloret de Mar - book a trip
Always book your Costa Brava Villa with a reliable party

Are you looking for a beautiful Costa Brava villa or holiday home, the easiest way is the internet. At least, that seems the easiest way! The range of holiday home providers on the internet is enormous! Just enter “Costa Brava Villa” on Google for fun and you get more than 20 million search results! Limit yourself to the first 5 pages on Google in your search for a good and reliable provider. You will find generally on the first pages the largest providers of Costa Brava villas and holiday homes.

However, do not immediately become blind to the beautiful photos and prices. First take a look at the offer on the website, view the information about the company to discover a piece of history, but also check whether the provider is affiliated with, for example Trustpilot and has good reviews. If this all feels good, there is one more important point to consider: the so-called conditions! How about the down payment and security deposit? Which payment options are all there? Is there a lowest price or satisfaction guarantee, and what about the service? For example, can you contact someone on site if something unexpected happens during the holiday.

So don't let cheap become expensive! Choose a reliable “large” provider with a local network and a lowest price guarantee! He can not only advise you from experience on which villa best suits your needs, he is also on site to help you when the need arises. Moreover, they can often advise you well on other additional matters such as: traveling by car or plane, car rental, activities, excursions, etc.!  

Renting a Costa Brava Villa: What should you pay attention to?

Always find out exactly where your Costa Brava villa is located and avoid disappointment!

The Costa Brava, with its rugged and rugged rock formations and beautiful bays, is a beautiful area in the northeast of Spain and stretches along a 200 km long coastline! The Costa Brava starts at the French border at Portbou and continues all the way to the beautiful seaside resort Blanes. The Costa Brava is therefore quite large in terms of surface! It is therefore wise to take this into account when renting a Costa Brava Villa exactly what you want to do during your vacation.


The location of the villa is perhaps one of the most important aspects for the ultimate holiday. It is therefore important to ask yourself what exactly you want! For example, do you want a luxury holiday home in midden or near a tourist resort, or would you rather sit in breathtaking nature with nothing around you but your family and the chirping of the birds! Should your holiday home be within walking distance of the sea, the supermarket and / or the local restaurants & shops? Do you want to go out or not at all ?! All important things to take into account when booking a Costa Brava villa!  

Not only the area where the villa is located is important, too the location of the villa itself is important! For example, is the villa easy to reach, there are “many” other houses in the area that can hinder your rest, you can enjoy an unobstructed view, but most importantly… in terms of location, it is also safe for children! For example, if it is located on a hilltop, you want to avoid having to keep your little one from falling into the deep end throughout your holiday!

Safety above all else ;-)!

However, in terms of location on the Costa Brava, there is a suitable villa or holiday home for every wish! So just make sure you check in advance whether the villa in question meets your needs in terms of location!

2. Choose the seaside resort that suits your needs!

The Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful and most touristic holiday destinations in the world for groups of friends as well as families with small children. It will therefore come as no surprise that this region is rich in a variety of picturesque seaside resorts with pearly white beaches, countless activities and an unprecedented history. However, the most famous resorts for renting a luxury Costa Brava villa are Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Blanes, Sant Felui de Guixols, Sant Antoni de Calogne, L'Escala, Playa de Aro and Empuriabrava. Discover below which seaside resort best suits your needs:

2.1 Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar for families - Playa de Lloret

As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, Lloret de Mar has something to offer every type of holidaymaker. That's how Lloret de Mar knows 8 beautiful beaches, an azure blue sea, countless activities and you can there party day and night! What many people don't know is that Lloret has a lot more to offer! It also has a beautiful culture, unprecedented history and breathtaking nature!

Lloret de Mar ideal for young people who want to party? Of course! Lloret is also suitable for families thanks to the wonderful beaches, the many (water) parks, the cozy shops , good restaurants, spectacular activities & sights and fun playgrounds an ultimate holiday destination for families.

More information about Lloret de Mar can be found here: 21 Tips for an unforgettable holiday in Lloret de Mar!

2.2 Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is seen by many as one of the most beautiful and historic villages of the Costa Brava. Wonderful beaches in breathtaking surroundings, pleasant temperatures, fun activities, beautiful nature, cozy restaurants and a historic center with a castle make Tossa de Mar a perfect place for a relaxing holiday with the whole family. If you want a little more action and adventure, then you can be in Lloret de Mar in no time by car, bus or taxi!

More information about Tossa de Mar can be found here: Top 20 activities in Tossa de Mar!

2.3 Blanes

At the southernmost tip of the Costa Brava, lies the picturesque seaside town of Blanes. Blanes has traditionally been a Catholic fishing village which has grown into over the years a modern, dynamic seaside resort. There is plenty to do in Blanes for both families and groups of friends. This way you can enjoy the sun, sea and beach here beautiful nature, there are several bars, clubs & restaurants, beautiful sights, but also countless fun activities to do.

More information about Blanes can be found here: Top 20 activities in Blanes!

2.4 Sant Feliu de Guixols

Originally Sant Feliu de Guixols a small village by the sea and although it has become increasingly touristic over the years, the village has managed to maintain its authenticity. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature and pleasant nightlife make this village ideal for families! Here too you will find many beautiful sights that you can see, such as a medieval monastery, a hermitage and modernist city walls. If you prefer a day of golf, then the Costa Brava Golf Club a stone's throw away!  

2.5 Sant Antoni de Calonge

Sant Antoni de Calonge is a beautiful seaside town and part of the picturesque historic town of Calonge, situated on a hill in the heart of the Costa Brava, about 4 kilometers inland. The old medieval village center of Calonge was created in the 12th century around a large medieval fortress, the Castello de Sessa, and is therefore popular with culture lovers. Sant Antoni de Calonge itself is become one popular holiday destination with a mix of beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, countless (water) activities) and all kinds cultural attractions. Everything is available for a wonderful relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings!

2.6 L'Escala

This beautiful historic coastal town offers a wonderful combination of sun, sea & beach, nature, history and culture. So you can enjoy a beautiful walk along the harbor, a nice day shopping at the cozy market or simply relax on the pearly white beach. The history of L'Escala is also one to delve further into. The many Medieval remains but also the beautiful ruins of Empúries are definitely worth a visit!

Do you really want something special? Then pay a visit to the beautiful unspoilt peninsula Cap de Creus. L'Escala is ideally suited for families or tourists looking for peace, space and nature!

2.7 Playa de Aro

going out on the Costa Brava

Playa de Aro is a busy tourist resort, built around a beach. Unlike many other seaside resorts on the Costa Brava, the city does not have a historic center. You will only find a wide range of shops, restaurants, bars, flamenco clubs, cocktail bars and nightclubs. The pleasures of the beach, gastronomy, water sports and nightlife are the main source of income here.

This makes this beautiful seaside resort ideal for tourists who want to enjoy the ultimate sun, sea, beach and party holiday, but less suitable for families with small children! Outside the tourist center, however, it is great to stay in a luxury Costa Brava Villa!

2.8 Empuriabrava

View from Villa Akaron on the channels of Empuriabrava

Empuriabrava is a beautiful tourist resort and is also called the 'Venice of Catalonia' mentioned. Many of the houses are surrounded by 25 kilometers of canals & canals and it has one of the largest ports of the world. Just like in Venice, you can travel from one side of the city to the other by boat here! Are you looking for a wonderful sightseeing holiday, combined with sun, sea and beach, then Empuriabrava is the place-to-be for you!

3. What types of villas are there?

The best thing about a Costa Brava villa is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. So you have it everywhere cozy and cozy apartments/ holiday homes in the center, large family-friendly holiday homes with private pool near the center and super-deluxe holiday homes with all unimaginable luxury and comfort. Whether you want to rent a Costa Brava villa for 2 persons or for 20 persons, in every seaside resort you can find a villa to rent that suits your needs and budget!

Due to the wide choice of villas, it is therefore important to ask yourself what kind of villa you are looking for in addition to location and location. Do you want a cozy apartment, a beautiful authentic villa or an ultra modern holiday home. But also check carefully with which travel group you are going on holiday. For example, if you are going with your own family, 2/3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and living room are sufficient. However, if you are traveling with several families, it can be nice to have a little more privacy. There are also villas with several bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or units that can be completely separated.

4. Which facilities are important to you?

Surely everyone wants a private swimming pool ?!

The facilities and amenities, when you rent a Costa Brava villa, are also important to experience your dream holiday. Where else than in a villa or holiday home have you a large private garden, a private pool, peace, space and privacy, not to mention a fully furnished house with all the trimmings! So here you can really enjoy quality time with your friends or family without the annoyances of other tourists.

Luxury and comfort are a broad concept and have a different meaning for every person. Where one sees luxury and comfort in a bathroom with bath, another sees it in a large outdoor Jacuzzi! So ask yourself which facilities are really important to you and should certainly not be missing on your holiday! Think of a swimming pool, garden with dining area, BBQ, internet / wifi, games, satellite TV but also which kitchen equipment is available and whether there are child-friendly facilities such as a dining chair, stair gates and baby cot.

Keep in mind that facilities also come with a price tag! So don't make impossible demands and even though you want to get the best out of it, stay realistic!

5. For whom is a Costa Brava Villa suitable!

This beautiful region is thanks to the enormous diversity of the Costa Brava suitable for every type of traveler! There is something for everyone. This is especially true when you stay in a Costa Brava Villa or Holiday Home! As indicated above, because of the wide range on offer, you can choose a villa that perfectly matches your wishes in terms of location, number of people and facilities! Whether you are staying with your family, the whole family, a group of friends or romantically as a couple, a Costa Brava Villa always suits your wishes!

6. What does a Costa Brava Villa actually cost?

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday homes on the Costa Brava are very affordable, and especially if you are traveling with a large group or in the early or late season! If you even calculate it properly, you will soon come to the conclusion that it even one of the most cost effective options is for your vacation. Imagine you are looking for a large Costa Brava villa for 10 people, with private pool and breathtaking sea views.

The rental price for such a villa starts from approximately EUR 490 per week! If you book this villa, this means that you can enjoy a private villa with your friends or family for only EUR 7 per person per day (€ 49 per person per week)!

Naturally, the rates are a lot higher in the high season or during holiday periods. However, if you are staying with a large group or two families, you can share these costs and you are quickly works out cheaper than one good hotel. Most villas have 3-6 bedrooms and several bathrooms so they can easily accommodate 6 to 12 people! The biggest difference, however, is that in a hotel you enjoy much less peace, space and privacy, you do not have a private swimming pool and you cannot enjoy a BBQ in the garden all together!

A Costa Brava Villa is pure enjoyment

Renting a Costa Brava Villa difficult and expensive? Not at all! Renting a beautiful villa on the Costa Brava guarantees pure enjoyment! As mentioned, you just have to know what to look out for, which location suits you best and where you should rent a holiday home best. However, if you follow the above tips, it can hardly go wrong! To get you in the mood a bit, below is an overview of 5 beautiful and affordable villas in the aforementioned popular Costa Brava resorts: Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Blanes, Playa de Aro and Sant Antoni de Calogne.

Top 5 beautiful and affordable Costa Brava villas!

1. Villa Leyla in Lloret de Mar!

Costa Brava Villa Leyla - Lloret de Mar
Costa Brava, Villa Leyla - Lloret de Mar

Enjoy breathtaking sea views from this super luxurious 10-person Costa Brava villa with private pool! From the luxurious and modern furnished living room with sea view, French doors lead to the beautifully landscaped outdoor area. Here you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool with the whole group during the summer days or come together for a tasty BBQ.

Villa Leyla consists of 2 complete accommodation units with a total of 5 comfortable bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and 2 fully equipped modern kitchen. Ideal for 2 families who want to stay here together! Villa Leyla, located 3 km from the beach and 4 km from nightlife in Lloret de Mar. simply has everything you could wish for.

You can book Villa Leyla from just € 142.14 per day, which comes to a little more than a full occupancy € 14 per person per day!

2. Villa Festina in Tossa de Mar

Costa Brava Villa Festina - Tossa de Mar
Costa Brava, Villa Festina - Tossa de Mar

This very luxurious 6-person Costa Brava villa, located in a small-scale apartment complex near Tossa de Mar, has a magnificent view over the azure blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach, shops and restaurants are also 200m to 500m away respectively. So everything is within reach! In addition to a spacious balcony where you can dine and have a BBQ, the holiday home also has a modern living room, luxury kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This holiday home is really great for families with children or couples who want to enjoy a romantic time!

You can book Villa Festina from only € 94.57 per day, which comes to a little more than a full occupancy € 15 per person per day!

3. Villa Carioca - Blanes

Costa Brava Villa Carioca - Blanes
Costa Brava, Villa Carioca - Blanes

This beautiful family-friendly and detached holiday villa is located in a quiet urbanization and, in addition to a large private swimming pool, also has a spacious landscaped garden! With a cozy Spanish-style living room, 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms, the villa can accommodate up to 8 people. Ideal for a large family or 2 families who want to stay together! The shops and restaurants of Blanes are just over 1 km from the villa and the beach is about 2.3 km!  

You can book Villa Carioca from just € 182 per day, which comes down to a little more than € 22 per person per day!

4. Villa Doix in Playa de Aro

Costa Brava Villa Doix- Playa de Aro
Costa Brava, Villa Doix- Playa de Aro

This delightful Costa Brava Villa is located in a quiet location on the edge of Playa de Aro. Ideal if you want to enjoy everything the bustling seaside resort has to offer, but you also want to be able to retreat to the peace and quiet of your villa at any time. With both a private swimming pool in the garden and a jacuzzi on the terrace with formidable views of the city and sea, you have everything your heart desires here. Villa Doix also has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, making it easy for groups of up to 10 people to stay here! in the evenings you can enjoy a delicious BBQ with the whole family in the spacious garden!

You can book Villa Doix from just € 115.94 per day, which comes to a little more than a full occupancy € 11 per person per day!

5. Villa Viewed in Sant Antoni de Calonge

Costa Brava Views- Sant Antoni de Calonge
Costa Brava, Villa Bekeken- Sant Antoni de Calonge

This delightful Costa Brava Villa is located on the highest point of Sant Antoni de Calongne and enjoys the best views of the beautiful green surroundings, the city, the bay and a 180 degree view over the azure blue Mediterranean sea! With lots of outdoor space, 3 bedrooms and a private pool with sea view, you can enjoy a holiday here in peace! To complete the picture, the villa also has free WiFi!

You can book a villa from just € 81.07 per day, which comes to a little more than a full occupancy € 13 per person per day!

The Costa Brava really has something for everyone

Wake up with a delicious cup of coffee with a view over the sea. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool and dine al fresco with the whole family! That is the ultimate holiday feeling that a Costa Brava villa offers! From cozy fincas, cozy apartments to large holiday homes for the whole family, the choice of holiday homes and villas here is nothing short of huge!

Are you ready for a wonderful holiday on the Costa Brava and do you want more information about the areas or nice trips, then read more quickly at: Costa Brava Holidays: The best information can be found here!

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