The 13 best beach bars in Lloret de Mar: discover them here!

Beach bars in Lloret de Mar - drink on the beach

Sun, sea, beach and going out until the early hours! Those are the magical words that describe Lloret de Mar. With 8 beautiful sandy beaches, located at the azure water from the Mediterranean, a holiday in Lloret de Mar is guaranteed to be filled with endless beach fun. Lounging and sunbathing on the warm sand with a good book. Cool off and splash in the blue waters of the Mediterranean. And then back into the sun or indulge in various cool water sports. The ultimate relaxing Lloret vacation where you were up to.

Such an ultimate day at the beach must of course be concluded with a delicious refreshing drink or an exotic cocktail in one of the many beach bars in Lloret de Mar! In this blog I will introduce you to the 13 nicest beach bars in Lloret, and also which beaches you can find them!

The Beautiful Beaches in Lloret de Mar

Beach bars in Lloret de Mar - Cala Treumal - Santa Cristina
The pearly white sandy beach of Cala Treumal!

Lloret de Mar has thanks to its breathtaking location, on the rocky coast of the Costa Brava, not only beautiful long and pearly white sandy beaches, but also some small picturesque hidden bays. Whether you want to enjoy a day of snorkeling, water sports or simply want to enjoy the sun, Lloret de Mar has it all. The beaches in Lloret de Mar have all with their own character and advantages. For example, the main tourist beach Playa de Lloret has all imaginable facilities you may need, while the small beach of Cala Boadella is much quieter and offers wonderful snorkeling opportunities.

Although the small beaches have less facilities than the large and crowded beaches, they are equipped with all comfortssuch as rental of umbrellas and beach beds, toilets and catering. Everything you need for a relaxing day at the beach in Lloret de Mar. And when the beach day slowly comes to an end? Then treat yourself to a snack and drink in a nice beach bars of Lloret de Mar.. With a view of the sea, you can enjoy a cooling cocktail, a nice lunch or an extensive dinner here. Definitely the best way to end your beach day.

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The 13 best beach bars in Lloret de Mar that you should definitely visit

Thanks to the many beaches and coves in Lloret de Mar, all of which are also equipped with the necessary facilities and restaurant facilities, there is near every beach a beautiful beachbar! To make it a bit clearer, so that you know which bars are in which beaches, I have the best beach bars in Lloret de Mar classified by beach! Let's start with the biggest!

Lloret de Mar beach - on the Map
The 8 beaches of Lloret de Mar on the map!

The Best Beach Bars at Playa de Lloret

Playa de Lloret is the largest beach in Lloret de Mar and therefore the busiest. It is located directly on the city, so you can reach it easily and quickly. Here you will find everything you need for a successful beach day, including showers, toilets and water sports activities. Along the long boulevard you will find a wide range of restaurants and bars. But the real beach bars are not here on the boulevard, but directly on or on the beach of Playa de Lloret! So you don't even have to leave the warm sand for a refreshing cocktail or a tasty bite to eat.

1. Aloha Beach Bar

Beach bars in Lloret de Mar - Cocktails
Enjoy delicious exotic cocktails!

Of all the nice beach bars in Lloret de Mar, Aloha Beach Bar is one of the best. It is a real classic beach bar. With a colorful and modern interior and a cozy atmosphere, it is always a party here. Aloha is not only nice to cool off in the shade with a cold drink during the day, it is also good to stay here in the evening. Enjoy tasty snacks and tapas, fruity cocktails and good music. In addition, you can rent a hookah at Aloha for the real relaxed beach feeling and a good start to your evening.       

2.    Voramar

If one thing is right with Voramar, it's the cocktails. Voramar bar staff know how to mix a tasty and above all beautiful cocktail. The 1 liter drinks are decorated with brightly colored flowers and tropical fruits for spectacular creations that will look perfect on your Instagram feed. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, it tropical decor and beautiful sea views Imagine yourself in exotic Hawaii in the beach bar Voramar.        

3.    Loco Beach

Loco Beach Club is a real hip beach bar. It is located right on the beach of Playa de Lloret and is therefore always close by for a snack and a drink. Lounge in the comfortable chairs or on the beautiful wooden terrace. The modern design of the beach bar has a maritime touch, entirely in the style of Lloret. In addition to tasty alcoholic drinks, Loco Beach is also known for exotic smoothies and fresh juicen.

4. Blue Bar

At Blue Bar you get the real Mediterranean coastal feeling. The blue with white decor gives the bar a Greek touch. On the large terrace you can enjoy the sun and the view while you a nice fruity cocktail drinkt. The cocktails from Blue Bar are decorated with fruit and flowers, which will look beautiful on Instagram. So everyone at home will certainly get jealous!

5.    Cocktails Mar i Tu Beach bar

This cozy beach bar is located directly on the beach of Playa de Lloret and the atmosphere is always pleasant. The generous cocktails, in the most beautiful colors, are decorated with fresh tropical fruit and also have an excellent taste! For a special Hawaiian touch Here guests receive a special floral wreath with their cocktail. Here you enjoy a beautiful view of the sea!

6.    Movida Beach Club

The Movida Beach Club is located in an idyllic location, on the edge of Playa de Lloret. Due to its elevated position, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea and the beach! From 18:00 to 21:00 there is a Happy Hour with buffet, tasty drinks and a DJ for good music!

The Best Beach Tents at Fenals

Beach bars in Lloret de Mar - Fenals
Enjoy a wonderful day on the beach of Fenals

Although the beach of Fenals is relatively large and all amenities are available, it is a lot quieter than Playa de Lloret. So perfect for a wonderful beach day with the family or to find a quiet and romantic place. The soft sand and blue water make this a true paradise. All necessary facilities are also available here. Rent an umbrella or lounger, use the toilets and showers and stroll along the small boulevard. And what about drinks? Obviously you can get that at the 2 great beach bars at the beach of Fenals!

7.    Punta Garbi

Punta Garbi is seen by many as the best beach bar in Fenals. It is a cozy bar with a cheerful, tropical character and a large terrace. You sit here both during the day and in the evening lovely overlooking the sea. Especially when it gets dark and the lights go on, Punta Garbi is very atmospheric. Enjoy the tasty snacks, simple snacks and dishes to dine after a nice beach day.

8. Baluma

This cozy bar is located on the beach of Fenals and it has a beautiful view of the sea. In this atmospheric bar you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, a refreshing drink but also order a delicious snack! Due to the relatively quiet location of the bar, you can also relax here with children, or in a romantic way and enjoy the sunset just the two of you!

The Best Beach bar of Cala Boadella

South of Fenals beach you will find the rustic 250 meter long sandy beach Cala Boadella. With crystal clear water, fine golden sand, shielded from the wind by the cliff and lush foliage, this is one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole Costa Brava. With a water depth of only 70 cm, up to a few tens of meters in the sea, Cala Boadella is also very suitable for families with small children.

9. Guingueta Sa Boadella

The beautiful beach bar is located directly on the beach and enjoys a beautiful view of the sea. During the day you can enjoy here, during or after a wonderful day at the beach, a delicious cocktail with fresh fruit, a cup of coffee tasty snack. In the evenings you can also go here for a tasteful and romantic meal by the sea! Then end the evening with a last walk on the beautiful beach of Cala Boadella!  

The Best Beach bar of Cala Banys

Cala Banys is a kind of hidden gem. This picturesque bay is about a 10 minute walk from Lloret de Bar. Cala Banys is not really a place to bake in the sun. But you can get there very good snorkeling and diving. Take a dip and see what's going on between the rocks. The bay is not that big, about 50 meters, but very beautiful. The rocks, pine trees and clear water are typical of the Costa Brava. But the best thing about Cala Banys is its beautiful view of the castle of Sant Joan and the sea. Just for this, it definitely worth a visit, and of course a delicious cocktail at Bar Cala Banys?.

10. Cala Banys bar

The best view of perhaps all of Lloret de Mar. you have it from the terrace of Bar Cala Banys. Enjoy the beautiful view of the blue sea and the waves bursting over the rocks. All this of course while enjoying a nice lunch, a snack or a cool drink. In the evening the real spectacle starts here, with a breathtaking sunset in the sea. Absolutely the most beautiful in Lloret de Mar and super romantic. Perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one or holiday lover.

The Best Beach Bar in Canyelles

At three kilometers from the center of Lloret de Mar you will find the 450 meter long sandy beach of Canyelles. This heavenly white sand beach, with sheer cliffs and surrounding pine trees, is in the summer months a lot less crowded than the other beaches in Lloret de Marwhile the facilities are the same. In addition to the usual umbrellas and sunbeds, you can practice various water sports here and there is also a small harbor with a yacht club. For a refreshing drink or delicious meal at the end of the day, visit La Caseta Cala Canyelles

11. La Caseta Cala Canyelles

La Caseta is located directly on the pearly white beach of Canyelles. In this cozy and charming beach tent you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, but also a nice meal, snack or ice cream. Ideal if you want to cool down on a warm day at the beach or want to end the day with a tasty typical Spanish meal or tapas! The best thing about this typical beach bar is of course its fantastic view!

The Best Beach bar of SA CALETA

Right next to Playa de Lloret you will find the small bay Sa Caleta. This picturesque bay full of fishing boats in the sand and is about 110 meters long and 15 meters wide. You can enjoy the finest sand and clear turquoise water in a rocky environment. This also makes it an excellent place to discover the breathtaking underwater flora and fauna. Like all beaches in Lloret de Mar, all necessary facilities are available here! So enjoy a delicious drink here after a day at the beach!

12. La Sal - Shisha & Cocktail

In this atmospheric oriental cocktail bar at the beach of Sa Caleta it is always a party. Not only do you enjoy this after a wonderful day at the beach a delicious and perfectly prepared cocktail, even in the evening you can come here for an evening of ultimate enjoyment. Fruity cocktails, good music, friendly service and a hookah with exotic flavors ensure a good start to your evening.           

The Best Beach Bar in Santa Cristina / Cala Treumal

Just 3 km at the south of Lloret de Mar, at the end of a narrow path winding between the pine trees, you will find the blue flag awarded beach of Santa Cristina. This lovely beach, with 500 meters of fine soft sand, is very popular among families with young children. If you follow the beach of Santa Cristina a little further south, just behind the protruding rocky part, you will discover it heaven beach, Cala Treumal. This beautiful beach is truly an exotic and unspoilt piece of paradise.

Cala Treumal Bar Restaurant

This beach tent is located in perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Lloret de Mar. On the beach of Cala Treumal and a stone's throw from Santa Cristina. Despite this trendy beach bar is relatively expensive, its breathtaking view of the bay woth it. If you really want to enjoy an evening romantic, then visit this great beach restaurant. Enjoy a delicious drink here, a traditional Spanish meal and take in the unparalleled beauty of the Costa Brava!

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