Lloret de Mar Beach Party - Have an unforgettable day at the beach!

Lloret de Mar Beach Party

Lloret de Mar, a beautiful Mediterranean seaside resort on the Spanish seaside resort, is known for her beautiful beaches, vibrant activities, azure water and never-ending nightlife! It is therefore not surprising that Lloret de Mar has bundled these highlights into a real Lloret de Mar Beach Party! A Lloret de Mar Beach Party stands for a spectacular day at the beach, with countless activities in and on the water, while enjoying a snack, drink and go all out to the beats of international DJs! If you are going to Lloret de Mar, then a Lloret de Mar Beach Party should certainly not be missing on your to-do list!

If you want to know everything about what to expect from a Lloret de Mar Beach Party, read on!

Lloret de Mar Beach Party: An ultimate experience

Whether you enjoy a wonderful holiday in Lloret de Mar, or are staying in one of the surrounding places like Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Callela etc., you must have experienced a Lloret de Mar Beach Party! From the main beach of Lloret de Mar, Platja de Lloret, you sail with the whole party group on a Catamaran to a beautiful private beach, the so-called Fantasy Island. The tour takes about 20 minutes and is, especially if you have never been on one Catamaran already been an experience in itself. At the end of the day you will of course also be taken back by the Catamaran to the main beach of Lloret de Mar!

Once dropped off by the Catamaran on Fantasy Island, the party really starts, the music echoes all over the beach and everything is done to ensure that your Lloret de Mar Beach Party is an unforgettable experience. This way you can also participate in dancing to the coolest beats countless fun group activities on the beach and in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean. But also at the Beach Bar unlimited enjoyment of refreshing drinks and you can smell the smell of fresh hamburger on the BBQ!

Enjoy the many activities


As mentioned, everything is done to ensure that you have the ultimate Lloret de Mar Beach Party experiences. There are therefore countless fun (group) activities to ensure this. On the beach you can play football and volleyball, among other things fun (drinking) games, enter into competition among others in dance battles, slide over the belly slide job or ultimate men against women competitions, but of course also normal enjoy dancing or relaxing on the beach.

Numerous activities have also been organized on and in the water. So there is a real one speedboat with which you can tear over the waves, you can take a trip with your friends on a banana boat or be pulled over the water in the Fly-Fish. There are also large ones in the water water mats with which you can walk on the water like a kind of “god”, you can enter the water on a large mat aqua boxes with your friends, jump on the water in one super trampoline or blobbing! With blobbing you are, as it were, torpedoed through the air into the sea by large inflatable cushions in the water!

Lloret de Mar Beach Party: Who, What and Where and What does it cost ?!

Catamaran in Lloret de Mar - coast of Lloret
The Catamaran Experience!

The Catamaran's pick-up point is on Lloret's main beaches! This wonderful activity takes place every weekday from Monday to Friday in the months of June, July and August and lasts approximately 5 hours. So you enjoy this great day no less than 5 hours long of an exhilarating day on a private beach full of music, activities, water sports, dancing and unlimited food & drinks! The great thing is that this activity is also very affordable if you look at what you get in return!

The price for the Lloret de Mar Beach Party is only € 47 per person! Everything is included, so outside of a good mood, a towel, sunscreen and swimming outfit you don't have to bring anything! Also all water activities, such as the banana boat, catamaran, Fly-Fish and Speedboat, are included!  Lloret de Mar expensive? No definitely not! Below you will find an overview with everything that is included in this spectacular Beach Party!

What is included in a Lloret de Mar Beach Party:

The Fly Fish!
  • Transport by boat to and from the private beach “Fantasy Island”!
  • Pleasant activities such as volleyball, football, games and various competitions; all on the beautiful beach
  • Music
  • Water sports activities such as the banana boat (Ski Bus), the Fly-Fish, a speedboat ride, a super trampoline, Blobbing, aqua boxes, and much more!
  • Eat and Drink: BBQ with burgers, hot dogs, salads and drinks
  • Supervision by professional and certified lifeguards

LLoret de Mar Beach Party: Where to Book!

Tickets for this great activity can be obtained at the meeting point in Lloret de Mar (Platja de Lloret - also the location where the catamaran departs) or online at The Lloret de Mar Beach Party! For more information you can of course also take a look at the website!

The Lloret de Mar Beach Party

Passeig d'Agustí Font (Platja de Lloret), 17310 Lloret de Mar

Telephone: +34 629 326427 & E-mail: info@beachpartycostabrava.com


Other fun (water) activities in Lloret de Mar

Water activities in Lloret de Mar - jet skiing and flyboarding

In addition to a great party on a private beach in Lloret Mar, do you want to participate in even more spectacular activities in Lloret de Mar? No problem! In the field of water activities, Lloret de mar has something for everyone! Relaxing boat trips, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, sea kayaking, wakeboarding, snorkeling, diving  to party on one party boat! You can't think of it as crazy or it is possible in Lloret de Mar! More information about the water activities in Lloret de Mar can be found at: 20 best water activities in Lloret de Mar 

Also on land and in the air there is more than enough to do in the area around Lloret de Mar! How about a helicopter flight or balloon ride over the Costa Brava,, bungee jumping at an altitude of 80 meters, whiz down the white water courses of Waterworld, tear into a Kart at Go Karts Lloret or brave the ferocious roller coasters of PortAventura! You will find all 22 Top activities of Lloret de Mar here, or take a look at: Best Excursions in Lloret de Mar: Top 12 for You!


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