Things to do in Blanes: Top 20 of the best activities

Things to do in Blanes

In the South of Lloret de Mar, at the southernmost tip of the Costa Brava, and on the Mediterranean Sea, lies the picturesque seaside town of Blanes. Blanes is traditionally a Catholic fishing village which has grown over the years as a modern, dynamic seaside resort. There is plenty to do for families and groups of friends in Blanes and the surrounding area. So you can enjoy the sun, the sea, the beach, the beautiful nature, there are several bars, clubs & restaurants, beautiful sights, but also countless fun activities to do.

Do you want to know everything about what to do in Blanes during your well-deserved holiday? Then read on and find out in this Top 20 of best activities all about what to do in Blanes!

The history of Blanes

The Monastery of Blanes built in 1583

The origin of Blanes dates back to the Iberian and Roman times. A maritime port and hills to protect the coastal strip from piracy made Blanes an ideal habitat for the inhabitants of the time. The following Medieval period however, was an eventful period for Blanes. The beautiful village suffered considerably from the sea attacks and was in the 8th century even destroyed by the Moors and further damaged by the French. At the end of the Middle Ages to the Golden age However, thanks to ties with wealthy Catalan families and the new Spanish overseas empire (America), Blanes was restored to its glory.

Today, despite of the many destruction over the centuries, you can still find many beautiful historical sites in and around Blanes. Most structures, however, stem from the rich "American" legacy of the Golden Age. The original inhabitants who came back to their native village with a large fortune from the American Indies to build lavish modernist buildings. These adventurers became “Indianos" or "Americanos".

The dilution of the “Spanish empirein the late 19th century obliged the port city to change. Fisheries, agriculture and the textile industry became the new means of existence in Blanes in the 1920s. During the Spanish civil war (July 17, 1936 to April 1, 1939), however, the village was again not spared: it was bombed and severely damaged. Several historical establishments disappeared. It wasn't until the 60's that the tourism was developed and Blanes regained her unprecedented dynamism. And we still feel this dynamic today in Blanes!

Things to do in Blanes!

Located on the azure water of the Mediterranean sea and a beautiful mountainous natural landscape makes Blanes a wonderful holiday destination for young & old. Thanks to its idyllic location, you can enjoy this beautiful beaches and breathtaking nature, where you can undertake countless activities. For example, you can enjoy a wonderful day on one of the beaches, participate in countless (water) activities, stroll around the Botanic Gardens, great shopping, but also lovely walking and sightseeing in the historic part of the city, and in the evenings going crazy in one of the nightlife options in the new tourist district is possible.

Thanks to its beautiful location, diversity and many activities, Blanes is a wonderful holiday destination for both adrenalin-seeking groups of friends and families looking for a relaxing holiday. In 2007, Blanes even received aas first coastal town the certificate of 'Tourist Family Destination'from the Catalan Tourist Office. The center of Blanes clearly consists of two parts: the historic district with cozy restaurants and sights, and on the other hand the new tourist district with great entertainment options, tourists can make a clear choice according to their needs.  

Are you curious about this lovely seaside town and do you want to know why you should definitely visit Blanes? Below you'll find everything you need to know about the sights, activities, beaches, entertainment, shops, day trips and accommodations!

Discover the beautiful beaches and coves of Blanes

Blanes has around four kilometer of coastal strip with a nice long promenade that runs along the beaches. The large centrally located beaches have lovely soft sand and excellent facilities, such as showers, toilets, bars, lifeguards and a rental service for umbrellas and sun beds. In addition, you can also enjoy activities such as beach volleyball, windsurfing, water skiing, on the large beaches. parasailing, jet skiing, sailing and boat trips. The smaller beaches or bays, on the other hand, are located in a beautiful and idyllic setting, between the rocks and breathtaking nature. You will imagine yourself in a paradise! 

The beaches of Blanes are known for their calm waters, but you should keep in mind, especially with young children, that at some beaches the water gets deep quite quickly. Find thanks to our Top 5 beaches in Blanes the beach that matches your needs for ultimate relaxation and a fun time with your family or friends!

1.1 Beach of Blanes

The main beach of Blanes, "the beach of Blanes", is one of the most beautiful beaches in Blanes. Thanks to it fine golden sand you can enjoy a wonderful day at the beach here. In the high season, various facilities and amenities are available for the many tourists who visit the beach. You will find parking options at the beach,  sanitary facilities, rental of water sports equipment, sun beds and umbrellas. You can also in the adjacent marina for various fun boat trips, parasailing, the banana boat and the fly fish!

Children will also have a great time here. In addition to building sandcastles, they can visit various playgrounds along the boulevard and there is one Club Infantil (kids club) where different activities can be done

This beautiful beach has a Blue Flag quality mark since 1995, thanks to its excellent water quality and excellent facilities.You will find the beach of Blanes directly next to the port and to the right of Sa Palomera, a large rock that marks the geographical beginning of the Costa Brava. On the other side of the rock you will find the S'Abanell beach, the longest beach in the province of Girona. Keep in mind that in high season it can be quite busy on this family-friendly beach. So make sure you have managed to get a spot in time!

1.2 Beach S'Abanell - Near Blanes - Nice to the Beach

On the other side of the big rock, called Sa Palomera, you will find the largest beach on the Costa Brava "S'Abbanell". The beach starts in the center of the resort and extends for 2.5 km to the south, up to the river Tordera. This beautiful beach, awarded with a Blue Flag, is a paradise for beach and water sports enthusiasts. You will find everything you need to have a nice day at the beach: public showers and toilets, lifeguards & first aid, access for disabled people, parking, rental of umbrellas and sunbeds, but also many water sports activities.

So you can choose from SUP, kite surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, stand up paddling, kite surfing and more. For the children you will also find several nice playgrounds on this beautiful beach where they will have a great time. Another fun option for the kids is the KidsClub, where even the little ones can enjoy fun activities under professional supervision! A wonderful beach day should end of course at one of the cozy bars and restaurants on the beach of S'Abanell.

1.3 Platja de Sant Francesc

Things to do in Blanes - Platja de Sant Francesc

At about 2km from the center of Blanes, you will find Platja de Sant Fransesc, one of the most beautiful bays of the whole Costa Brava. This paradise is popularly called "Cala Bona", which literally means "beautiful bay" in Catalonia. This beautiful 200 meter long beach is characterized by a calm and crystal clear sea. Thanks to the surrounding rocks, far from the artificial buildings, the bay is surrounded by pine trees sheltered from the wind. If you want to get away from the crowds, this is the perfect place for swimming and relaxing in Blanes.

Despite the rustic and idyllic location far from mass tourism, there are several facilities and amenities here. There is a cozy beach tent, an ice cream stall, a parking lot, showers, but you can also rent pedal boats and sunbeds here. You can also take a boat trip from the beach to the bustling Lloret de Mar or from here you can also take a boat trip along the coast in the direction of Lloret de Mar or you can snorkel along the beach. Due to the many rocks, the sea bottom of this bay is provided with an exceptionally rich flora and fauna. This heavenly beach has also had since 1995 a Blue Flag quality mark!

1.4 Cala Treumal

Between Lloret de Mar and Blanes lies, between the pine trees and rocks, this small 400 meter long bay with crystal clear water. Cala Treumal is located in the protected natural area, Pinya de Rosa, where you will find a botanical garden full of cacti. You simply feel completely at one with nature here, as if you have stepped into another world. The beautiful clear water also offers ideal opportunities for snorkeling and discovering the underwater flora & fauna. It is also an good place to go swimming with family,the sea is calm and shallow here and the beach is sheltered from the wind.

Although Cala Treumal is 3km from the center of Blanes, in the middle of nowhere, it is not too difficult to reach. You can park your car in the parking lot and after walking on a well laid out path you will reach the beautiful paradise beach. For the holidaymakers, the beach also has facilities such as showers, sun beds, umbrellas and a beach tent with breathtaking views over the bay!

1.5 Santa Anna Beach

Right behind the port of Blanes, just 300 meters from the center, you will find Santa Anna beach. This quiet and small beach (less than 100 meters long) is the ideal place for people who want ultimate relaxation and for real snorkel lovers. The crystal clear water and the many rocks ensure that you can enjoy all the beautiful species of undersea flora and fauna.

Although the beach is so small, it does have sanitary facilities and a lifeguard post. However, it is advisable, if you want to enjoy a long day at the beach, to bring your own food and drinks. During your holiday in Blanes, a visit to this lovely beach is definitely recommended!

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2. Discover the Top 5 Sights of Blanes:

Ermita de Sant Joan

Thanks to the beautiful rich history of Blanes, you can find many traces during your holiday dating from the Iberian, Roman and Medieval civilization, but especially from the Catalan bourgeoisie in the 19th century. The old medieval center of Blanes has all kinds of things cultural historical delights you can see, but you can also visit the Botanic Gardens that should certainly be on your "what to do in Blanes" list. a visit to the castle of San Joan should be also on your to-visit list! Below we have listed the 5 most beautiful sights of Blanes for you:

2.1 The 2 Botanical Gardens of Blanes

Marimurtra Botanical Gardens

One of the most famous sights of Blanes are the Marimurtra Botanical Gardens, located at northeast of the city on top of a mountain. You can enjoy breathtaking views over the rocky bays and the sea. Karl Faust designed this wonderful botanical garden at the beginning of the 20th century. This colorful garden contains no less than 4000 different plant species and has been realized together with the best architects, landscape architects and botanists of the time. Walk in between beautiful exotic plants and flowers, and get carried away by the summery floral scents.

Practical information

Opening hours: 10am to 7pm
Entrance fee: € 7
Address: Passeig Carles Faust, 9, Blanes
Tel .: +34.972.33.08.26

Pinya de Rosa Tropical Gardens

Do you want to see even more beautiful plants, flowers and trees? Then you should definitely visit the Pinya de Rosa tropical gardens on the outskirts of Blanes. Founded in 1945 by engineer Fernando Rivière de Caralt, this tropical garden features more than 7,000 species of plants. Just like in the garden of Marimurtra you can see a wide variety of cacti view which thrive especially in the Mediterranean climate. The walk is pleasant between rocks and fountains. And moreover, you enjoy here a beautiful views of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea.

Practical information

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm
Entrance fee: € 5
Address: Cami de Sta Cristina s / n, Blanes
Tel .: +34.972.35.06.89

2.2 The historic center of Blanes

The 12th century parish church of Santa Maria and the former viscounts of Cabrera

While walking through the historic heart of Blanes you will discover beautiful architectural masterpieces . This way you have the heritage to begin with Casa de la Vila (the town hall), the beautiful Fountain of Cristalina Mina from 1854), the gothic fountains (a beautiful remnant of Catalan Gothic and unique in its kind) dating from the 15th century and the square Plaça dels dies Feiners where the market of Blanes used to be held. Another tour de force is the square, Plaza de la Virgen Maria, where the fish used to be sold.

Other places worth knowing are: probably the most ancient heritage of Blanes 'Capilla de la Antigua', Casa Tordera (modernist house), the stately and medieval houses on the Carrer Ample, the 12th century parish church of Santa Maria and the former viscounts of Cabrera which display a beautiful legacy of the Gothic style. What also worth a visit is the church of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. This beautiful church is located in the old town of Carrer de l'Antiga and is the oldest church in Blanes. While strolling through the historic center of Blanes you simply cannot escape the beautiful history of Blanes!

2.3. The Hill and Castle of Sant Joan

North of the port of Blanes, more than 160 meters above sea level, on a hill, Sant Joan castle. You can admire the beautiful coastline and mountains in the area. On a beautiful day, when there is clear view, you can even see the famous Montjuic mountains in Barcelona . The first traces of this immense fortress go back to the 11th century, but only mid-13th century the beautiful castle was built on the orders of Grau de Cabrere, the Viscount of Girona.

In the 16th century was built under the command of Charles Quint, in the 16th century, commanded by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor of the Spanish Empire. This tower had to Protect the Catalan coast and the city of Barcelona from pirate attacks. A network of watchtowers, spread all over the Costa Brava, enabled cities and towns to warn each other with smoke or light signals as soon as enemy ships came into view. Today only one tower and part of a wall still stands in front of the large fort. Yet these are interesting enough to visit, if only for the breathtaking view!

Just outside the castle of Sant Joan is the hermitrage “Ermita de Sant Joan ”. This beautiful hermitage was built outside the castle walls in the 13th century due to the lack of space. Although the church is closed for most of the year, it is definitely worth a visit!

2.4 The Port of Blanes

The port of Blanes is one of the few seaside resorts that still has one working fishing fleet and therefore partly belongs to one of the most important from the Costa Brava. It is therefore highly recommended to go to the. Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon there is the famous fish auction . It is an excellent opportunity to see the fishing boats come in and see the fish and seafood with your own eyes. After the boats have been unloaded, it is time for the fish trade, where many visitors come to score the best fish at the best price.

In addition to the daily fish auction, the port of Blanes is also a central point when it comes tomooring places for Boats, recreation, sports, sailing schools, diving centers and attractive restaurants. Because of the variety that the port of Blanes offers, you will not get bored easily. For a touch of culture, the beautiful rock of Blanes is just around the corner. Because despite the historic December storm in 2008, the symbol of Blanes, the rock Sa Palomera, still to shine.

2.5 The Fireworks Spectacle of Blanes!

Enjoy the beautiful fireworks on the beach of Blanes

If you really want something spectacular during your holiday in Blanes, then visit this beautiful seaside resort in the 3rd or 4th week of July. Come to the annual fireworks competition from the Costa Brava in Blanes. In the so-called “Concurso de Fuegos de Artificio de la Costa Brava” not only many Spanish participants participate, but also foreign participants who see their fireworks here. Of course only one can be the winner and he will be rewarded with much honor for his work and the trophy Vila de Blanes.

It is every year fireworks spectacle to Blanes another great success. The beaches, terraces, hiking trails, the mountain of Sant Joan and even from the boats on the water are black with people. Every day there will be such 120,000 to 150,000 visitors to the fireworks show in Blanes. So keep in mind that the access to it Centre of Blanes both before and after the fireworks show very limited is. Make sure come early to Blanes to get your spot if you want to attend this show!

3. Going Out in Blanes

In lively Blanes you can also enjoy a wonderful evening out thanks to the many restaurants, bars and discotheques. However, you need to know exactly where to go in Blanes. For example, Blanes has an old and new district. In the old part of the city you will find, in addition to a beautiful history, mainly the more luxurious restaurants. Great if you want to enjoy the tasteful and typical Spanish dishes in peace and quiet for an evening.

The new district, on the other hand, has a range of pleasant entertainment options. So you will find many restaurants, bars and 3 beautiful large discos, Club Essencia, the Arena and Sa La Vega. Despite the fact that Blanes has a nice nightlife, it should be noted that it is not comparable to the nightlife of the adjacent Lloret de Mar. Many young people therefore go by bus from Blanes to the big nightlife in Lloret de Mar..

4. Top 5 activities in Blanes

In Blanes there is more than enough to experience for young and old. So you can get there to relax on the golden beach, see beautiful sights and there are plenty of nice restaurants, bars and clubs for a pleasant evening out. However, Blanes has much more in store for holidaymakers! In Blanes there are also various unforgettable activities that you can undertake to make your holiday in Blanes truly unforgettable! I have listed the best for you!

4.1 Go Kart Blanes

What to do in Blanes? Go karting for an afternoon or evening!

Are you a speed demon and do you like sensation? Then enjoy a race with your family and friends on the 900 meters long and 10 meters wide go-kart track of Blanes. You have here different types of karts to choose from. This way you can tear along the track with a maximum speed of 130 km / h, but also in a normal kart, which goes up to 60 km / h. For children between 4 and 14 years old they have a separate track and a special kart that go up to 25 km / h. Since they too can have fun in complete safety.

Don't feel like carting? Then enjoy a snack and drink in the bar overlooking the go-kart track while the rest of the party goes crazy on the track!

4.2 Water World

Waterworld Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Storm
Waterworld Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Storm

Just 12 minutes drive from Blanes, on the outskirts of Lloret de Mar, you will find Waterworld. This spectacular water park offers no fewer than 20 water attractions for young and old. Slide down the many slides and white water courses, brave the waves in the wave pool or relax in the whirlpool. Need even more thrills? Then go bungee jumping on the adjacent property and jump off one of the tallest cranes in the world. A day at Water World is one to remember!

4.3 Gnomopark

In a Mediterranean pine forest, on the road from Lloret de Mar to Blanes, there is special for the little ones (up to 12 years old) GnomoPark. This is an active outdoor park, full of cute gnomes, playgrounds and fun activities. The little ones can enjoy climbing and clambering here, play in the ball pit, play mini golf and much more! During the warm summer months there are also 2 splash pools and a “Spray Splash” area with different water jets where the children can romp after their activities.

4.4 Marineland

Marineland, located in Palafolls about a 10 minute drive from Blanes, is a combination of a Marine Zoo and a Water Park. You can enjoy beautiful dolphin shows here, but also see sea lions, parrots or flamingos. In Marineland with slides and other water attractions under the supervision of the lifeguards and baths, there is also a lot of attention for the children. If you are on vacation in Blanes with your family or friends, you can spend a day at Marineland ! Tip: You can start from Blanes and take the direct and free service bus to Marineland.

4.5 Water sports

With an idyllic location on the Mediterranean sea and a large harbor, the picturesque Blanes also offers countless great opportunities on and in the water. In addition to swimming and snorkeling at the beautiful beaches, you can also enjoy a trip on the famous banana, rent a pedal boat, but also sea kayaking, sailing, parasailing, water skiing, SUP and (wind) surfing.

Do you really want to experience something special on the water then join a Catamaran trip and sail along the most beautiful places of the Costa Brava where you can only come by boat. Along the way you stop at several places where you can swim, dive or snorkel. As you sail along the beautiful coast and the azure blue water you can see everything that happens in the water below you! Another real must to discover the coast of the Costa Brava is through a Jet ski excursion which leaves from the port of Blanes. During this sea tour you sail along the coast, picturesque bays, cliffs and sea caves on a jet ski.

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Market in Blanes

It is for tourists the weekly market in Blanes on Monday morning between 08:00 and 14:00 the one you definitely don't want to miss. The first stalls start at the large rock in the sea, which separates Platja de Blanes and Playa s'Abanell and continues from there towards Los Pinos, the new part of the city. In this market with 100 different stalls you can go for the best gadgets, jewelry, accessories and clothing.

Every working day and Saturday you will find on the Passeig de Dintre (right behind the boulevard) a nice fresh market. However, this market is less focused on tourists and sells mainly products such as fruit and vegetables. In the afternoon you can also visit on working days at the fish auction in the Port of Blanes for delicious fresh fish. Finally, in high season you will also find nice stalls on the beautiful boulevard of Blanes where you can buy nice souvenirs.

Top 3 Day trips from Blanes

During your holiday in Blanes it is of course recommended to also discover the beautiful surrounding cities and areas. Cosmopolitan Barcelona, bustling Lloret de Mar and picturesque Tossa de Mar are within easy reach. These beautiful cities are definitely worth a visit when you are on holiday in Blanes. Below you will find more information about these 3 great places!

1. Barcelona

The beautiful Barcelonais only at an hour drive from Blanes. You can go there by train, bus or car in about 1 hour. Discover the beautiful history, admire the Sagrada Familia, see the art of Gaudi at the Park Guell, walk on the Ramblas, visit the Campnou of FC Barcelona and enjoy a delicious dinner on the beach. A visit to Barcelona is a must-do during your holiday in Blanes. You can reach this beautiful city yourself, but you can also go on a completely organized excursion. You can find more information about a day trip to Barcelona here!

2. Lloret de Mar

Going out in Lloret de Mar.
Lloret de Mar by night

Lloret de Mar, located on the Spanish Costa Brava and right next to Blanes, has been the ultimate holiday destination for young and old for years. Sunny temperatures, pearl white sandy beaches, a palm trees boulevard people dressed in summer, 1001 activities & see sights and a paradise for anyone who loves going out likes. In addition, in Lloret de Mar you can also enjoy culture, nature and shopping! During your holiday in Blanes, Lloret de Mar should not be missing on your to-do list!

To know more about Lloret, read this 21 tips for an ultimate vacation or day trip in Lloret de Mar.

6.3. Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a historic town located between the beach of the Mediterranean and a beautiful mountainous environment. Thanks to its idyllic sheltered location by the sea, the history of Tossa de Mar dates back well into Roman and even Iberian times. Tossa de Mar, also known as the pearl of the Costa Brava, is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and historic villages of the Costa Brava. Wonderful beaches, pleasant temperatures, fun activities, cozy restaurants and a beautiful historic center make Tossa de Mar a perfect place for an ultimate holiday or fun day trip with the whole family.

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Where can I stay in Blanes

A holiday villa is expensive? Book Villa Carioca from €22,- per person per day

Blanes is simply a beautiful picturesque seaside resort, with beautiful beaches, wonderful activities and a great history. But from which accommodations can you choose to really complete your holiday in Blanes ?! In Blanes you can choose from various hotels, apartments, campsites, but also luxury holiday homes. If you travel with your family and children, peace and space are of course an important aspect! If you really want to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Blanes then it is definitely recommended to have a luxury holiday home with private pool with a reliable provider.

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