Bungee Jumping in Lloret de Mar - The Ultimate Kick!

You go on vacation to Lloret de Mar with your friends, partner or family, then the biggest adrenaline kick should of course not be missing on your to-do list: bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar! Let yourself be lifted by one high crane to an unprecedented height of no less than 80 meters and jump with nothing but an elastic band on your legs! The best thing is that you have this'fear gner'don't just have to experience it, you can also do it together with your best friend or girlfriend, your loved one or an equally cool family member! If that elastic from bungee jumping is not for you, then perhaps the equally extreme “Slingshot” is a wonderful replacement ?!

Do you want to know everything about the possibilities of bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar, or would you like to learn more about the reverse bungee jumping variant called “Slingshot”? Then read on quickly, because in this blog you will discover everything you need to know about these ultimate adrenaline kicks in Lloret de Mar!

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Lloret de Mar!

Want next to ultimate parties, jet skiing, parasailing and rowing down white water courses at great heights, experience something much more gavers and more extreme? Then choose bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar! Because let's face it, what better way to make your holiday in Lloret de Mar truly unforgettable! Not to mention all those great cool stories, photos and videos that the home front can show of your bungee jump! In addition, the bungee tower in Lloret de Mar, with a height of 80 meters, is the highest bungee crane in the world is.  

Bungee jumping is so much more than a jump of a few seconds, bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar is an experience that starts from the moment you decide to take the plunge and only ends after a few months, when the sensation has slowly slipped out of your body! The whole process, from the moment you decide to take the plunge, to the moment your toes touch the edge of the bungee crane or 80 meters high, you feel the despair and adrenaline run through your veins, you ask yourself: am I gone mad, why am I doing this? There is no turning back, only the way straight down from a dangling elastic!

The adrenaline and sensation, and sometimes a bit of nausea?, released after that unforgettable jump is indescribable. You did it! You have outdid yourself, and experienced what may have been the only and last time. The most ultimate, however, is the kick that will feel, the kick that will haunt you for months, every time you think or talk about your ultimate jump!

The Slinghot

Besides bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar, you can also opt for a fairly new variant, the so-called Slingshot. The Slingshot was introduced in early 2019 on the bungee jumping area in Lloret de Mar and is seen by many at least as extreme as bungee jumping. However, the Slingshot is a variant where you do not get elastic around your ankles, but around your chest. With Slingshot you start from the ground, you feel that the line is slowly getting tighter and you are slowly pulled to a height of 60cm from the ground. And now? Now you wait for the unexpected moment to come in 3,2,1!  

Poof, you suddenly become like a rocket launched through the air, you fly higher and higher and higher. As with bungee jumping, the Slingshot also provides a great adrenaline rush, one that you will not soon forget! Actually it is like bungee jumping, but just the other way around. Instead of flying from a great height to the ground, you now go from the ground after great height… and all with the help of a large elastic band!

Real Daredevil Tip: At bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar you can also buy a package where you can try bungee jumping as well as the Slingshot!

Where Bungee Jumping in Lloret de Mar

bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar on the map
Bungee Jumping in Lloret de Mar on the map

On the outskirts of Lloret de Mar, in the middle of a pine forest and right next to the spectacular WaterWorld Lloret de Mar Water Park, you will find Puenting Barcelona! The organizer of bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar! There is plenty of free parking here, but you can also get one every half hour from Lloret de Mar in high season free shuttle bus to and from WaterWorld to grab. You can also use this bus if you just want to go bungee jumping, but more fun is of course to combine your bungee jumping experience with this other spectacular activity, namely sliding down the most extreme slides and Whitewater courses!

Location Bungee Jumping in Lloret de Mar:

Puenting Barcelona
Avinguda de les Alegries 41
17310 Lloret de Mar
+34 609 377 200
Facebook / Website

Opening times Bungee Jumping in Lloret de Mar

Bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar is in it summer seasonn, from the end of May to the end of September, open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11am to 6pm. Outside of it peak season, from the end of September to the end of May, there are on request also possibilities to bungee jump. However, keep in mind that this is only possible on specific dates and only on weekends. The exact jumping days will be communicated to all jumpers by e-mail during the low season and an exact date will be set depending on the number of candidates. Please note: Due to adverse weather conditions, these dates can also be canceled up to 24 hours in advance!

What options are there and what does it cost?

In the field of bungee jumping in Lloret de Mar there are various possibilities. So you can only and in duo jump, opt for the Slingshot or a combination of this with bungee jumping, but also book multiple jumps against one reduced rate! Below you will find an overview of everything that is possible, and the costs thereof:

  • Bungee Jumping for 1 person, first jump - € 65, -
  • Bungee jumping for 1 person, second jump on the same day - € 45, -
  • Slingshot - € 35, -
  • Bungee Jumping & Slingshot package - € 80, -
  • Bungee Jumping for 2 person, tandem jump - € 110, -
  • Bungee Jumping Couple package, 2x unique jump & 1x tandem jump - € 195, -
  • Bungee jumping 10 jumps package, personal and non-transferable - € 400, -

If you are going to jump with a large group of friends, it is possible to receive a discount. So be sure to check here on the website! In addition, you can also have your jump recorded by the crew on video, the costs are approximately € 18. Or buy a T-shirt for about € 12, so you never forget that you made the jump in Lloret. However, always keep an eye on the website! You will often find on this nice offers, as a free t-shirt and extra discounts, if you book your ticket online in advance.

Pay attention: Tickets that you book online for the high season are valid for 1 year from the purchase date and only valid in the high season. Tickets purchased in the preseason are also valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, but can also be used in the high season!

Combine Bungee Jumping in Lloret de Mar with WaterWorld!

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Waterworld

Just like bungee jumping, a visit to the spectacular Waterworld water park in Lloret de Mar also guarantees a real adrenaline rush! This spectacular water park, with a total area of 140,000m2, has 20 spectacular water attractions and with that it is largest water park in Europe. Go wild on one of the spectacular white water courses or slides, relax in the Jacuzzi or enjoy your children while they have fun on the many water play equipment. You can read all information about the attractions at Waterworld here: Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - 20 TOP attractions

In addition to endless attractions, there are of course also several at WaterWord  restaurants and kiosks where you can get refreshments such as chips, burgers, ice cream, chips, snacks or drinks. Upstairs, one runs every half hour from Lloret de Mar in high season free shuttle bus to and from WaterWorld. If you prefer to use your own transport, there is of course plenty of parking space at Waterworld and parking is completely free here! You can find more information about the attractions, facilities, opening hours and much more here!

Pay attention: Bungee jumping and Waterworld are located together, but are completely independent attractions! If you are going to WaterWorld for a day, bungee jumping is not included, and vice versa!


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