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Lloret de Mar is a beautiful seaside town the Spanish Costa Brava! Every year, more than 1 million tourists head this way to experience the ultimate holiday. This is due to the fact that the versatility of Lloret de Mar simply has everything you can imagine. Lloret de Mar is of course known for her beautiful beaches, endless activities and vibrant nightlife, but Lloret also has a side chock-full nature, age-old see sights and pure relaxation! Once you have been to Lloret de Mar, you will soon long for more!

The ultimate holiday picture that Lloret has to offer, confirmed by the many annual holidaymakers, of course also ensures that there are more than enough accommodations in Lloret de Mar! In this blog, however, I am going to take you in the world of camping! So read on if you want to know everything about camping and the campsites in Lloret de Mar, supplemented with a TOP 5 of beautiful campsites in Lloret de Mar!

Campsites in Lloret de Mar: What to expect

campsites in lloret de Mar - swimming pool
Is a swimming pool a must during your holiday in Lloret?

If you are going on holiday to Lloret de Mar and camping is really your thing, then it might be good to take into account the different types of campsites in Lloret de Mar that you can find. So are the campsites in Lloret de Mar, and Spain, divided into 4 classes: simple, middle class, first class and luxury. A campsite should also make this clearly known. However, please note that these classes do not say anything about the actual quality, they only give a picture of the available facilities.

Good examples of such facilities that the class, or the number of stars *, include the presence of a swimming pool, good sanitary facilities, a restaurant, children's entertainment, wifi, camping shop, reception, wellness, fitness, etc.

In general, however, the campsites in Lloret de Mar are well maintained and clean. Especially at campsites that are open all year round, as these pitches often have their own water supply, drainage and electricity. Most campsites also have a telephone connection, central antenna system and Wi-Fi available. So you can expect that whichever campsite in Lloret de Mar you book, it will always meet certain requirements hygienic basic requirements and facilities! If you want more, you have to see in which class the campsite falls!

Which accommodations are available at campsites in Lloret de Mar?

Perhaps a luxury Glamping is something for you?

At most campsites, especially at the larger and more luxurious campsites in Lloret de Mar, you can choose from different accommodation options. You can of course book a pitch there, but you can also opt for an accommodation that is already ready for you at the campsite. Below I have specified for you the different options at campsites in Lloret de Mar:

1. Location

If you book a pitch on a campsite, this actually means that you rent a small piece of terrain on the campsite for a certain period. You can then place the tent, trailer tent, caravan or camper that you have brought along on this piece. You must then indicate whether you, if necessary. at an additional cost, want to use the power supply and / or you want a car want to place on the property. At some campsites in Lloret de Mar, when booking a pitch, you can also choose from different m2 of terrain at an additional cost.

2. Bungalow tent

At many campsites in Lloret de Mar you can also rent a ready-made bungalow tent at the campsite through the campsite itself, or through an external intermediary party. This bungalow tent is fully equipped with beds, gas stove, kitchen accessories, table, chairs, etc., and means that you don't have to bring much along with you, outside clothing and perhaps some fun games and beach equipment. In principle, you can immediately enter your accommodation upon arrival and enjoy your holiday!

3. Glamping

The newest and fastest emerging trend at campsites in Lloret de Mar is the so-called Glamping. In principle, glamping resembles the bungalow tent, but it is just a little bit of luxury in everything. At most Glampings you also have a nice sitting area inside and a bathroom with shower and toilet! Glamping is actually a luxurious form of camping.

4. Mobile homes / Mobile Homes

Another option that you see at many campsites in Lloret de Mar are the large mobile homes / mobile homes. You can often rent these directly from the campsite, but also through various travel providers. Here too you stay in a ready-made accommodation where you enter immediately upon arrival, so you don't actually have to carry a lot of things with you. The caravans are spacious on the inside and have several bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, sitting area and outside terrace! The mobile home comes in different variants, from simple to luxurious!

5. Cottage / Bungalow

The most luxurious accommodation variant that you can book at various campsites in Lloret de Mar are the holiday homes / bungalows, depending on which variant they offer per campsite. These accommodations are available in different versions and basically offer everything you need during your holiday: several bedrooms, bathroom (s), kitchen, sitting area, TV, air conditioning and private outdoor terrace. This option is perfect when camping isn't quite your thing, but the camping feeling is exactly what you're looking for!

What should you pay attention to when you go camping in Lloret de Mar?

If you choose to go camping at one of the campsites in Lloret de Mar, it is important to take into account a few points. First of all, it is important to realize that if you want to be at one of the campsites in Lloret de Mar during high season, you must book well in advance! The campsites are overcrowded and the chance that you will get a spot last-minute is small, or the price is exorbitantly high! So keep in mind that if your idea of holiday is peace, space and relaxation, a campsite in high season is not immediately the best option:

Then maybe take a look at an affordable villa in Lloret de Mar!

The rates of the campsites in Lloret de Mar depend on the season in which you want to camp, but the area and class also play an important role. This obviously has to do with the supply and demand principle during the summer holidays, but also that in the preseason the facilities are often limited or not available. So avoid unpleasant surprises and check if you always ask in advance what is open during your holiday, especially if you are traveling outside the high season!

The most important thing you MUST pay attention to, however, are the reviews of the campsite and also the information that the campsite itself gives to the guests! Lloret de Mar is of course a destination for young and old! These reviews give you an idea of the campsite and the target group that usually stays here during certain periods. This can help you to prevent your family from accidentally ending up on a “youth campsite”, or vice versa!

Campsites in Lloret de Mar: What does it cost?

The prices of the campsites in Lloret de Mar are very different. These depend on various factors such as location and facilities, but also in which accommodation you are staying. For example, two weeks at a campsite in Lloret with your own tent is cheaper than when you rent a luxury bungalow. Children, on the other hand, are free on most campsites in Lloret de Mar up to 10 years old or you get a discount. However, there are other costs to consider when determining your holiday budget for a stay at one of the campsites in Lloret de Mar, as the total costs are not just the accommodation itself. Therefore below the most important costs that you have to take into account:

  • Total Travel costs to get to the destination (car, plane, bus, train), also takes into account intermediate stops, transfers and possibly. a cab and / or parking fees at the airport.
  • Toll (if you travel by car)
  • Accommodation / pitch
  • Tourist tax
  • Extras: Use of washing machine, rental / purchase of objects or materials, sunbeds, wellness, activities at the campsite
  • Eat Drink
  • Pocket money for fun activities in and around Lloret de Mar!
  • Field trips

If you want more information about traveling by car to Lloret de Mar, read on at: By car to Lloret de Mar? You will find the best travel information here! Rather by plane, read: Flying to Lloret de Mar? How long? Which Airport?

Some Practical Tips

If you would like to go on holiday to Lloret de Mar, and you do not have children, you can consider net outside the high season July / August to go! That saves a lot of fuss and is usually cheaper too, so if you can choose, why not! Of course, check what is open on and around the campsite during that period!

The drinking water at campsites in Lloret de Mar is usually usable and drinkable. If this is not the case, this must be indicated and you can buy water in the store. If you don't really trust it, you can buy drinking water anyway.

You can camp in Spain well and often there are also reviews that you can read. Or can stories from people you know give you a good idea. Did you know that? 12% of the Dutch go on holiday in Spain, so there is probably someone in your circle of acquaintances who has tips for you!


Camping at one of the campsites in Lloret de Mar is a great option for a nice one holiday in Lloret de Mar. However, keep in mind that Lloret de Mar is a mecca for young and old! So make sure you get information about the campsites in Lloret de Mar in advance, so that you know in advance where you will end up! If you are looking for serene peace and relaxation, do not go to a campsite in high season, the campsites in Lloret de Mar are overcrowded and tranquility cannot be guaranteed. If you want this, book it a private villa or holiday home, which is also very affordable in Lloret de Mar.

The choice of accommodation is wide at the campsites in Lloret de Mar. There is so for every budget can find a place. Do you like the real camping feeling, the crowd around you and if a kids club and entertainment are really your thing, then a campsite in Lloret de Mar is for you!

Nice Campsites in Lloret de Mar at a glance

As mentioned, Lloret de Mar is the most popular seaside resorts on the Spanish coast. Whopping 8 different beaches offer visitors a wonderful place to relax and soak up the sun. Amazing landscapes, steep cliffs, beautiful coastal walking paths, beautiful beaches and endless activities make Lloret de Mar an ideal holiday destination for young and old. To give you a preview, I have one below Top 5 of different campsites in Lloret de Mar made, full of luxury and relaxation, both in the center and beyond!

1. Camping Tucan***

Camping Tucan is one of the small campsites in Lloret de Mar and is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Lloret de Mar, Sa Boadella. You will find various restaurants and shops just 1 km from the campsite. The campsite itself has various facilities including: a bar-restaurant by the pool, a bakery, a Mini-club, two water slides and a large aquatic area for the children, free transport to the beach, general facilities, a multi-sport area and gym! This campsite is generally known as a family campsite, but groups of young people are not refused!

2. Camping Lloret Blau***

In no time in the center of Lloret de Mar

Camping Lloret Blau is a real city campsite in the north of Lloret de Mar. The campground is within walking distance of the beach and the entertainment center of Lloret. The facilities of this campsite are limited. You won't find a supermarket there, but you will find a cozy café and a bar. There is also a simple swimming pool, wifi and kids club available. However, you don't need much here, as the center of Lloret de Mar is a few minutes' walk away. They present themselves as a real family campsite!

3. Camping Canyelles***

Cala Canyelles in Lloret de Mar!

Camping Canyelles is a steep terraced campsite just 200 meters from the beach of Canyelles, near a small harbor and the beautiful sights of Tossa de Mar. The center of Lloret de Mar is also easy to reach! Halfway through the hilly camping site you will find the facilities, such as a beautiful swimming pool with children's pool, the supermarket, bakery, restaurant and bar. In high season there is also a kids' club and a mini train runs across the campsite. There is also (paid) wifi available!

4. Camping Santa Elena Ciutat*** 

Camping Santa Elena Ciutat, is located in Lloret de Mar, just 500 meters from the famous beaches, and near the fishing towns Tossa de Mar and Blanes. The campsite has an outdoor swimming pool with a paddling pool, a playground, various excursion programs, an entertainment team, snack bar, pizzeria, restaurant and WiFi. A wonderful campsite to discover not only Lloret de Mar, but also the surrounding towns and beaches!

5. Camping Solmar****

The port of Blanes

Camping Solmar is a beautiful campsite located in neighboring Blanes. You are centrally located at this campsite the bustling center of Blanes, 200 meters from the elongated sandy beach s'Abanell and a short distance from Lloret de Mar! The campsite has a large swimming pool, various playgrounds, bicycle rental, billiards, boules, multi-sports field, tennis court, 2 restaurants, bar, snack bar and entertainment team! Beautiful campsite for families with children!

The Ultimate Alternative: a Private Villa!

Celebrating a holiday at one of the campsites in Lloret de Mar is of course wonderful. However, especially in high season, you are very dependent on the people around you! Campsites are often overcrowded and noise nuisance can easily be bothered. The canvas of a tent or the walls of a caravan are not as thick if a party is taking place next to you while the children want to sleep. Or you will be exactly the one who gets that one group of partying youngsters next to you. Or of course, you are just that group of young people who are encased in their tent between families with small children.

In that case, there is a great alternative that tackles all objections and, contrary to what many think, is also very affordable! Just book a holiday a luxury holiday home with private pool! Sometimes this is even cheaper than staying at the luxury campsites in Lloret de Mar and, unlike a campsite, you often enjoy one private pool, peace, space and above all a magnificent view of the surroundings.

So imagine what your holiday in Lloret de Mar will look like in one luxury villa or holiday home. You stay in a complete house with lots of peace and space. All you hear is the chirping of the birds and the voices of your own tour group! Everyone has their own room to retire to, you put the BBQ on or orders food if you are hungry and looking the bustling Lloret de Mar up for a party or snack food outside the door whenever you want. Moreover, you can relax at the edge of your private pool! That's what everyone wants!

If you like the idea of staying at a holiday home , in this article you can find everything about the advantages of renting a holiday and the costs: Villa Rental in Lloret de Mar? Your Perfect Holiday Home In 10 Steps


Have you gotten an idea of the options you have when you want to stay on one of the campsites in Lloret de Mar, but also what you have to take into account? Or would you prefer to go for the proposed alternative: a a holiday home or villa with private pool? Whatever your choice, you will undoubtedly have a great holiday in Lloret de Mar if you take the tips I have given you into account!

Would you like to know more about how to have a dream holiday in Lloret de Mar? Then take a look at: Top Holidays in Lloret de Mar 2020 / 2021- 21 Tips!

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