Discover the 2 castles of Lloret de Mar: Castell de Sant Joan and Castell d´en Playa

Castle in Lloret de Mar - Castel d'en Platja
Castel d'en Platja - Breathtaking castle in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar has traditionally been a fishing village, but its cultural heritage dates back to the Middle Ages. The medieval history can also be found in some beautiful medieval buildings in Lloret de Mar.

A good example of this is Castell de San Juan, with its large tower with beautiful views over the Costa Brava,. However, this castle in Lloret de Mar is often confused with the second castle in Lloret de Mar, Castell d'en Plaja. Yes, you read it right! Lloret de Mar has 2 castles, but only 1 of them actually comes from the Middle Ages.

Do you want to know more about the history of the castles in Lloret Mar, where you can find them exactly and which one is really medieval? Then read on and don't forget to visit, besides Other activities and field trips, these beautiful castles in Lloret during your vacation! Looking for others things to do in Lloret? Then look here!

Castle in Lloret de Mar on the map
The castles of Lloret de Mar on the map

1. Castell de Sant Joan

Castell de Sant Joan is located on a high cliff and ensures the separation between Lloret de Mar main beach and Fenals beach. This authentic castle was built in the eleventh century and aimed to protect the region from attacks from the sea.

The beautiful castle, which at that time was consisted of large battlements, a high tower and chapel, had suffered a lot over the centuries under various attacks from the sea. The final blow, however, was a bombing in the early 19th century during the Third Coalition War by British guns. The ruined castle fell into unprecedented decay over the next 100 years.

From 1960 to 1992, several restorations were carried out to restore the castle's former glory to some extent. Today, however, only a few vestiges of the original fort can be seen from the 11th century.

The main piece is the Tower of Tribute (Homenaje in Spanish). Hike uphill to the top of the hill and you will be rewarded, at a height of 60 meters, with one breathtaking panoramic view over the sea and the Mediterranean coastline. Even if you are not a culture and history lover, just the view makes a visit to Castell de Sant Joan more than worth it!

Castell de Sant Joan in Lloret de Mar

Useful information about Castell de Sant Joan

You can combine a visit to Castell de Sant Juan with a wonderful walk at the boulevard of Lloret de Mar. or a beach day. Make sure you lie on the southern side of the beach of Lloret, or walk this side via the boulevard. To visit Castell de Sant Joan, please take into account the opening hours and entrance fees below.  

Castell de Sant Joan
Camí del Castell de Sant Joan, s / n
17310 - Lloret de Mar.
Information and reservation:
Oficina de Turismo Museu del Mar Passeig Camprodon i Arrieta, 1-2
17310 - Lloret de Mar.

Opening hours:

October to May: open on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10am to 2pm

June to September: open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 7pm

Note: This Castle in Lloret de Mar is closed on December 25th and 26th and January 1st and 6th

Entrance fees:

The entrance fee to Castell de Sant Joan is € 3 for adults. For pensioners, minors, large families and disabled people, a reduced price of € 1.50 applies. Perfect for a cheap day out in Lloret de Mar. or combinated with a shopping day in Lloret!

2. Castell d'en Plaja

Right next to Playa de Lloret, at the north end, you will find the small sandy beach of Sa Caleta. This picturesque little bay, at the foot of a hill, is full of fishing boats in the sand. At the foot of this hill is located the majestic Castell d'en Plaja. Due to its beautiful construction, this castle in Lloret de Mar seems to have crawled out of a medieval fairytale. Many tourists confuse this beautiful historic-looking castle in Lloret de Mar with the real medieval castle, Castell de San Joan.

Even if this breathtaking castle in Lloret de Mar looks like it carries a medieval history, its construction did not start until 1935. However, construction was only completed in the 1940s, due to the intervening civil war. Castell d'en Plaja was built on behalf of a wealthy cart and later bus manufacturer from Girona called Narcís Plaja.

The design came from the architect Isidor Bosch, also from Girona. Despite the fact that the castle is actually not as old and historical as it seems, Castell d'en Plaja is one of the main figureheads of Lloret de Mar. become. Almost every postcard in Lloret features the image of this so-called “fake” castle in Lloret de Mar.

Because this beautiful castle in Lloret de Mar is privately owned, it is unfortunately not accessible to tourists. You can, however combine a visit to the beach of Sa Caleta perfect with a beautiful walk around the castle. A steep stone staircase leads you to a viewpoint with a beautiful panoramic view over Lloret de Mar.. In the evenings you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset here! A perfect introduction to your step evening!

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