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Discover the breathtaking coast of the Costa Brava in a Catamaran!

In Lloret de Mar you can enjoy endless sun, sea and beach. Lounging on one of the 8 beautiful sandy beaches, swimming in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean and one of the many water sports practice. Cool down during the day with a fruity cocktail in one of the beach bars, enjoy and taste tasty tapas in one of the restaurants and plunge into the wild at night nightlife of Lloret. But you will only experience the real ultimate holiday feeling with a trip on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar!

During an excursion on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar you explore the area and breathtaking coast of the Costa Brava, in a whole new way. Visit hidden beaches, discover caves in the rocky cliffs and swim in coves that you cannot reach by land. Take in the breathtaking view with the wind in your hair, salt on your skin and sun in your face. Dance on the deck of the boat, take a cooling dip and enjoy a wonderful day on the water. That is exactly what a wonderful sailing trip on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar looks like.

What is exactly a catamaran?

A catamaran is a boat. But not just any boat! A catamaran has two parallel floats with a deck on top. Due to this construction, the catamaran glides over the water with much less resistance than a normal boat. And less resistance automatically means more speed! Due to this high speed catamarans are especially popular as sailing ships, but they are also used as ferries because of their large size and stable location on the water.

However, the catamarans that you can rent in Lloret de Mar are sailing ships. The two floats are connected by beams and a deck, and nets are stretched between them. You sit and lie very comfortably on these nets, like a kind of hammock. Large catamarans also have a cabin. A catamaran is the perfect transport to explore the surroundings of Lloret de Mar.. Along the breathtaking coast of the Costa Brava are all kinds of hidden bays and beaches. With a catamaran you can reach places that cannot be reached by car or by walk.

What to expect during a catamaran trip in Lloret de Mar

There are several providers of tours and excursions on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar, all with their own tour. The route and content of the tour depends on the provider you choose. Because of the wide range there will always be a boat trip on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar that suits what you want. The length of the tour depends on which package you choose. Most, however, last around 3 to 4 hours.

However, don't worry because most catamaran excursions in Lloret de Mar are similar, so you're always right. They sail you along the beautiful coast to special bays and lagoons where you can swim. This makes a catamaran trip a fun way to explore the unspoilt environment of Lloret de Mar. From the water you have one beautiful view of the wild Costa Brava, with its white beaches, steep cliffs, green forests and clear blue water. Often there are also fun extra activities, such as a water trampoline, slide and games on board.

Party? Choose the party catamaran in Lloret de Mar!

Are you in a party mood? Then go for a trip on a party boat. Enjoy a day on the water with tasty drinks and good music. This is a fun way to go crazy on the water with other holidaymakers. Drinks and food are usually included in the price. The DJs play the best hits for an unprecedentedly good party.

Of course you can also build your own party with a private excursion. This is especially for large groups, such as for family or bachelor parties, a nice idea. Rent your own boat with crew and determine the route and length of the trip. That is just enjoying the good life!

How safe is a catamaran trip in Lloret de Mar?

Catamaran in Lloret de Mar

The Catamaran is a very safe vessel, after all it is also used as ferries for a reason. Unfortunately, the slightly reduced resistance of the floats does mean that the catamaran can tip over if it slants too far. But this requires sailing very quickly, faster than during a trip with a Partyboat catamaran in Lloret de Mar.. So you definitely do not have to worry about the boat overturning during your excursion.

The experienced crew ensures that you don't have to worry about anything and ends up ashore unscathed. Life jackets are not mandatory on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar. Due to the size and construction of the catamaran, it is unlikely to go overboard. But if you want to you can.

The party boats offer excursions including food and drinks and alcohol is also served here. Very nice of course, but prefer not to drink too much. Not only does drinking in the bright sun cause a nasty hangover, drunk people on a boat can lead to dangerous situations. The crew therefore has the right to refuse to give drinks to partygoers who already drunk way too much. This way we keep it fun for everyone.

In bad weather, the boat trip can unfortunately not continue. Too high waves or strong winds make it unsafe to sail. In this case, you can almost always rebook for another day or get your money back.

What to bring on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar?

Catamaran in Lloret de Mar - coast of Lloret
Catamaran in Lloret de Mar: Don't forget your swimming gear

Besides your good mood and a party atmosphere, you don't have to take much with you on your boat trip. Actually just the same things as for a day at the beach: swimwear, towel, sunglasses and slippers. Mask and snorkel can also be fun. Also don't forget your waterproof camera to take with you so you can make your friends jealous at home with photos and videos.

On the water you burn even faster because of the reflection in the water. In addition, the sun can burn quite brightly in the middle of the day. A cap or a hat would be useful. Also apply sunscreen regularly or put on a T-shirt.

Most tours include food and drinks, so you don't have to take care of that yourself. In fact, own alcoholic drinks are not allowed. Fine tunes are also provided. Get on board, sit back and enjoy your catamaran trip in Lloret de Mar.!

For who is a Catamaran excursion in Lloret de Mar ?

Catamaran in Lloret de Mar: enjoy a breathtaking sunset!

Renting a catamaran is simply nice for anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful day at sea. You can decide for yourself what you can and cannot do. So you can simply enjoy the breathtaking view on the boat, but also participate in the fun activities on the boat and in the water. Children are also very welcome on the boat, and up to 3 years you can even take them with you for free with many providers! Just keep in mind what type of excursion on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar you book. For exemple a real party boat may not be very nice for a cozy family day!

Where can you make a catamaran trip or rent a catamaran in Lloret de Mar?

Catamaran in Lloret de Mar - ultimate enjoyment
Catamaran in Lloret de Mar - ultimate enjoyment together

There are a number of different providers of catamaran tours and rental in Lloret de Mar. Most boarding and rental points are however very handy at the large beach of Playa de Lloret or Playa de Fenals. To show you the forest through the trees again, we have selected 3 providers for you below:

1. Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran Cruise can be found on the boulevard of Playa de Lloret. They offer various excursions: from fully arranged trips including buffet, fun party excursions with drinks, activities and DJs included, to romantic sunset excursions. During the excursion you will sail along the bays of the authentic "wild coast" between Lloret de Mar and St Feliu and enjoy the best views of the Costa Brava. Along the way you anchor at several places where you can discover the underwater life. You can bring your own snorkeling equipment for this, but this is also available on board!

Departure places are: Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Malgrat de Mar, Sta Susanna, Pineda de Mar and Calella. The catamaran in Lloret de Mar is available between April and October and costs € 42 per person for adults.


2. Catamaran Costa Brava

Catamaran Costa Brava is located in the adjacent Blanes but has boarding point at the cruise counters on the main beach of Lloret de Mar, Playa de Lloret. You can easily and quickly book tickets online. At Catamaran Costa Brava you can enjoy a fully arranged trip, with food and drinks, but also with music, animation and a DJ! The catamaran in Lloret de Mar is available between April and October and costs € 42 per person for adults.

Do you have a bachelor party or are you staying in Lloret de Mar with a large group, then you can also rent a “private” Catamaran here for just your party!


3. Catamaran Sensation

On both the main beach of Lloret de Mar and the beach of Fenals you can board for a wonderful trip on a catamaran in Lloret de Mar at Catamaran Sensation. For about € 42 per person (children from 3 to 12 years cost € 20) you can enjoy a 4-hour excursion on the water including buffet, drinks, animation, music and snorkeling equipment. During the tour you will moor in different places and anchor in picturesque spots for a refreshing swim! Enjoy a breathtaking experience on the water! Of course you can also rent a private catamaran here for special occasions!


Other fun water sports in Lloret de Mar.

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