Activities for children in Lloret de Mar - Top 12 'What To Do With Children'

Indoor playground area in Lloret de Mar

A holiday with children can sometimes cause difficult times, especially when the small holidaymakers are bored. Lloret de Mar is a holiday destination where you can undertake many fun activities with children, both young children and teenagers. Lloret de Mar has everything you could wish for. A wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, water and amusement parks, field trips, castles and so much more. In this article I am going to tell you all about how you can have a relaxing holiday in Lloret de Mar with the children! What to do with children in Lloret? Top 12 with best kids activities in Lloret de Mar.!

Lloret de Mar, a family-friendly holiday destination!

The question "What are we going to do today?" and the comment "I'm bored!" will undoubtedly sound familiar to you. Most families face this during the holiday season, whether they stay at home or go on vacation. If you go on a holiday in Lloret de Mar however, you do not have to worry about good organization. In Lloret de Mar there are many nice activities to have fun with the family and children. This beautiful town on the Costa Brava, with heavenly beaches, was recently renovated by the Catalan Tourist Office, awarded a DTF award for “Family-friendly holiday destination”.  

As said, you don't have to worry in Lloret de Mar whether your children are having a good time. The choice is huge! But which children's activities in Lloret de Mar can really ensure this? Below I will show you, in a Top 12 kids activities in Lloret de Mar.. So that you can fully enjoy that relaxing and well-deserved family vacation, charge the battery and make nothing but great memories!

Top 10 of the best kids activities in Lloret de Mar!

Indoor playground area in Lloret de Mar beach

1. Ultimate enjoyment on the beautiful beaches

A day at the beach is of course at the top of this list of fun children's activities in Lloret de Mar. After all, there is nothing better for children than a day (or several days) on the beach. Lloret de Mar has a beautiful diversity of beaches, from large tourist beaches to small picturesque coves. Whether you want to spend a day snorkeling with the kids, build sandcastles in the surf or discover one of the many water sports options, Lloret has it all.

Lloret has a few beaches that are perfect for families with small children because of the long and shallow walk into the sea. If you want to know everything about the 8 beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar, where you can find them and which best suits your needs, please read: Lloret de Mar - the 8 Beaches Not to Miss!

2. Take the kids with you after Waterworld

Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Kiddies Island
Waterworld: one of the most beautiful children's activities in Lloret de Mar

On the edge of Lloret de Mar, in the middle of a pine forest, you will find the largest water park in Europe: Waterworld. This is for both young and older children a spectacular water park, with a total area of 140,000m2, one of the most beautiful children's activities in Lloret de Mar. Children can enjoy the ultimate here on the specially designed swimming pools with water playgrounds and slides, but also in the wave pool or the family-friendly swimming pools with Jacuzzi.

You will find more information about Waterworld and the spectacular attractions here: Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - TOP 20 attractions

Book a holiday home with pool

Vacation also means relax. To have some quality time with the family, where better to do that in a holiday home with private pool?! You have a complete house at your disposal, you can eat whenever you want and when the children are in bed in peace, you can play a game or have a drink on your own terrace. In addition, in a holiday home you will not be bothered by other tourists, so you can also relax and enjoy yourself in peace and quiet.

Source: Club Villamar - Villa Nayara

Children can also fully enjoy a holiday home. In addition to the fact that they are not exposed to hundreds of external stimuli, they have all the space and privacy to play here. If you choose a holiday home with a private pool, you don't have to worry at all. While you sit with a book at the pool edge, they splash around. Moreover, you can keep an extra close eye on them, because there is nobody in the pool other than your own family!

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Enjoy a walk through the botanical gardens

Many children love a visit to the Botanical Santa Clotilde Gardens, especially if you combine this with a visit to the adjacent beach of Fenals. Here they can walk around and enjoy the breathtaking flora and fauna, many fountains and marble sculptures. The day can then end in a wonderful dip in the sea!

Visit the castles in Lloret: especially for princes and princesses

Children's activities in Lloret de Mar: Castell d'en Plaja

Lloret de Mar has 2 beautiful castles that you can visit with the children, the castle of Sant Joan and Castell d'en Plaja. The first castle actually dates from the Middle Ages. The recently renovated tower you can climb to enjoy a breathtaking view over the Costa Brava.

Castell d'en Plaja is the showpiece of Lloret de Mar. This beautiful castle can be found on practically every photo of Lloret de Mar. Despite its medieval look, it was built between 1930 and 1940 and is not open to visitors. A walk around it is definitely worth it, your children will no doubt imagine themselves a real prince or princess!

6. Visit the CampNou football stadium in Barcelona

Children's activities in Lloret de Mar: A day trip to CampNou

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar, a visit to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona should of course be on your to-do list. Many children, however, go on a long day full of sights. You can prevent this by combining your day in Barcelona with a visit to the football stadium of FC Barcelona: CampNou! For many, especially boys, this is a dream come true!

To know more about a day trip to Barcelona and the sights: Take a look at: Day trip Barcelona: Top 10 sights

Surprise the children with a visit to an amusement park

A visit to a (amusement) park should not be missed on a list of fun children's activities in Lloret de Mar! And let Lloret de Mar have no less than 3 nice alternatives for this:

7.1 GnomoPark

Are you going on holiday in Lloret de Mar with children up to 12 years old? Then plan a wonderful family day at the active open air park Gnomo World. Have your kids transported through the magical leprechaun world, play a round of mini golf, scramble through the climbing areas, dive into the ball pit, participate in craft workshops, and much more!

You will find Gnomo Park on the way to Blanes.

7.2 Sould Park

Children's activities in Lloret de Mar - the bumper cars

This small theme park, called Sould Park, is located in the middle of Lloret Mar center and offers several fun attractions for young and old. There is a bouncy castle, ball pool, pirate ship, carousel and bumper cars. Older kids can shoot guns, practice rodeo, play arcade games, or disturb a ball at the pool table. A very fun pastime for the whole family! While the children enjoy themselves here, you can use the lovely terrace of the adjacent bar for a welcome snack or drink!

7.3 Magic Park

Magic Park is a 2500m² indoor playground with various activities, for children of all ages, but will especially appeal to teenagers. You will find many arcade games that you can play for winning nice prizes, but also pool tables, table football, bumper cars, remote controlled car tracks and a bowling alley.

8. Bowling with pancakes and ice cream!

It is always fun to have a fun activity with the kids. One of the best family and children's activities in Lloret de Mar is the bowling! In the center of Lloret de Mar you will find Bowling Bar la Riera, where you can enjoy a wonderful trip with the whole family! Do you want to make the children completely happy? Then take a seat in the restaurant afterwards and enjoy delicious pancakes, waffles and ice cream!

9. Go all out on the Karting Track

Lloret de Mar also has a sensational go-kart track, with karts reaching 85 km / h on a track of more than 600 meters! Karts have been specially designed for children so that they too can go crazy here! What makes karting one of the ultimate children's activities in Lloret de Mar. Those who do not want to participate in the race can wait on the terrace with a delicious cup of coffee.

More information about karting in Lloret? Then look here!

10. Get on the tourist train with the children

 During the summer months there is also a small tourist train from the main road in Lloret de Mar. This leads all the way to Fenals beach, the Santa Clotilde gardens and Cala Boadella, and back again. Ideal to easily visit these beautiful beaches and gardens. And the children will love it on the train!

11. Have a wonderful day on the water!

During the holidays, most children prefer to be in the water non-stop. Lloret de Mar is also the right place for real water rats! So here you can do many boat trips but also a different kinds of water sports . A very nice boat trip for children is a trip on a pirate boat or a glass bottom boat. This way even the little ones can enjoy the underwater life in a spectacular way! If they are large enough, they can of course also dive or snorkel at one of the mooring points!

In addition to numerous fun boat trips, Lloret de Mar also has a range of other beautiful water activities for young & old. You can rent pedal boats on the large beaches of Lloret de Mar, join the banana boat, the ski bus or flying fish. In addition, also depending on the age of your children kayaking, snorkeling, diving, SUP and, water skiing, kite surfing, jet skiing and wakeboarding among the many possibilities. For many children, a day of water sports is one of the most beautiful children's activities in Lloret de Mar!

12. Festivals for the family

Spain has many great fiestas, especially in the summer months. Family life is very important in Spain, which is also reflected in the organization of the fiestas. These are especially aimed at families. With every fiesta you can enjoy fun parades, workshops and games with your family that will keep the little ones entertained. So be sure to check the culture agenda, so that you know exactly whether a nice event will take place during your holiday!

For example, the Lloret Formula Weekend takes place annually in May. During this 3-day motorsport event, organized by the City Council and the Barcelona-Cataluny Circuit, great children's activities are organized in Lloret de Mar. So there are bouncy castles, quads, a go-kart track, a spectacular fun park with zip lines, in addition to live street music, ride a ferarri and a motorsport show

Are you staying until late July in Lloret de Mar. then it is definitely recommended to go with the whole family International Fireworks Festival Concurs de Focs d'Artifici in Blanes. During this 5-day event, in honor of Santa Anna, the patron saint of Blanes, a different fireworks show is given every night by a different country on the beach of Blanes. During this competition, more than 500,000 kilos of fireworks are shot into the air. So definitely come after Blanes beach if you want to enjoy a real spectacle with your children!

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