Disco Moef Gaga in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar, also well the Las Vegas of Europe has been known for its vibrant nightlife since dawn. With 300 entertainment places and more than 20 discotheques Every year, more than a million people find their way through the many entertainment venues that the city has to offer. In this beautiful sun-drenched resort on the Spanish Costa Brava, the nightlife continues 24/7 between May and September! Lloret de Mar is its holiday destination that simply never sleeps and where ´celebrate´ is a “must”.

If you are going on holiday to LLoret de Mar, then it is really a must to spend at least a day in the festivities! And where better to do that than in the discotheque Mouf Gaga, the disco in Lloret de Mar which a household name since the late 1960s !

Party 24/7 in Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar has one great selection of discos and night clubs, the one even crazier and wilder than the other. You can dance to the beats of it day and night all summer long international DJs, enjoy drinks in the VIP areas, legendary foam parties visiting, singing karaoke, a exclusive pool or beach party visit, or go all out during a catamaran boat party!

You can not think of it as crazy or it can be found in Lloret de Mar. Would you like to take it a bit easier for an evening or night? No problem, in Lloret you will also find more than enough cozy pubs, beach bars or lounge bars where you can relax.

Moef Gaga - The place-to-be!

Party in Lloret de Mar without visiting the legendary Moef Gaga? That is simply not done! If you want to go out for the night in this lovely seaside resort, then Moef Gaga is the club in Lloret de Mar that you really should NOT miss! Disco Moef Gaga has been a household name in Lloret de Mar since 1969, and also one of the best known places to party of the entire Costa Brava.

Despite its long standing and ancient history, Moef Gaga is anything but old-fashioned! In this trendy club you can go for different music styles spread over several floors, but also the theme parties here its a concept in itself!

What to expect during a night at Moef Gaga!

From the moment you enter Moef Gaga you will be amazed by the cozy atmosphere. This nightclub in it center of Lloret de Mar knows no less than three different floors where you can dance to many kinds of trendy music, from trance, dance, R&B and HipHop to Top40 sing-alongs. If you are a fan of dance and trance music, then you can really indulge yourself at Moef Gaga. In the high season, (international) DJs regularly perform here to ensure that you all evening and night on the dance floor want to stand. Because of the wide variety of music there is here for every music lover can find a suitable dance hall!

Of course there is also room in Moef Gaga if you want to relax or enjoy a drink. For example, there are no less than six different bars where you can enjoy the most delicious summer cocktails, wine, soft drinks and of course beer. If you want to rest or just have a nice chat in between dancing, you can settle down on one of the comfortable benches. But what Moef Gaga really special makes are the wonderful theme parties!

The Theme parties of Mouf Gaga

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Foam party
Ultimate enjoyment during a real foam party!

Are you really a fan of theme parties? Even then, Moef Gaga is the ultimate place to go out for you! Throughout the summer, Moef Gaga organizes the craziest, nicest and nicest theme parties. So there is in the summer the widely acclaimed Summer Carnival. During this summer spectacle, the entire club is converted and cared for smoking cannons, neon paint and laser shows for an unforgettable experience!

Another very popular theme party that you should definitely not miss during your holiday in Lloret de Mar is the weekly foam party! Thousands of liters of foams fill the dance floor while you go wild to the beats of the music! You have only really experienced Lloret when you have attended a theme party!

Where in Lloret is Moef Gaga ?!

Moef GaGa on the map
Moef Gaga on the map

Just like most restaurants, bars, clubs & discos, Moef Gaga is located in a side street of the wide main street Av. Just Marles Vilarrodonna, the so-called “strip from Lloret de Mar.”. The strip of Lloret is located right in the tourist heart of Lloret de Mar, near the main beach Playa de Lloret, the breathtaking promenade and many boutiques and shops. So it is practically impossible to miss the comic when you are in Lloret de Mar! Moef Gaga itself can be found, as said, in a side street of the main street, on the Carrer de Santa Cristina number 14.


Moef Gaga
Carrer de Santa Cristina 14
17310 Lloret de Mar
Tel .: +34.972.36.49.48
Facebook / Website

Access and opening times Mouf Gaga

Lloret de Mar beach
During the day you will find many props on the beach and boulevard in Lloret!

If you want to party at Moef Gaga for an evening, you can of course buy an entrance ticket at the door on the evening itself. However, during the day on the beach, the boulevard and the center of Lloret as well flyered by many proppers in order to lure the public to the discotheques. You often get these flyers free drinks, discounts on entrance, or other great offers. So it is definitely worth listening to a prop to get yourself a free entrance or nice discount! To ensure that there is no shortage of feminine beauty, there is often one for this target group anyway nice discount or free entrance to wait!

The large clubs and discotheques in Lloret de Mar usually open between 22:00 and 23:00 and do not close again until the sun rises around 6:00 am. It cozy center of Lloret de Mar will then be adorned by hundreds of thousands of lights and rousing party music will be played from corner to set the mood! However, to avoid disappointment, it is important to bear in mind that at many major entertainment venues in Lloret de Mar, the minimum age is 18 years. This also applies to the purchase of alcoholic refreshments, where in Spain there is also a legal age of 18 years and older.

Would you like more information about go out in Lloret de Mar., where to go exactly or how old you have to be to go out in Lloret de Mar., click on the links for more information!  

Opening hours Moef Gaga:
10.30pm - 6am

More nightlife in Lloret de Mar!

Going out in Lloret de Mar.
Lloret de Mar by night

Lloret de Mar counts no less than 20 big discos, of which the largest Disco Colossos, Bumpers, Disco Tropics, Millennium Party and St. Trop to be. These can accommodate as many as 2000 and 3000 party animals! In the high season, the large clubs and discotheques in Lloret de Mar also regularly host spectacular performances by the most famous international DJs. However, if the whole clubbing is not for you, you need it Dutch music, an evening sing karaoke or a cozy Irish Pub? No problem, the range of pubs and bars in Lloret has something for every party and holiday maker.

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